Welcome to Starbase 234: Eridani Station!

A spin-off from the USS Liberty Belle!

One of the few sims to incorporate the Destiny and Typhon Pact timelines! See our own timeline here!

Current Date: 10th September 2389
Current Stardate: 66692.12
(Several months after "Shadowed Puppeteers".)


With the renegade Adam Monroe dead and destruction of the deadly Project Wov'etlh , Captain Grayson and his team returned to Starbase 234, but they have no clue that was only the tip of the iceberg. After months of relative calm, comes now: Raptor, a deadly new mission.

Starbase 234 is on the fringes of Federation space, where the Romulan and Klingon Empires meet by the Azure Nebula. Named Eridani Station, it is anything but what the Federation idealistically hopes to be.

Several years have passed since the failed but catastrophic Borg invasion that decimated the Alpha and Beta Quadrants, and for seven years, the factions of those quadrants have been locked in deadly competition, with the powers of the Khitomer Accords pitted against the secretive and lethal Typhon Pact in a cold war for supremacy.

In this era of strained peace, Eridani Station is Starfleet's answer to winning the Cold War, employing operatives, subterfuge and covert tactics to undermine the Typhon Pact's powerbase, and outdo them in every capacity possible. Its tried and tested crew of hardened Starfleet Intelligence veterans work solely against all threats the Federation may face in these trying times, often going beyond the call of duty... and the boundaries of law.

The ends may very well justify the means.



As the rival factions vying for dominance over the fractured Romulan Star Empire convene, a daring plan is hatched to ensure the right man becomes the new Praetor of the Empire, but will it be enough to outwit the sharp intellect and uncompromising figures who seek to restore the raptor to her rightful place in the galaxy?


(Please note: Any senior positions currently occupied by NPCs will be happily replaced by new players, for they are merely 'Acting Chiefs'!)
Research and Development Lead (AKA Chief Engineer/Science Officer)
Chief Medical Officer
Diplomatic Officer
Marine Starfighter Commanding Officer

Elsewhere in the galaxy...


The Andorian Civil War, the Imperial-Confederate War, the Andorian Schism, the Tholian Plot... The events that led up, surrounded and were born out of the splitting of the former Andorian Empire go by many names, and stir many thoughts and feelings from countless millions across the quadrants, but all can agree on one simple point: it is not something that can be ignored...

Join the crew of the Tiberius in their adventures in and around Andorian space, as epic space battles, political intrigue, industrial espionage and backstabbing allies all rear their ugly heads in this grand story of a war between brothers, that could one day shatter the tentative peace both the Federation and the Typhon Pact have fought so hard to achieve.

See our sister sims, also set in the Cold War Universe of Task Force Omega, the USS Liberty Belle, the Klingon warship IKS Koloth, and their many amazing adventures!

Latest News

» New Site Is Up

Posted on Thu Sep 27th, 2012 @ 10:45am by Captain Mark Grayson II in General News

To the crew of the Eridani Station:

The new Eridani site is now up and running, so get yourselves over there, login (your details should still be the same), and have a mosey around.

I've done my best to transfer all of the character, mission, award and tour images over, as when the database was transferred, these were lost. Please check to see that they are all as they should be, as well as if any links lead back to the old site, to make sure I have made no mistakes.

Get in touch as soon as you've logged in, so I know you've got this message and everything is dandy, and delete this one from your bookmarks.

I look forward to continuing our voyages into the unknown with you all!


» Leaving Independence Fleet

Posted on Thu Sep 20th, 2012 @ 12:17pm by Commodore William Morgan in General News

Guys and gals of Task Force Omega,

As you all know, a decision was recently made over the two currently active sims of Task Force Omega, the USS Liberty Belle and Starbase Eridani, leaving Independence Fleet and pursuing their own future. Everyone has declared their intention to stay with us during this change, and I am pleased to inform you that we will be moving over onto our new sites shortly.

The webmaster handling the transfer of the database will inform me as soon as everything is completed and ready for us to start writing again. Of course, this does mean that some of the more recent posts and saved posts on the site will not be on the new site, as well as any changes any of you guys have made to your characters or wiki pages. Nevertheless, I'll be keeping a track of these posts, and will copy and paste them over when everything is set up.

Also, in time, unique skins will be designed for each sim, as currently things are a bit bare, but I assure you that it won't be too long before all is well and interesting at our new home. Star Trek Omega, as it will be named, will still be telling the story of the ships, stations and individuals related to the Omegaverse and their adventures in that continuity, and this change can only leave us with more opportunity to expand and develop in the future.

I will be in touch shortly to let you know of the new addresses. If there are any issues, feel free to contact either myself or Mau.

Warm regards,

Commodore William Morgan

» IDF Newsletter July

Posted on Sat Aug 25th, 2012 @ 10:30am by Commodore William Morgan in General News

Writers of Task Force Omega,

The leading members of the IDF Admiralty have put together and completed yet another new issue of the Independence Fleet Newsletter for July 2012, full of the usual bits and pieces.

Unlike last month, however, Omega was less successful in the awards department than it was last month (in which we did do splendidly), but we have nevertheless had an interesting time. For starters, we've had a good few newcomers.

Two awards were received by Omega players, including Captain Caleb Virgil (Chris) and Lieutenant Commander Brul Unger (Mau), who have been awarded the "Genesis Post" for the Liberty Belle's latest mission's introduction, "A Completed Sentence", and Lieutenant JG Lanazir Sevim (Hanh) for her continued commitment and contributions to the Omegaverse's timeline - namely the Andorian Schism.

If any of you have any questions or issues concerning Task Force Omega or Independence Fleet, feel free to contact me at (wmorgan@independencefleet.com) or Fleet Admiral Wheeler, at (admiralwheeler@independencefleet.com).

Warmest regards,

Commodore William Morgan
Task Force Omega Commanding Officer

» Green Invasion

Posted on Thu Jul 12th, 2012 @ 4:30pm by Captain Mark Grayson II in General News

Just after our welcome to Major LeBlanc, I ask you all to welcome Nicholas, he'll be playing Captain Dylan McKnight, our Marine CO/Alpha Squad Leader of the 11th Regiment.

Please, everyone, make him feel at home!

» A Special Invitation

Posted on Sat Jul 7th, 2012 @ 10:41pm by Fleet Admiral AJ Wheeler in General News

In 30 minutes (10pm central) an ADULTS ONLY RATED R Roast of the Fleet Admiral begins in the fleet Chat Room. You can join the fleet chat room by logging into your ship; locate the CHAT feature (perhaps on the MAIN page to the right? Or the SIM page? At the top beside Control Panel?) and click on it. People are already there, so go ahead and join us! 18+ ONLY!

A special reminder, http://www.dcwg.org/ is where you can scan your computer for a malware that could affect you Monday. It doesn't hurt to check!
We celebrate 11 Years of service for Independence Fleet so come and join us!
Admiral Wakeland
Chief of Fleet Operations