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Away we go

Posted on Sun Aug 21st, 2011 @ 11:45am by Commander Wesley Chase

We will be having another Away Mission and this will be the last for ‘Resistance is Futile’. So you guys have fun with it. I wanted to lay out the ideas that we have already gathered so that we are all on the same page. If this works, I will start doing this more often to help everyone see where the story line is going to some degree. The purpose of this away mission will be to gather supplies that we need for developing an Alcove for Peart. Some Borg technology is too sophisticated to be replicated *as cited in Voyager*

The away team might consider making this part of the mission as funny as possible; we are low on Funny Posts and as we all agreed on Facebook, we want to set the standards for all other ships in ANY fleet. To do this, we have our list of what we need monthly, and we have done excellent on every front except humor. This though can be blamed on the fact that we are on Red Alert and have been this entire month. I should point out here that the Red Alert will end after this away mission.

We can take 3 days (Monday through Wednesday) for this away mission. All posts that come in over these 3 days should be considered occurring in one single Alpha Shift. On timeline for your posts please just put CURRENT until I post the ending of the Away Mission. Speaking of which, the away team does not beam back to the Liberty. I will write that part because I will be writing the setup for our next mission into the ending of this one, so you guys do whatever you need to do, beam back supplies, have some funny moments and create some problems for us to overcome then I will come in Wednesday evening and close it up and get you all back to the ship pretty much safely. I can’t promise zero injuries but I promise no casualties.

The away team will consist of the following people…
Lt. Ackron aka Samurai
Lt. Jg. Peart aka Can-Opener
Crewman Dethery aka The Noun Nun
Major Meder
Marine Captain Cateau

You can all begin posting this part after my post in a few hours that puts you on the ship. You are all on Facebook so I will start a string in the group that’s just for the away mission people to work out anything they need to.

One last point, our goal is 2 personal logs per week at minimum which totals 8 per month plus your regular posts. You can do all 8 personal logs in one week if you want to, it’s just that we rely on these to help develop our characters and teach each person how to better utilize your character in game.

Take care of yourselves and remember all complaints should be filed with the Captain

Commander Wesley Chase

First Officer USS Liberty-B
Independence Fleet


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