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Posted on Wed May 11th, 2011 @ 1:07pm by Commander Jimmy Rogers (Jim)

so it looks like just as i was sitting down to write this one of the crew came back and wrote something so that is awesome.

truth is i was busy with all my finals and sort of forgot about the ship. however i am back and I figured i would ask a few questions before we got back into the swing of things.

first off who is still playing/writing for the ship. I am going to do a sort of roll call and see who is and is not here cause apparently its hard to run a mission when you have no idea who is actualy active on the laundry list of names in our roster.

next does every one want to keep going with the current mission or for that matter have any idea what the mission we are on is about. I figure one of the biggest reasons besides my abcenses for people not posting might be that they are confused about something

finally is does everyone understand the way to post a mission or what this ship is even doing or how to use a joint post or any of the other interesting yet nearly unused features of the site.

I would like to get all of the ship actualy sorted out before we just dive right back into writing and while i love that some seem to still check the site every now and then I cant help but think that this might have all fell apart because of me.

so first off lets get everyone who is still active and would like to stay on the ship to email me at in the mean time i must be off to work and catch up on a dozen emails and two missing captains reports which command seems to really want..

hope to hear from at least a few of you through out the next week or so and if you have any thoughts or questions then feel free to send them my way.

sorry to let the ship stall


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