A Fond Farewell

Posted on Mon Dec 28th, 2015 @ 9:38am by Commander Rynna Padell

I'm sad to announce that as of today, I will no longer be a member of the Liberty sim. It's been an amazing four years and I've enjoyed all the adventures we've been through. But all good things must pass, and I know it is time for me to move on.

I have one request, and that is that you write my characters out of the story immediately and do not post with them in my absence. Even though I am leaving, those characters are my intellectual property and I do not want them to be misused. You can write them out however you wish as long as you don't kill them. My plan was for Padell and Adrien to get married so feel free to write about that. My request includes the following characters:

Commander Rynna Padell
Lieutenant Adrien Dufrain
Ensign Oralee Herschel
Ensign Narmer Kassab
Ensign Eshe Owusu
Captain Tai Huang
Padell's pet peacocks
Admiral Jack Withers

One other thing that you all deserve to know. Since I'm just a blank face on the internet to most of you this won't really matter, but Christy is not my real name. It's a pen name that I use for internet safety. My real name is Nicole. I'm sorry for being deceptive but when I joined this sim I was still a minor and I felt it was a necessary precaution.

I hope you keep the story going! Who knows? I may come back someday. Until then, live long and prosper!

Commander Rynna Padell
Executive Officer, USS Liberty, Retired
Chief Science Officer, USS Liberty, Retired



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