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new mission

Posted on Wed May 18th, 2011 @ 11:57am by Commander Jimmy Rogers (Jim)

we are now on a new mission and lots of changes have been made so lets get this party started.

also this time around i would like to get us into posting more joint missions and using the NPC's more.

you might have noticed that the characters from the ship are still around but as NPC's feel free to kill them off in your post and just mention at the end of the post somewhere who has died so i can get rid of them correctly.

Thank sanjaro for that last idea.

also if you are unable to access a computer but would like to make a post you may send the post as an email to me

Format for the email should have players name and rank, title of post, post its self, and be sent to

please note that there might be a delay in the time you send in your post and when i place it on the site.

you will know when the post has been placed onto the site because the site will send a copy of it to you as if it was posted by you.

if you have any questions please feel free to ask. Also if you need help making an NPC or just want to have me make it then send me an email with as much details on your issue or the info the NPC needs in its bio (i may help a bit in developing the NPC if it is sent through me.)


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