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=/=INDEPENDENCE FLEET NEWSLETTER –April, May and June 2011=/=

Posted on Mon Jul 4th, 2011 @ 5:57am by Fleet Admiral Andrew Wheeler

=/=INDEPENDENCE FLEET NEWSLETTER –April, May and June 2011=/=

-- Opening

-- Newsbits

-- Announcements

-- Current Missions

-- Fleet Awards

-- My Favorite Trek

-- Special Thanks


=/= Opening =/=

Welcome back to the Independence Fleet Newsletter! I am your host Fleet Admiral AJ Wheeler. This month has been a busy month for Independence Fleet. The fleet is rapidly expanding; our resources are continuing to grow. To put it mildly, this is an exciting time to be a part of IDF! This newsletter covers April, May and June of this year. Remember as always if you have news to recommend for the newsletter simply e-mail
IDF celebrates it’s 10 year anniversary today, and when you look back in time, it’s pretty amazing how far the fleet has come. 10 years, over 100 simms, and 75,000 posts later, this fleet is still among one of the best out there. We’ve certainly seen our fair share of ups and downs, but after 10 years – we should all be proud of where we are today.

=/= News Items =/=
-SciWorld 2011 Article-
Independence Fleet successfully hosted the 9th SciWorld Online Convention April 14-16 earlier this year. And what an event it was! Contributors from 10 different fleets hosted a variety of discussions, sims, and trivia games over the course of the three-day convention. Dozens more attended the various events. On the first two nights, the chats even went well into the wee hours of the morning. Those who
attended had nothing but positive things to say about both the convention and IDF. Simming League Administrator Chas Hammer commented that it "was one of the best SciWorlds ever." Another
participant said, "I've never had this much fun online." Simming legend Mike Bremer noted that this year's SciWorld brought the simming community together like he's never seen before. Additionally, this
year's SciWorld was the first to open with a multimedia presentation (created by our very own Caroline Marion & Jenna Ramthorne). For chairing the convention, Charles Star became the first individual from
IDF to be awarded the Simming League Distinguished Service Medal. Congrats! Other contributors from IDF include AJ Wheeler, James D. West, Jimmy Rogers, Joseph Carroll, and Vausrie Leiathan. Again, a
great job to all!
-New Censuring Procedure-
While other fleets issue permanent bans as punishment for deplorable acts, Independence Fleet does not. Bans are only issued to individuals who pose a grave and immediate danger to the fleet. Instead, we firmly believe in allowing sim COs full discretion in regard personnel decisions for their respective sims. In keeping with that ideal, we will simply keep the COs informed of individuals who have committed serious and damaging acts against the fleet by issuing official censures to the offenders. The CO will always have the final say whether or not to allow the censured individual to join his or her sim. The first official censured list is below, including the reason(s) for the censure. All of the acts referenced are a matter of public record.

Officially Censured List:

Sutak (theft of USS Avalon in Feb 2002)
Rachel Rager (theft of Deep Space 15, conspiracy in Oct 2003)
James D. West (treason, conspiracy, disobeying orders, theft, making false statements in Dec 2003)
Felicity Dragonetti (treason, conspiracy, disobeying orders, theft, making false statements in Dec 2003)
Krol (treason, conspiracy, disobeying orders, theft, making false statements in Dec 2003)
James Britanicus (treason, conspiracy, disobeying orders, theft, making false statements in Dec 2003 & treason, conspiracy, theft of two sims in Mar 2004)
Robert Seldon (treason, conspiracy, disobeying orders, theft, making false statements in Dec 2003)
Bryce Shumar (conspiracy, disobeying orders in Jan 2004)
James "Rook" Mirtoh of USS Horatio Nelson (theft of USS Horatio Nelson in Mar 2004)
Nnoil N'Var/AJ Turpen of USS Washington (theft of USS Washington in Mar 2004)

-Independence Fleet Hall of Fame-

Ten years! That’s right, ten years ago today, Independence Fleet was founded by then Admiral James D. West, Vice-Admiral Charles Star, and Rear-Admiral Robert Seldon. The trio had been simming together on the USS Sunfire since February 2000. From June 2000 to June 2001, West was CO; Star, XO; and Seldon, Science Officer. During the spring of 2001, all three independently came up with the idea of starting a fleet from the core that was the Sunfire. After much discussion and agreeing to a few simple rules, the fleet became a reality on July 4th, 2001 with three active sims: USS Sunfire, USS Avalon, and USS Washington. IDF was born!

