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I'm now 20! ohh and important stuff about the ship and junk

Posted on Tue Jun 28th, 2011 @ 8:29pm by Commander Jimmy Rogers (Jim)

hey everyone last week was my birthday so I sort of stopped posting but I'm back. I am hoping to end this mission sometime next week around the 4th. Then we will have a week break where the ship will be in dry dock getting repairs (again) and I will be working on the next mission. If anyone has any ideas for the next mission feel free to email me at

feel free to keep posting while in dry dock. I am working on a few leads the admiral sent me as possible new recruits for the ship so we may have some new faces soon.

Also I realize that the ship has had some messed up missions that all seem to end in the liberty nearly destroyed so I promise that the next one will not involve the ship limping back to a starbase for repairs at any point. I'm actually trying to decide on a twist. I'm thinking something using temporal mechanics or alternate universes but I haven't decided yet.

I also plan to thresh out the borg assimilation of our engineer and the lose of our operations officer's link with his people and also all those deaths in the last mission. So next mission is going to have plenty of plot points to write about hopefully this time I can make things a bit more structured than the usual "just start writing and things will work out" attitude I usually have.\

See you all on board... (damn this means I have to figure out a way to wrap up the mission in the next few days without making the end seem rushed or forget to resolve some of the major plot points)


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