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Ship's Time

Posted on Sun Jan 12th, 2014 @ 2:13am by Captain Simorina ka'NiH


Since time on the Liberty is different from time in real life, I decided to try to get everyone together on when things have been happening. The following events are recorded in ship's time.

1 week ago, the Liberty reached the Andromeda Galaxy. Within a few hours, the Mad Scientists put the tricorders out. A day later, we met the T'kairna. Three days later, we arrived at their planet Airin, the homeworld of the T'kairna. So far we have up to three days ago covered. On the fourth day, there was the Second First Contact and the Banquet, and immediately after that, Simorina was killed. There was a day before the Liberty realized something was wrong (everyone assumed they were bored to tears and an exceptionally long banquet). Interrogations took two days, and that brings us to now, 1 week ship's time after arriving in the Andromeda Galaxy.

Just wanted to clear things up. This ship is doing so well this month, and I am so proud. It's going to be a lot of fun to go through all these posts for awards. We might even get some fleet awards on the Liberty!

Happy Writing,



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