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In which the Chief and the Captain get plastered...

Posted on Sun Feb 26th, 2012 @ 1:48pm by Commander Jericho Vin & Captain Rin "Jules Verne" Tober

Mission: Just like Will Robinson
Location: USS Constellation - Milliways

Jericho woke up from his short nap. It was well needed it had been a emotional day. He glanced over at his picture then picked it up and kissed it and put it on the shelf with his candles.

He sniffed the air then down to his jacket and quickly moved his nose away 'I wont be wearing that out' he thought to himself. But he wasn't on duty even though he was headed back to check in on engineering. Jericho decided his tank top was good enough.

He looked in the mirror his hair was kind of chaotic but it usually was he grabbed a balm from his bag and spread it on his tattoo that spread from above his shoulder and down to his wrist. It was essentially just olive oil and a few other things to keep it in good condition but he enjoyed the smell. He walked down the hall and into the turbolift.

"Err ah Captain... how are you?" Jericho said just about the last person he expected to see.

The look of confusion on Jericho's face made Robi look at herself, out of uniform, again. She always hated uniforms, her ancient tee shirt and camo cargo pants no doubt made her a sight. She had a hard time keeping everything straight these days. Awkwardly she adjusted her tee shirt "Just fine Mister Vin, yourself?"

"Good, good thanks. I was gonna head in and check on engineering. But was thinking of grabbing a drink or a bite to eat and you ?"

"I'm trying to get in some recreation, Doc Sage says I need it," she mumbled. "Care for some company?"

"Please! Never drink alone my father always told me it's the difference between being an alcoholic and just having fun."

Jericho and Ena walked into the bar and sat down "I'll take a scotch and soda and you captain?"

"The usual, with some --kick today."

...A few later

Jericho put down his glass with the other four in front of him on is side of the table "So then he paid two strips of latinum more for the exact same piece of junk he'd sold me before we left the outpost before the mission." Jericho let out a loud laugh and attempted to make eye contact with the bartender for another drink.

Ena giggled, her face red, she slammed back another. "That's pretty amazing," she chuckled. "I remember years ago, Adalai and I were on this trade vessel near a Ferengi outpost. On some kind of medical diplomacy mission, whathaveyou, when the..."

...A few more

"Bang!" she used her hands to mimic an explosion. "The cat was gone."

Jericho was laughing so hard his drink was spilling in his hand. "Oh man, I guess that goes to say, you never really do know what can happen. One second your here then 'BOOM' just like that your gone, with nothing nobody, no one for no damn reason."He slammed the rest of his drink and motioned again for the bartender.

"The choir man," Ena said finishing her drink. "You know, you think you have something goin' and then it's all gone. Like a flash. Whoosh."

Jericho came down to earth a bit. "Listen I just wanted to say honestly thank you for accepting me on board. I know I had been labeled a bit of damaged goods after I.... after I... well after Jaro died and I honestly appreciate it i'm honestly happy to be here." Jericho looked out the window "Well not here" he laughed out loud "But on board the ship." He laughed again.

"I begged for you off of Admiral Wakeland actually, I heard of you and saw your record and knew... knew you had to be on the Con," Ena replied, her voice wobbly. "Sorry it had to wind up like this. Nothing has gone right since they gave me my own command."

"I know people are always like ohhhh yes i know what you mean." he said drunkenly "Believe me I heard enough of that. So I'll say to you what someone said to me and helped a lot. I can only imagine what it must be like, what the responsibility and stress must be like and while i don't actually know, I can understand what you must be dealing with and let you know that i'm with you regardless, through thick and thin." Jericho smiled and raised his glass.

Ena smiled, she knew her face was red and she held back the urge to say 'awh shucks'. She raised her glass to his. "I'll nebber lead you ashtray," she said stoically. Then she fell off her barstool.

Jericho laughed hysterically and helped the captain up as she was laughing too "Barkeep another round" he called out.


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