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Some stuff about the new mission and ways to be less confused

Posted on Wed Mar 16th, 2011 @ 9:19pm by Commander Jimmy Rogers (Jim)

We have two missions currently running please make sure to pick the proper mission when posting.

the first and main mission is the resolution which is about the USS liberty heading a diplomatic attempt to end a struggle for the domminance of a planet contested by the cardasians and the bajorans and also found to be claimed by the federation as well. we also have to deal with a bunch of nosy ferengi.

The second mission is the captains trial and is all about the last missions incident with the romulans. It can also be used to go back before the main mission began.

I am sorry that I had been absent for so long and plan to do my best to clean up the ship and keep it running. which reminds me I need to finish my captains report that was due two weeks ago.

As always if you need help or something feel free to email me at or any other way you may have found to bug me works too...

Also if you think the ship needs something to change or could use something different or anything at all feel free to say something in a news item like this or an email to me. I love hearing your guys suggestions.

Ohh and sciworld is nearing and if you want more info about that on how to help contact me or charles star. once I get the dates and times from admiral star i will give you guys more info in a news item such as this.


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