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Strange New Life

Posted on Thu Feb 23rd, 2012 @ 1:07pm by Captain Rin "Jules Verne" Tober

Mission: Just like Will Robinson
Location: USS Constellation

Ena sat in her chair of near omnipotence. She knew the crew shift changed in 2 minutes. She knew the regulators were in desperate need of another diagnostic. She also knew that her ship was running at nearly peak efficiency at the moment, and that she was being overly cautious about everything. She also knew that a little liquor colored ship was pulling into visual range and she had every intention on hailing them.

"We're being hailed," Adalai reported studiously.

"On screen," Ena replied as she stood up and adjusted her uniform. "This is Captain Ena Robi of the Federation starship Constellation."

"I'm Doctor Cole of the Craise Vector," the man replied. He looked as pale as an Aenar, his eyes a sharp blue and his hair a pleasant burgundy color. Quite good looking, truth be told. "We're a science vessel for the Locale. We were attacked by an unknown and took some damage. It's just the two of us. May we impose and ask for your help Captain?"

"Not an imposition at all," Ena answered sincerely. "We're more than happy to help. Would you favor us with a visit to access the damages? We have enough room in our shuttle bay for your ship. My chef would adore entertaining some new guests."

"We'll be there shortly," Cole replied giddily.


The bourbon colored ship looked very small in the shuttlebay. It looked like an old Camaro. Cole and his associate, a tall ruggedly handsome man with short black hair and a minimally button gray black shirt, walked out. He, honestly, looked like he stepped off the cover of a trashy romance novel... they both did. The gentlemen behind her grumbled to each other and shifted their weight from foot to foot.

"Welcome aboard the Constellation," Ena greeted the two warmly. "This is my First Officer, Commander Mikor Ocett. My Engineer, Lt Jericho Vin and my Security Officer, Ensign Colby Schenn."

"A pleasure," Cole replied enthusiastically. "I am Doctor Cole Nythos and this Doctor Trane Velanarez."

Adalai walked into the shuttlebay sheepishly. He looked at the two with a strange look in his eye. "Captain you're needed on the bridge."

"Sorry about this gentlemen," Ena grinned. "Commander Ocett will give you a tour of the Constellation. Make yourselves at home. I'll be seeing you shortly for dinner."

She beamed brightly at the duo and took her leave, Adalai trailed behind her. They stepped into a turbolift before either spoke. Ena exhaled. Ada laughed hard.

"What?" Ena demanded.

"It's to seek out, not sleep with new life and civilizations Starbuck."

She punched him in the side. "Shaddup."

"Yes Cappin," he giggled.


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