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attention crew

Posted on Tue May 17th, 2011 @ 12:04pm by Commander Jimmy Rogers (Jim)

as of this point almost all loose ends have been tied up from being missing for the past month.

with that said first off lets congratulate zinzeria who has been declared a membeer of senior staff and has been made head of the civilian department meaning that she can make NPC's and so forth.

As for the restart of the ship I have been given several ideas and have made a few different perliminary posts that i might go with but whatever direction the ship may go it will be starting wednesday around noonish.

finally i would like to remind everyone that there are still positions open if anyone wishes to switch up heck we have three engineers. this might be a good time to look into a different department.

thank all of you for your patients and for dealing with my insanity. hopefully i wont be making so many news items in the near future and instead will be making mission posts with the rest of you.

as always you know how to contact me
Capt. Rogers


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