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captain's monthly report July 2011

Posted on Wed Aug 3rd, 2011 @ 9:46pm by Commander Jimmy Rogers (Jim)

USS Liberty
Captain Jimmy B. Rogers (Jim)
Captain’s note:
In the USS Liberty B’s 8th month of activity we have finally beat our old starting record of 116 post back when admiral star playing as captain Sprague commanded the ship. This 136 post count month marks the new beginning of the Liberty B and its crew. From minor updates to the site, to major recruitment pushes, to simply creating better posts, we have made the liberty a strong ship again. The leading factors to this where a clean up of the active crew roster; a major increase in communication using social networking, IM, phone numbers, and emails; and a functioning command staff of me and my current XO Commander Wesley Chase who has been the biggest help in keeping the ship moving forward.
Post count:
Total Posts: 98
Total Logs: 38
Total: 136
Crewmen List:
Commanding Officer Captain Jimmy Rogers (Jim)----------------- 11
Executive Officer Commander Wesley Chase--------------------- 32
Chief Security/Tactical Officer Commander Joesph "Joe" Megson-- 3
Chief Operations Officer Lieutenant Sanjaro----------------------- 7
Chief Engineering Officer Lieutenant JG James Peart-------------- 17
Damage Control Assistant Ensign Patrick Daniels------------------ 0
Chief Science Officer Lieutenant JG Simorina ka'NiH-Fegad'ii---- 13
Chief Medical Officer Lieutenant Dr. Hilary Rowland-------------- 9
Chief Counselor Lieutenant Commander Jessica Knox------------ 8
Surgeon Lieutenant JG Josef Mengele----------------------------- 5
Chief Intelligence Officer Lieutenant Jadis Ackron---------------- 21
Bartender Zinzeria------------------------------------------------ 5
Clergy Macawi-------------------------------------------------- 0
School Teacher Jarvinia Dethery--------------------------------- 5

Note: Patrick Daniels, Macawi, Joesph "Joe" Megson, and Jarvinia Dethery where either LOA or ELOA or not aboard for most if not all of the month.
Awards Nominations:

Best Post --another visit to starbase 12 – Looking towards the future
By: Lieutenant Jadis Ackron & Commander Wesley Chase
A post built around a memorial service for those lost in the last mission. One of the few heart felt and serious posts. Jadis and chase and even I wrote in a few bits about how the lose of the crew affected us and the last paragraph reminds us why we love star trek so much.

Funniest Post -- Commander Wesley Chase’s Personal Log - Hide N Seek
A post about our diplomatic officers desire to be transferred back to earth and to tie a cow bell around the neck of his former academy rival and current councilor. If only he was able to find a good hiding place…

Most Posts -- Commander Wesley Chase 32 posts

MVP -- Commander Wesley Chase 32 posts
Not only are his posts amazing but he has done so much to turn the liberty around almost single handedly. First he helped boost recruitment, then he built up the sites database, then he started working on ship wide communication and brought the crew together creating even better and more interesting posts. All together this guy truly disserves to be given the MVP award this month and possibly his own ship.. (not a chance that I would let him leave)

Rookie of the Month -- Jarvinia Dethery 5 posts
Focusing on personal logs she also had several posts built around her students and the senior staff presenting there jobs to her class.
A new member of the ship that joined late in the month and then lost her internet for a bit. She has been willing to post and be a member of the crew even though she has never watched an episode of star trek nor has any idea what the borg are. She just enjoys writing a story and communicating with the awesome crew of the liberty and is willing to learn and accept star trek insanity to do so. She also off the ship communicated and participated in developing story lines and sub plots.

Most Improved -- Dr. Hilary Rowland 9 posts (monthly average was 2)
A personal log, a joint post and a fun little post about babysitting. All showing me that this guy can write and work with others to craft an amazing bunch of posts.
Along with posting 3 times more this month than he has in the past several months he also took on the helpful duty of being our resident HTML gooroo and the one that changes the alert status for our ship on the liberty main page.

Recruitment -- Commander Wesley Chase (at least 5 with several leads for next month)
He recruited several new members and helped talk some deserters into coming back. He also is a former member of IDF from back in the day and brought an old captain from the yahoo group days back out of retirement to help learn the crew some simming. He also did an amazing job of increasing communication amongst players using the recourses we made available to the crew such as the liberty facebook page, twitter page, closed facebook group, and he used IM and the good old phone to continue to push the players forward and keep everyone interacting with each other along side the SMS site and traditional email stuff we have always done.

Genesis Award --orders or the crew... – the orders and the friend
By: Captain Jimmy Rogers (Jim) & Commander Wesley Chase & Lieutenant Sanjaro
A wonderfully written joint post. After a long week at starbase 12 full of grieving over lost crew. The liberty was finally ready to receive orders and head off into the stars. Jim reverts a bit back to his OCD ways and grows dependent to a hair piece. Admiral wheeler also gives Jim a good yelling at as he send the liberty to the Romulan neutral zone for a diplomatic mission. This mission starts a long line of posts that show someone heading to sick bay for one reason or another and introduces the captains eventual choice of either saving a crewmember or following his orders.
Current mission: Kessik IV
Can a distress beacon from a Federation ship thought destroyed by the Dominion be a clue to its untimely demise? Will we finally be able to give those hundreds of families some closure or will we open old wounds and create new enemies? These are the questions we face, if only the storms will let up… Add to this an outbreak of Orkett's disease threatening the life of the children on board that leaves us forced to beam these children and their parents through an Ionic Storm with both the colony on Kessic IV and the USS Liberty maintaining a weak transport link, its our only choice to save these kids. And when this storm passes, we must get to the surface and investigate a beacon from the long lost USS Cairo which dissapeared just a few years after the last outbreak of Orkitt's disease, and if there is a link, its beyond us for the moment. Why would someone target our children or draw us to this colony and will the colony be able to help them, or even want to?
--End Report--

Captain Jimmy Rogers (Jim)
Commanding Officer, USS Liberty
Bravo, Independence Fleet


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