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Welcome to the USS Liberty! You've just materialized aboard the quirkiest ship IDF has ever seen. Our story is full of twists and turns, and no small amount of humor. If you think you have what it takes to join our proud vessel, click "Join" on the right hand side to fill out an application. Just about every application is approved. You just need to speak English and know a little bit about Star Trek. So come join the fun!

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Posted on Tue Aug 5th, 2014 @ 10:56pm by Captain Simorina ka'NiH in General News

Hi all,

Everyone please check the site regularly. There have been at least two posts that I never got an email for but are on the site. As of now, please consider the Liberty's email system to be permanently erratic and unreliable and only rely on checking the site regularly for post updates. I am sorry for the inconvenience, but I've given up on making this sim send out emails the way it's supposed to, especially when I don't even know what the problem is.

I know school will be starting up again soon (please don't shoot the messanger!) for those in school, so please do your best in the weeks ahead, and this school year, let's make an effort to find classmates who like Star Trek and writing and coerce, er, forcibly persuade, ah, that is, encourage them to join us. ;)


» Update

Posted on Fri Aug 1st, 2014 @ 7:12am by Commander Rynna Padell in General News

Hi everyone!

Update on the story in case you haven't seen the most recent post: we're not in an alternate universe! That means we'll soon be leaving for a nice, easy mission charting nebulae in the Beta Quadrant. (We'll see how long it stays nice and easy!) You guys have been doing some great writing lately and I want you to keep it up! We didn't make a record post count for July, but we did make 4 posts and 4 personal logs. So let's try for more than that in August!

Happy writing!

Commander Rynna Padell
Executive Officer, USS Liberty
Chief Science Officer, USS Liberty

» Lieutenant Commander Lucas Russell

Posted on Wed Jul 23rd, 2014 @ 7:09pm by Commander Wesley Chase in General News

I have terminated Lieutenant Commander Lucas Russell from this fleet and he will remain banned in this fleet for the foreseeable future for attempted poaching, and attempting to shut down the Liberty, along with attempted mutiny for the news item he sent out. Captain, you are not to let this player return to the ship without my permission.

Admiral Wakeland,
Chief of Fleet Operations

» Yay, New Posts!

Posted on Thu Jul 3rd, 2014 @ 12:17pm by Commander Rynna Padell in General News

Great writing everyone! Keep it up! Sorry to hold up everything for the last few days. I wanted things to get posted in order!

Tomorrow is IDF's 13th birthday, so I challenge you to make a record post count this month! (Personal logs count as posts!) It would be awesome to have some new members, too. Tell your friends to come join the party!

Commander Rynna Padell
First Officer, USS Liberty
Chief Science Officer, USS Liberty

» Starbase 12

Posted on Mon May 19th, 2014 @ 2:25pm by Commander Rynna Padell in General News

Hey everyone!

We're back in business after a little finals week break, and the story's really rolling! We're now docked at Starbase 12 and the crew is on shore leave while the Liberty gets repaired. Oh yeah... and Simorina's alive!!! It could only happen on the Liberty.

Please read the last few posts to get caught up so we can move on with the story. Here's what I'd like to happen next:

- The Liberty hasn't had a repair job in literally years, so I would love to see a post from our new chief engineer about fixing some of our crazy problems. Lots of potential for a funny post there!

- Now's a great time for some personal logs! An alternative to the "duty log" that we usually write is a letter to a friend or family member. (You might want to write home and let your family know that you got back safely from the Andromeda Galaxy!) Personal logs are where you can really develop your character's personality, which is really important!

- Our chief of intelligence/chief of security is going to the starbase for an info-gathering mission, but no one in the crew knows about this other than Lucas and Padell. So Lucas, you're the only one who can post about that.

- Everyone can also post about shore leave on the starbase. Be creative and make up a fun story! I know I'm always saying this, but those random posts that don't directly apply to the story are so important to the quality of our sim and make it so much more fun!

Happy posting!

Commander Rynna Padell
Chief Science Officer, USS Liberty