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The Koloth is one of the few sims on the net that follows the events of the Typhon Pact and Destiny series novels. In this timeline, the Borg attacked the Alpha Quadrant in a devastating maneuver that fractured many alliances. Eventually the Borg were consumed by a race of beings known as the Caeliar Gestalt and the Borg threat was ended once and for all.

What should have been an ensuing peace quickly turned hostile as the Romulan Star Empire, Tzenkethi Coalition, Breen Confederacy, Gorn Hegemony, Tholian Assembly and the Holy Order of the Kinshaya formed an allegiance known as the Typhon Pact. In response, the Federation expanded the Khitomer Accords to include the Talarian Republic, Cardassian Union, and the Ferengi Alliance as well as the Klingon Empire.

Following was a period of cold war, by which both the Typhon Pact and the Khitomer Accords declared hostile intentions toward one another in dispute over technological advancements and colony settlements. The IKS Koloth is part of this timeline along with our sister sims the U.S.S Liberty Belle and Starbase Eridani within the Omega Task Force of Independence Fleet.

The Negh'var-class

The Negh'var is one of the largest and most formidable classes of ship in the Klingon Empire. It is a war ship, nothing more and nothing less.

The bridge module is separated from the main body by a thick neck that flares toward the aft of the ship into the forward-swept wings. These are reinforced by supports and contain the ship's warp nacelles embedded within. Contained within these wings are the ship's impulse engines. Below the primary hull are two weapons pods.

Heavily armed, Negh'var warships are equipped with several disruptor emplacements. The original design has an emplacement located at the tips of the pods located on the underside of the ship's belly. This class is also equipped with a cloaking device.

(Paraphrased from Memory Alpha)


Production Base: Qo'noS Orbital Factory Base (Ri'dan Shipyards).
Type: Heavy Carrier.
Accommodation: 2,500 plus flight crew and troops.
Power Plant: Two M/A warp system; four impulse systems.
Dimensions: Length, 682.32 meters; beam, 470.09 meters; height, 136.65 meters.
Mass: 4,310,000 metric tonnes.
Performance: Warp 9.6.
Armament: Twenty ship-mounted disruptor cannons; one large forward disruptor; four torpedo launchers.

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