In the ten years since, Independence Fleet has seen many highs and many lows, eventually becoming one of the leaders of the simming community today. Through it all we’ve seen hundreds of talented
simmers come and go. To recognize a few of those individuals for exemplary service or extraordinary contributions to the fleet, IDF officially established a Hall of Fame in May.

Nineteen outstanding individuals were nominated for induction into the HoF this inaugural year. To be eligible, one must be in good standing with the fleet and inactive for at least one year. Nominations were followed by a rigorous selection process, requiring at least two-thirds of the ballots cast by the current Admiralty and Commanding Officers. Fittingly, ten individuals were confirmed. It gives me
great pleasure to introduce the first ever class of the Independence Hall of Fame… the class of 2011!

Captain Julie Absecon
Commander Samira Barajas
Commander Entera Danae
Commander Ingoldo
Lt. Cmdr. Reggie "Big" Johnson
Rear-Admiral Henry "Hank" Logan
Captain Steve McCloud
Lt. Cmdr. Dick Phelps
Commander Kiara Rodale
Commander Tavik

Captain Julie Absecon of USS George W. Bush
If there is a perfect model for COs to follow, it’s Julie Absecon. The consummate team player, she superbly supported two COs while serving as CMO and XO of the GWB. When her time to be CO came, she didn’t disappoint, leading the GWB for almost two years. Under her guidance, the GWB saw some of the most original missions, and her crews were always among the most competitive for awards, a testament to her dedication. Well done, Captain!
Career Awards: 4 (2x Genesis, 1x MVP, 1x Most Improved)

Commander Samira Barajas of the USS Patriot
After a turbulent 2004, Samira Barajas was perhaps the fleet’s biggest star of 2005. Her contributions directly led to the Pat becoming the most prolific and successful ship of the year, helping return the
fleet to stability. Her record of 180 posts in a single month still stands five years later. Her charm and friendly demeanor will be remembered, not just on the Pat, but throughout the fleet. Welcome
home, Commander!
Career Awards: 5 (3x Most Posts, 2x MVP)

Commander Entera Danae of the USS Minerva
Entera Danae has done it all. In fact, many consider her to be best all-around simmer the fleet has ever seen. She excelled in all areas: quality, quantity, recruiting, and leadership. Spending her entire
career under a mediocre Captain, Danae picked up the slack as Chief Engineer and XO, frequently completing CO's duties on the Minnie. Her perseverance and attention to detail are a model for all. Welcome to the club, Commander!
Career Awards: 6 (1x Best Post, 1x Best Character Post, 2x MVP, 2x Recruitment)

Commander Ingoldo of the USS Excalibur
Looking for the prototypical XO? Look no further than Ingoldo. He was the engine that made the X not only the most prolific and successful ship of 2002, but also the most decorated ship in fleet history. First all-time with four MVP awards, Ingoldo was the perfect teacher to instruct new simmers. His excellent posts and encouraging guidance were a mainstay on the X for over three years. Welcome aboard, Commander!
Career Awards: 12 (1x Best Post, 6x Most Posts, *4x MVP, 1x Outstanding Simmer)

Lt. Cmdr. Reggie "Big" Johnson of the USS Washington
Big Johnson was the original funnyman and trendsetter. Dedicating his character and posts to making people laugh, Johnson frequently provided the W with timely comedy relief. His six Funniest Post
awards still ranks first all-time. He also started the W's popular trend of using "nicknames." Additionally, Johnson has the distinction of being the final original member of the fleet to resign his first
position. Thanks for the memories, Commander!
Career Awards: 8 (1x Best Post, *6x Funniest Post, 1x Most Improved)

