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lots of changes

Posted on Tue May 17th, 2011 @ 4:03am by Commander Jimmy Rogers (Jim)

So lets see...

First things first please look at the link below and notice the number of crew members have dropped to 8 including myself. This drop in personnel has left us in need of several key positions. So if you are interested in being moved to a new department or wish to be promoted to a higher position please respond to this message. also note that all position changes will be given depending on seniority and time of submitted request.

Lets see second up is communication. it seems most of us are only able to use email to communicate however it seems someone mentioned that there is a forum on the IDF fleet site check it out here
it is currently not being used and i would easily be able to get our own section on it the only problem would be it would be open for the entire fleet to view making our ship a bit more popular than the rest. we will work more on inter-ship communications as we continue through our journeys.

Uh now we are at the current mission. I am working on my post that i will be submitting tomorrow. I am still trying to decide on whether to keep on with the current mission or to push past it and also how to explain the loss of all the members of the crew. I have been given several ideas and advice on how to proceed however if you have some thoughts on the mission post or wish to write the first post of the next mission then please contact me.

I will be sending at least one or more news items today about various things i either forgot to mention here or that are to further explain the changes taking place on the ship such as a change to the command structure that warrants its own news post.

if you have any questions or concerns then please email which is the official email of the USS Liberty or you can also reply to this message in your email. Also feel free to discuss the contents of this news item by selecting reply all when responding.

Capt. Rogers


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