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Wind surfing

Posted on Sat Jan 5th, 2013 @ 10:39am by Captain Rin "Jules Verne" Tober

"You're not allowed to laugh," I said from the behind the changing screen. "Because I can have you tried for treason if you do."

"You're not a politician," Katsuro laughed for a minute before clearing his throat. "Now I'm done laughing, c'mon out."

I stepped apprehensively out, foot first. The rather short leather skirt clung to me in ways I wasn't quite used to. The tops of the knee high boots rubbed the back of my calfs uncomfortably. I would have blisters if I wore them too long. Not to mention the unslightly red tunic with wide leather belt was a bit much. "So?"

"I'm not laughing," he said eyeing me carefully. "Even with that wig."

Of course to fit into the heavily uniformed crowd, I had my pink and blue hair tucked carefully under a black b-52 wig. It was the only one that did the job and didn't make me look like an asshole. "Thanks, I was really stressing about it," I ducked behind the changing curtain again to change into my black shorts and tee shirt that I had cut the collar off of. Tomorrow was going to be a hellacious kind of day. I couldn't wait. Sit on the bridge and say 'make it so' like a real deal starship Captain.

"You hungry?" Mohn said flopping onto my couch. He was quickly becoming a fixture. He had even helped himself to one of my personal stash of ginger beers.

"Too nervous to eat," I admitted. "I've always been the second in command... now I'm super jazzed."

"C'mon, let's go play on the holodeck, it's only 20:00," he hopped to his feet, reminding me of how incredibly tall he was. "I've got an awesome idea."

"Alright, I've had stupider ideas the night before a big mission."

He slapped me hard on the shoulder. "That's the spirit!"


The waves lapped on the beach as the sun set into the horizon, painting the sky in purples, pinks and an odd lime hue. I sat on the sandy beach and lost myself in the surf for a few moments before realizing that I wasn't alone at all. Mohn dropped a long board at my feet, holding a weird sail in his hand. "C'mon!" he attached the sail to the board and offered me his hand to help myself up.

"What is this then?"


"I don't know how to."

"Can you stand?"


"Well, you'll learn on your feet then."

...Several wipeouts later...

"This is pretty fun," I shouted over my shoulder. In reality, my knuckles were white and my knees may lose structural integrity at anytime. It was exhilarating. Kat used his giant arms to steer the sail in the breeze and we skiffed along the white topped waves.

"I know!" He rubbed his face into my shoulder as we turned to hop waves. His face was prickly from not shaving that day. I hid my reddening face in the crook of my arm, pretending to get the water off my face.

"You want to ride one more and call it a night?" he asked loudly over the sound of the splashing beneath our feet. I nodded, the fear that i might squeak if I spoke aloud was overwhelming.


"You hungry yet?" he asked on our way back to my quarters. I shook my head, unable to look at him after the weirdness that my brain was processing a million miles an hour. Before I knew it, he was already standing in my doorway. "Are you sure? You look kind of pale... I mean, more than usual."

"Uh... yeah... I'm sure," my sight was set firmly on my canvas high tops. Using his hand, he lifted my chin to make my gaze meet his. Oh gawd. Fuck. No. No.

"You need to eat something," he said concerned. His eyes kind. Suddenly, a look of epiphany. Oh gawd. "Oh."

"Well, yeah it's been fun, I should probably call it a night," I vamped on, unable to move my feet back. He just kept on staring at me without a word, never once letting his hand drop from my face. Oh gawd. My brain was just about to self implode when he moved his hand from my chin to the soft nape of my neck and ran his fingers slowly through my drying hair.

"I'm going to go get you something, okay?" he didn't really as much ask, as much as he told me while he stroked my hair. I nodded slightly. Part of me was worried that I was audibly humming with the electricity that was coursing through my body at that very moment. He leaned in and kissed my forehead, taking a moment to smell my hair. I knew it smelled like the grape scented dye I had used and the holodeck ocean, probably not quite nice. "Okay then."

He dashed out the door with winged feet. I ran to the bathroom and rinsed the salt from my hair. I won't lie, I brushed my teeth too. I grabbed my fluffiest fleece comforter from the trunk at the end of my bed and pulled out a video rod of 'First Blood'. Nothing said, hanging out friend style like Rambo. When Kat came back, he had a small plate of peanut butter and banana flat breads and a small tub of honey and cinnamon mixed up. He sat on the couch, kicking his shoes and socks off under the coffee table. I nibbled a the food, it was heavenly. I hadn't realized how hungry I was. We both sat on opposite ends of my sofa, our feet tucked under the blanket, occasionally brushing against each other.

"Why are the cops in this town such dicks?" he asked.

"Well, the sheriff is jealous that he came back from the Korean war and had to get a job as a town sheriff, where he gets to hassle Vietnam bums because they refuse to cut their hair, while Rambo just comes back and doesn't have to become a town sheriff or cut his hair."

"Oh well, that makes perfect sense," he laughed, repositioning himself on the couch so his shoulder was next to mine. He held his hand out on top of the blanket. Oh gawd. It was a make or break moment. I put my hand in his, it was almost silly looking how small my hand was in his. He interlaced our fingers together and exhaled. I finally did too.


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