Rear-Admiral Henry "Hank" Logan of the USS Patriot
The perfect career officer, Hank Logan has done at all. Serving almost two years on the W before taking command of the Pat, and then finally becoming a Division Director, he has succeeded at every level.
Known his drive and patience, Logan was a stabilizing force within the fleet through many crises. His loyalty should be a model for all to follow. Thanks for being there, Admiral!
Career Awards: 3 (1x Genesis, 1x MVP, 1x Recruitment)

Captain Steve McCloud of the USS Excalibur
Where to begin? What a career! Many consider Steve McCloud to be the most successful CO the fleet has ever seen. He got off to a great start, winning two awards in his first month, before taking the reigns
of the X at its launch. Throughout his entire tenure, the X was known for its original missions and unique contributions from many different crewmembers, a testament to McCloud’s leadership. As of the fleet’s
ten-year anniversary, the X is still the most decorated ship in history. Godspeed, Captain!
Career Awards: 8 (3x Genesis, 2x Genesis Runner-up, 1x Most Posts, 1x
MVP, 1x Rookie of the Month)

Lt. Cmdr. Dick Phelps of the USS George W. Bush
Perhaps the funniest character ever created, Dick Phelps endeared himself to the GWB and the fleet. After first beginning his career on the Avalon, his humorous posts helped transform the GWB into the first fleet sim to hold comedic missions almost exclusively. He was so popular that the GWB’s crew elected to make him an NPC after his retirement. Glad to have you aboard, Commander!
Career Awards: 6 (1x Best Post, 5x Funniest Post)

Commander Kiara Rodale of the USS Conqueror
Who’s the real queen of quantity? Kiara Rodale, no doubt. During her nine-month tenure in the fleet, she picked up all nine Most Posts awards. She also claimed four more awards, which still lands her
first all-time in total awards, with 13. Her contributions directly led to the Conk becoming the most successful ship of 2003. Proud to have served with you, Commander!
Career Awards: *13 (*9x Most Posts, 1x MVP, 2x Outstanding Simmer, 1x Recruitment)

Commander Tavik of the USS Liberty
One of the first stars of the fleet, Tavik helped ensure that the infant fleet got off to a good start. Winning the first three Most Posts awards, Tavik also led the Avalon and Lib to the fleet’s first
three posting titles. Additionally, his mentorship and guidance of the many new simmers coming in directly led to the Liberty becoming the most successful ship of 2001. Outstanding job, Commander!
Career Awards: 5 (1x Best Post, 3x Most Posts, 1x MVP)

*IDF record

SSC3K Strikes Again!
Many of you were likely surprised when you woke up on April 1st to the announcement that a federal court was going to allow Paramount to start charging royalties to simming and fan fiction websites. You
were probably even more surprised when you made it over to the IDF website, only to find it redesigned to the Super Space Command 3000 theme to avoid these royalties. Fortunately, it was all just an April Fools' Day joke. :) To further humor you, the following are some of the responses we received. Enjoy...

"Well that sucks, so what does that mean for us?"

"We should lodge a protest."

"They [Paramount] can sue me then!"

"Tell me this is an April Fools' joke."

"Regardless of the decision that the courts made, I heart the pictures on the front page."

"I'm a bit of a protester when it comes to injustice. I fought for my rights in the country, and I'll be [edited] if they take any of them away."

"haha happy april fools day :)"

"How would you like us to proceed as far as actually posting is concerned at this point?" Later: "Just now noticing the date. Please tell me this is a bad April Fool's joke."

"uhh I am pretty sure this is just an April Fools Joke. Nothing to get all worked up about and if its not then we will just have to shift gears and go into the business of Stargate and other types of sims..."

