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Posted on Sun Jan 5th, 2014 @ 10:32pm by Commander Rynna Padell

Hi everyone!

Just a quick recap of what's been happening in these past few installments of the story. This does NOT mean you don't have to read all the mission posts! If you don't have time to read everything, skip the personal logs (thank you to everyone who's done those, by the way). This is just a brief overview so we can get everyone up to speed and keep the story moving.

1. Simorina, Padell, Tel'Peh, and Adrien go down to the planet Airin to have dinner with the T'kairna.

2. After a very long, drawn out ritual dinner, they split into two groups to explore the planet.

3. Tel'Peh, who is secretly a Romulan spy, kills Simorina. He is taken into custody and they return to the ship. (While all that happens, Padell and Adrien admit that they are in love and decide to try out a relationship.)

4. Currently, interrogations are underway and something is afoot among the science crew. It's the perfect time for personal logs and random posts that have nothing to do with the story. (See the yucky milk post for an example.)

I want this to become a faster simm this year, which means these quick turns of events will be happening more frequently. It's your job as a member of this simm to keep up with the story. In the future, if you get lost, I usually try to make my personal logs a brief summary of the latest happenings. So if you read those you should be kept pretty up-to-date.

Happy posting!


Commander Rynna Padell
Acting Captain, USS Liberty


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