A lost Cause

Posted on Fri Aug 9th, 2013 @ 12:57am by Admiral Dullus Bree

Find food they said. You can get full, just try they said. Replicator four works better than replicator six they said.

I have tried every replicator in the fleet from the time of its inception to its dismal ending with the H'shroi in 5919. I know a good replicator when I find one, and frankly one of the few that doesn't serve molded gel is on this god forsaken ship.

So here I am, hiding in an empty crew quarter eating food beamed from a replicator on deck three because its the only replicator that can make a cheesecake with Tanbarian berries and it not come out tasting like something left over by an amebic T'klah.

If the Captain finds out I am aboard they may try putting me to work, or worse, considering this captain has never met me before.

Mental note, avoid deck four, its due for a breach in four days.

- Admiral Dullus Bree
Temporal Division