"That seems like a terrible idea on their part. They're legally attacking their own fans, for staying interested in the Star Trek franchise while it has no currently running television shows. Is this
there way of saying They'd like Star Trek to lose it's fan based a chunk at a time?"

"What the hell are we going to do??" Later: "Okay, Quadrant names, scientific terms and storyline structure we could keep, we can keep the names of our ships, too, we just have to change EVERYTHING else... I did my research - this has been going on since i was born, we're not in danger."

"Sorry, I preferred to answer by this way and not using the simm. Sometimes I DON'T understand USA laws. Thanks many people, I'm talking about all of you and many others fans Star Trek is alive!!! Paramount forgot thet they had the Star Trek franchise, untill they knew about to go bankrupt!!! And now they want to websites (fan-made) pay royalties, even if they members doesn't pay any kind of fee. It's a sad news, very sad. What kind of consequences can bring this to the SIMM? (I mean Independence Fleet) Sorry to bother you with this..."

This was actually the second time that IDF has pulled the SSC3K joke. The first time was back in 2003. This year, our friends at Starfleet Legacy Alliance and Theta Fleet also participated with us. For more
information see:

The Simming Prize:

The Simming League recently announced the results of this years nominations, and we are proud to report that the USS Sunfire and her Commanding Officer Kaylen Rhenora were among the recipients of this years award! Congratulations Sunfire, keep up the awesome work!


IDF is always looking for fresh and innovative ways to find new simmers. And we think we've found another! But we're going to need your help. If you currently attend college, live in a metropolitan area, or frequent public places like libraries, coffee shops, or post offices, you could be of great assistance. And the best part is, you won't even have to talk to anyone! If you would like to help, email VADM Star at

So can I invite a friend to join my ship???
This is one of most common questions I get, and the short answer is YES! Just about every week someone asks me if they can invite a friend or two to join their sim. Yes! Yes! Yes! When I began my simming career almost 11 years ago, my best friend from real life joined me on that first ship. Having someone outside of the sim to discuss the ideas made the game all the more fun. In fact, we could never seem to talk without bringing up simming on some level. Oh, the memories! Not only is everyone permitted to invite others, but you're actually encouraged to. Independence Fleet gives out a Recruitment Award every month. Hey, maybe next month it could be to you!

Vice-Admiral Charles Star

Chief of Fleet Operations

Captains Wanted!

It's pretty obvious to everyone that IDF has been rapidly expanding over the last few months. With tons of new players coming in, we've needed to launch new ships in order to find spots for all of them. With new ships, comes new Captains! IDF is in need of talented, dedicated, and honorable crewmembers willing to step up to the rank of Captain. If you think you have what it takes to be a commanding officer, contact your own CO!

=/= Announcements =/=

Promotion of Captain Kaylen Rhenora:

-Captain Kaylen Rhenora is hereby promoted to the rank of Rear Admiral and assigned to the position of Task Force Commander. Rear Admiral Rhenora will be taking over as Commander of Task Force Bravo: Defense Response Force, Rear Admiral Rhenora will also remain as Commanding Officer of the USS Sunfire. Congratulations Admiral, you’ve earned it!

