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updates and stuff and yeah

Posted on Mon Jul 4th, 2011 @ 11:54pm by Commander Jimmy Rogers (Jim)

first off please welcome our new diplomat and second officer Lieutenant JG Wesley Chase

also please note that the old mission "slow and painful killer" is over and we are in our so called character development stage where i get a week or two to make a new mission and stuff and cause i am so unoriginal i am just going to bring back starbase 12 cause that seems easy and i am to tired to think any more.

also if anyone has any ideas for the next mission feel free to email me and yeah.

also go ahead and tie up any loose threads and stuff and well most of us know the drill by now but if you dont it will be easiest if you just email me at the usual email and i will be able to give any explanation or whatever that is needed. however right now im tired and so good night liberty crew. actually its morning for me now but thats not important...

so yeah the final post will be up either in a few minutes or by mid day either way it will be up soon...


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Category: General News