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Ship Rules

Posted on Thu Jan 9th, 2014 @ 2:15pm by Captain Simorina ka'NiH


It's that time of year again. Once a year, I like to post the ship rules as a refresher for all of us. I've included all the rules here in this post, and they can be found at all times in the Ship Wiki.

Here's a Summary:
Be nice
Play Fair
Keep it PG-13

Here's a link:

USS Liberty-B Rules

Captain Simorina ka'NiH, CO

Commander Rynna Padell, XO

Section 1, Mission Posts, Personal Logs, and Joint Posts

1.1 Regular crew are required to post at least once a month. (Fleet rule)

1.2 Department heads are required to post at least twice a month.

1.3 Command staff are required to post at least three times a month.

1.4 Mission posts must be 150 words or more and personal logs must be 100 words or more.

1.5 You may not post more than one mission post and one personal log in a 24-hour time span, unless someone else posts in-between your two posts. A joint post with another player counts as someone else posting, so you can post both a joint post and a regular post in the same day. (Fleet rule)

1.6 If a character other than your own plays a contributing part in your post (as in, says more than a line or two), you must add that character as an author and make it a joint post. This goes for both playing characters and NPCs.

1.7 Even if you are the owner of both the playing character and the NPC in a post, you must add them both as authors. This makes it easy to see at a glance what characters are in the post.

1.8 The Liberty is a PG-13 ship and all posts must be appropriate for any player as young as 13.

1.8a Strong language is prohibited. When in doubt, don't say it!

1.8b There is no excessive violence on the Liberty. Borg assimilation, phaser fire, fistfights, etc, are all OK. No gory details about being scalped by aliens or have intestines ripped out, etc.

1.8c There is to be NO explicit sexual content on this ship. If you want your character to date someone, that is ok. Holding hands, hugging, kissing, romantic dinner dates, etc., are all fine. If your character has a baby, ok. Naomi Wildman is cool. But keep it clean. Some details are best left unspoken and unknown.

1.8d Insults against a character can be fun and are ok. However, nothing graphic is permitted. There are never to be personal insults directed at another player. Conflicts and issues should be brought to the Captain for resolution.

1.8e Violations of the above will result in disciplinary action as outlined in Section 6.

Section 2, Missions

2.1 Any crewman may submit a suggestion for an upcoming mission, but the final decision is up to the captain.

2.2 The "genesis post" at the beginning of each new mission can only be made by the captain. (Fleet rule)

Section 3, Characters

3.1 The following fields are required in every character's bio: first name, last name, position, species, gender, and general overview (personality).

3.2 Any player may create an NPC, but he must fill out the required fields in the NPC's bio.

3.3 A player has the right to request the editing of a post that he feels does not reflect his character's personality and/or motives correctly. However, please do not patronize this rule. Only use it in extreme cases.

3.4 NPCs are for free use by all players, not just their creators.

3.5 You may not kill off playing characters but you may kill off NPCs with the permission of the NPC's creator.

3.6 You may not destroy the Liberty. (Fleet rule)

Section 4, Format and Technical Rules

4.1 All fields (title, location, and timeline) are required in mission posts.

4.2 The location field should include the deck number, i.e. Sickbay (Deck 6). See the deck listing for reference.

4.3 One day in real life does not necessarily correspond to one day in the sim. Fill out the timeline field relative to previous posts. For example, "just after the post 'XYZ'" or "One day before the post 'ABC'"

4.4 Grammar and Technical Rules

4.4a Words spoken aloud in "quotation marks."

4.4b Thoughts in italics.

4.4c Words spoken through a commbadge or the comm system in =^=these symbols.=^=

4.4d Words out of character in //slashes// or OOC: [text]

Section 5, Awards

5.1 All players and all posts are eligible for awards except the captain, who is not eligible for any award except the "Genesis" Fleet Award.

5.2 Awards are given on a monthly basis and will be posted within the first week of the new month. For example, the awards for March will be posted within the first week of April.

5.3 Every month members of the Liberty can be nominated for fleet awards. You will be notified of your nomination at the same time as that month's ship awards, and the winners of the Fleet awards will be posted in the Independence Fleet newsletter.

5.4 Though the captain is not eligible for awards, joint posts with the captain still are. The award will be given to the other players in that post.

5.5 Any player may nominate any other player (except the captain) for an award.

Section 6, Discipline and Striking

6.1 A post can be struck for the following reasons: 1) It needs editing in order to be consistent with the storyline, 2) It does not meet a requirement such as the minimum word count, 3) It is deemed inappropriate for the simm whether for language or content, and 4) It needs to be edited because a character in the post does not feel his/her character's motives or personality were represented correctly by the author (see rule 3.3).

6.2 Any post that is struck can be edited and reposted by the author. Contact the Captain for details on how to do this.

6.3 Appropriateness of content (See Section 1)

6.3a Please keep in mind that this simm is rated PG-13. As such, there is to be no strong language, violence, or sexual content.

6.3b Posts that include any of the above can and will be struck, no questions asked. As always, players have the right to edit and repost any struck posts, and these will be permitted so long as the edited post meets Ship and Fleet rules and guidelines.

6.3c Continued use of strong language, excessive violence, or sexual content will result in a "strike" on the user account and/or transfer to a 17+ simm or removal from the Fleet at the discretion of the Admiral.

6.4 A player who does not post for one month will be given a warning via email that he/she is not meeting the posting requirements. If that player, having been warned, continues not to post for another month, he/she will be contacted via email to determine if a leave of absence is needed because of a serious real life event. If the player does not respond or a sufficient excuse cannot be made, his/her character will be rendered inactive. Inactive characters can be reactivated by their players via the Liberty website whenever the player is ready to begin posting again.

6.5 Only the captain can strike a post.


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