New Site Is Up

Posted on Thu Sep 27th, 2012 @ 10:45am by Captain Mark Grayson II

To the crew of the Eridani Station:

The new Eridani site is now up and running, so get yourselves over there, login (your details should still be the same), and have a mosey around.

I've done my best to transfer all of the character, mission, award and tour images over, as when the database was transferred, these were lost. Please check to see that they are all as they should be, as well as if any links lead back to the old site, to make sure I have made no mistakes.

Get in touch as soon as you've logged in, so I know you've got this message and everything is dandy, and delete this one from your bookmarks.

I look forward to continuing our voyages into the unknown with you all!




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