=/= Fleet Awards =/=

Most Posts:
Commander Jenna Ramthorne, 41 (USS Sunfire)
Best Post:
Ensign Hilary Rowland, “Infernal Replicators” (USS Liberty)
As the captain fiddles with the replicators for an authentic brew the engineer asks about a ship that might contain the whereabouts of his sister
Funniest Post:
Funniest Post: Captain Ena Robi & Chief Petty Officer Bruno Homatik, "We Passed" (USS Constellation)
Robi & Homatik provide a humorous cap to the mission.
Genesis Award:
*Captain Dick Sprague, Commanding Officer, "The Voltar" (USS Constellation)
Captain Sprague creates an intriguing situation when the Constellation intercepts an unidentified bio-ship. Three members of the away team are vaporized, but their consciousnesses then appear elsewhere. Oh yeah, and the rest of the landing party then loses contact with the ship, where Sprague is out-of-commission with a stomach ache due to eating too many peeps (Easter candy).
*Lt Laria Jorel (USS Sunfire)
Still relatively new to the Sunfire – Dr Jorel has proven herself to be a very talented writer, posting exciting and intriguing posts that both further the storyline and add depth to her character.
Most Improved:
*Lieutenant Ena Robi, Chief Medical Officer (USS Constellation)
Lt Robi follows up her February MVP nomination with let another MVP nomination. She again led the ship with the most posts, this time pumping out 17 over her previous 9, almost doubling her February output. Not only was she the most prolific crewmember, but her writing consistently helped develop other crewmembers, and introduced interesting plot twists. Her dialog was exceptional. She contributed a lot, both during our character development and mission periods. Robi also contributed greatly outside of the story, encouraging other crewmembers to get involved and writing several joint posts. As a result of her excellent work, Robi succeeded Dick Sprague as CO for April.
Rookie of the Month:
*Ensign Vuk Krv, Assistant Security/Tactical Officer (USS Constellation)
Krv made a splash in March, joining near the end of the month. He created a very interesting character (gene spiced Kinorean Bear/ Human Male), and immediately integrated himself into the crew with his single post. He looks to be a big contributer in the future.
No nominations
Most Posts:
* Commander Jenna Ramthorne, 46 (USS Sunfire)
Best Post:
* Lt. Laria Jorel, “...of What Worth” (USS Sunfire)
After she was beated down and left for dead by the assassin Xeno, Laria had a moment to reflect on her life and her failure before giving in to fate.
Funniest Post:
* Lt. Vic Weller, “Zzzzombies” (USS Sunfire)
After dealing with the burial rituals of three-quarter of his tactical team Lt. Weller mourns over the casket of on of his best units, Elvis Costello only to be shocked when Costello comes back to life due to his regenerative abilities.
Genesis Award:
* Captain Ena Robi, “The Hardest Thing” (USS Constellation)
With her dear friend nearly assimilated the Captain learns of the Borg intent.
* Lieutenant Sanjaro (USS Liberty)
Made attempts to get the crew to be more active. Sanjaro also attempted to get some extra activity on the ship in his post mentioned above (nominated).
Most Improved:
* LT JG T'Sera (USS Constellation)
Her writing has become phenomenal. She pays close attention to detail and comes up with wonderful plot devices. With each post, she has really molded her writing style and we're all interested to see where her character intrigues will go!
Rookie of the Month:
* LT Commander Mikor Ocett (USS Constellation)
Ever since he joined, he's been a big contributor! His stories are never dull and he gets everyone involved. I can't say enough nice things about him. He has integrated with the crew instantly, and his writing is exceptional.
*No nominations
Most Posts:
* Commander Jenna Ramthorne, XO, 47 (USS Sunfire)
Best Post:
*Ensign Hiroaki Toxh, Main Propulsion Assistant, “Learning from Your Mistakes” (USS Pioneer)
The gifted but inexperienced Engineer discovered that rushing through a job while exhausted to get it done quickly for the Captain can have negative consequences.
Funniest Post:
* Zinzeria, Bartender, “One Thing After Another” (USS Liberty)
A simple little post that deals with the stress of a civilian member being thrown Starfleet duties during an emergency and a rare moment where a crew member shows up the captain that forgot what type of ship he was on. Apparently I thought we where on an intrepid class but she made me realize that a Sovereign class has an auxiliary bridge. Lets only hope something like this never happens again. (even though this would be the third)
Genesis Award:
* Captain Jimmy Rogers, Commanding Officer, “Tragedy Strikes” (USS Liberty)
The USS Liberty was on a mission to peacefully talk through Cardasian, Bajoran, and Ferengi control of a space station around a planet near federation space. However before anything happened a Super Nova exploded destroying everything in the sector and damaging/destroying many of the ships in orbit including the Liberty. The Ops. Officer was on another ship called the Altec and had to make his way back while the rest of the crew had to save the ship and everyone else in the sector. However radiation has flooded the sector and with damage to the ships many of them have started to fill with radiation.
* Lieutenant JG James Peart, Chief Engineering Officer (USS Liberty)
Three posts all about random various things as the Lieutenant goes in and out of consciousness and relives some past events. These develop a back story and depth into his character and bring a bit more understanding about him while also being wonderfully written. These posts also happen to be some of the first he has made being that he has been on the ship sense the beginning and has only recently been able to add to the ship.
Most Improved:
* Maryam Syed (USS Sunfire)
She really stepped up her game this month showing that she has the drive and determination to write a well thought out and carefully crafted story. See some samples of her work.
Rookie of the Month:
* Tortok (USS Sunfire)
Tortok has jumped into the frey with 6 awesome posts this month proving he really is no rookie!
*No nominations

