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Nothing quite like a cup of black coffee to stave off a headache

Posted on Wed Feb 29th, 2012 @ 2:57pm by Captain Rin "Jules Verne" Tober

Mission: Just like Will Robinson
Location: USS Constellation

Ena fumbled about her replicator for some strong black coffee. She grabbed a handful of aspirin from her dresser, archaic, but effective. Why she had gotten totally hammered was beyond her at the moment. She finished the coffee in a gulp and cracked her back. She looked in the mirror and decided now was the time to put on makeup to cover up the fact that she had the hangover from beyond the realm of reason.

She snatched her pips of her nightstand , popping them on as she headed to the turbolift. Haphazardly, she muttered something about the bridge between sips of coffee. The lift began to move, that sickly jolting feeling spread itself around her insides. The turbolift's movement is minimal, Ena pleaded to her senses.

The chair of near omnipotence gave a soft sigh as she crossed her legs with the her reports from the night. Adalai refilled everyone's coffee. She reminded herself to do something nice for the ol' codger. Mikor sat down next to her, "How's your head?"

"Fine, fine," she took another sip of her coffee.

"Got word from the Doctors," Mikor reported, although he had a hint of irritation in his voice when he mentioned the Doctors. "Dinner was a smashing success. Lt Vin is on their vessel right now working on their severely damaged -what could be barely be called actually- warp reactor. Evidently, he's never seen such a damaged piece of machinery. Mister Schenn is running security drills and training some of the new guys. Doctor Sage said that he's dealing with some sort of plague..."


"Some kind of epidemic he calls 'chicken pox'," Ena replied astounded. "I am fairly certain that it was wiped out ages ago." She tapped it up on her padd. The Doctor had put sickbay under quarantine because a handful of crewman have the symptoms of adult chicken pox, to explain easily. "Well, he should be able to have that handled within the day."

"I would assume so Cappin," he nodded. "And you've got a breakfast appointment in an hour with Doctor Cole."

Ena's stomach gurgled in protest. "Great," she lied through her teeth, even though the thought of spending time with Doctor Cole was inexplicably something she was looking forward to. "I need you to oversee the refits for their ship; I want to know exactly how long it's going to take. Let me know if Lt. Vin needs anything."

"Yes ma'am," he replied getting to his feet.

"Hey Ocett," she whispered. "Do I look as bad as I feel?"


She nodded.

"You look like you need about 24 hours of sleep and some sun, " he replied, before thinking of his own wife. "But...uhh... radiant..." he smiled and bounced off.

She shook her head. "Boys never tell you what you want to hear."

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