Shadowed Puppeteers

Posted on Sun Sep 16th, 2012 @ 12:03pm by "Ionta" & Lieutenant Adam Monroe
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Mission: Dawnbreak
Location: Undisclosed Location
Timeline: Some time after mission's end
Tags: Dawnbreak, Ionta, Mission End

Ionta looked to the report about the Monroe operation and concluded that although the profit that would come from the operation could have been high, there was obvious failures in Monroe's psych profile. He had failed and not only that, any chance of war - that would be very satisfying for the organisation - had been averted.

The Celes Cartel Leader typed into the console and the holographic communicator that would cover the origin of the communication, voice, appearance and all that would be relevant to anyone's identity being hidden. It was time to talk to the Cartel's connection within Starfleet.

The image cleared. "Good evening. You must know why I'm contacting you", Ionta said, the voice being covered by all the programs and the leader's own techniques.

"Naturally," came the garbled and muffled - yet nevertheless deep - voice of the Starfleet officer. The admiral (given no other pay grade would be suitable for Ionta's needs, nor would the officer be able to conduct such business) had their own image distorted and blurred, looking as much like a shadow to Ionta as Ionta would to them. "You and your man failed, and the Accords and the Pact remain in peace, if that's what you can truly call it."

With a blurred flick of a wrist, the admiral pushed the matter aside. "This failure will leave Intelligence less likely to commit to such a plan again, which is a serious pity, of course," the figure's voice had an almost lazy drool to its sound, "as it won't allow for so many opportunities to exploit fear in the Federation. Nevertheless, the same cannot always be said for the Typhon Pact. Certainly, most involved in Project Wov'etlh's trade in the Pact are dead, but there are still those whom information can be leaked."

The admiral only paused for a moment. "The war will happen, Ionta. I promise you. Nothing as misguided or as naive as Adam Monroe's pathetic vision, no; there will be nothing divine about this, but this will destroy the evil in this galaxy, and give rise to a truly great new order. Only then, when we are truly needed, will we reveal ourselves and save the Federation from itself. Even now, the wheels of democracy and war are almost rolling together, in perfect synchronisation."

For a fleeting moment, the blurred image seemed to grow larger and less humanoid, but then reverted to its previous almost indistinguishable form before continuing to speak, not leaving Ionta any chances to add anything. "The next plan is already in motion. The raptor will soon be spreading its wing once again. I suggest you begin opening your market stalls along the border." Not waiting for a reply, the admiral closed the channel, and blinked out from visual existence.

"Arrogance is the begining of a fatal downfall", Ionta said calmly to no one in special. The console came alive as one of the Cele Cartel's Lieutenants appeared. "Raptor. Thirty percent increase in goods, drugs and slaves along the border. Inform our contacts there that things will be very fluid in the next months. That is all."

The channel closed. Ionta got up and left the dark room and in its main screen, the Romulan Empire Flag blinked.