=/= My Favorite Trek =/=
May Favorite Trek
My Favorite Trek

So many shows, but only one favorite. I have always loved Trek. Always enjoyed the characters, the species, the plots, the timeline, everything. I can still remember my first my first convention, when Robery O'Reilley was the guest and the I.K.E. roamed the convention center. I also remember telling them that a friend I was with, former IDF Captain Shawn Edwards was not a human, but actually a changling here to assassinate the Chancellor. That was a classic. And then you have the time I got to meet Nana Visitor, which was awesome.

Which leads me to my favorite Trek, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. I think this might be the best Trek of all time. The show had everything you could want. You had great main characters, an awesome plot, cool tech, and then just the best supporting cast ever. The show gave us more than any other Trek show, giving us a linear timeline to work from unlike any of the other shows. You had insight into so many Trek cultures, and of course, we got two wars, most notably the Dominion War. and it gave us some great acting from people like Avery Brooks (who was the best CO ever in my book), Terry Farrell, J.G. Hertzler (Martok is awesome), Jeffrey Combs (so many characters to pick from), Colm Meaney (an Irish chief is classic), and of course,Nana Visitor.

The show had such an influence on me, and to this day I can watch it over and over and not get tired of it. And the end of the show still is one of the only things I have ever watched that actually makes me shed a tear. the show really pushed me towards wanting to be part of the Trek universe like no other, and was a major factor in me getting into simming later in life. Just altogether a great show.

Capt Shran dh'Klar
USS Washington

aka Vice Admiral Joseph Carroll
-July My Favorite Trek-

Probably in every Star trek series thus far there has been at least one episode relating to alternate dimensions/universes/realities. This concept has intrigued me since as long as I can remember, from wondering about past lives to pondering the actual possibility of alternate realities. I remember these episodes from the various incarnations of Trek, but the one that stands out in my mind is the TNG episode 'Parallels,' in which Worf is the only one to notice changes on board the Enterprise. This ranges from the placement of objects in his quarters to structural changes of the Enterprise, uniforms, combadges, and even relationships being different. Near the end of the episode, we see over 285,000 Enterprises all from different dimensions. It's really quite intriguing. I often wonder myself about the choices we make, and if we've already made them in another universe. How are things different? What would have happened if I had done one thing over the other?

Of course there have also been the Mirror Universe episodes which are fascinating as well. But a close 2nd that stands out in my mind right now is the VOY episode 'Living Witness.' It is actually an alternate history episode in which a copy of the Doctor's program is activated 700 years in the future where the race of a Delta Quadrant planet has been telling the 'history' of Voyager for all those years in a manner that depicts the ship as a warship and the crew as sadistic conquerors. We actually see this played out on screen. Then the Doctor has to set the events straight. Super mesmerizing. What if we've gotten pieces of history all wrong ourselves on our planet? I like thinking about this stuff. It's much less boring than real mundane life.

=/= Special Thanks =/=

A special thanks goes out this month to each and every one of you, the members of Independence Fleet. Without each of you, this fleet would not have survived the past 10 years.


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