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Awards and other such things

Posted on Sun Sep 11th, 2011 @ 7:02pm by Commander Jimmy Rogers (Jim)

First off I am sorry for not getting this done sooner and also the fleet news letter is being worked on and should be done sometime soonish...

second all active members who have a full bio have been given the ship award Honor Guard 2011 "For service during the September 11th memorial; in Honor of those fallen from our lives and risen to greatness in our hearts" Pearts image of the twin towers will eventually accompany this award once we get some technical stuff worked out.

Also please feel free to continue to post logs and mission posts with 9/11 in the title and i will make a sort of list to present to the fleet for the newsletter to go with the 9/11 memorial and poem and audio log thing we did today. it can be about your feelings or aboutn where you where or what you where doing or who you lost or anything else you feel would honor those fallen during the 9/11/01 terrorist attacks.

Third we are now on stage two of the recruitment phase. last round was awesome and not only do we have new members but we also helped IDF by sending several people who couldnt handle our pace to slower ships. So please continue to push for recruitment and see if we cant get even more people on this amazing ship.

Awards August 2011

Note: please feel free to nominate someone for an award by going to the last link on the right hand side of the control panel. this will makem mine and roberts life so much more easy at the end of the month. also please note the post and person who is to recive the award... thank you.

USS Liberty
Captain Jimmy B. Rogers (Jim)
Captain’s note:
This was by far the best month ever. We had amazing posts and the highest count i have ever seen. I am proude of my crew and there ability to work together even when im to busy to post and keep the ship moving.

Post count:
Total Posts: 145
Total Logs: 69
Total: 214
Crewmen List:

Captain Jimmy Rogers (Jim) 18
Commander Wesley Chase 38
Lieutenant Commander Jessica Knox 10
[ELOA] Major Tanja Meder 6
Lieutenant Kal'el Othran 6
[LOA] Lieutenant Wedge 0
Lieutenant Dr. Hilary Rowland 15
Lieutenant Jadis Ackron 34
Lieutenant JG James Peart 39
Lieutenant JG Simorina ka'NiH-Fegad'ii 11
1st Lieutenant Climaco Bernales 0
Ensign Zinda 9
Ensign Wolfe 0
Crewman Jarvinia Dethery 21

Ensign wolfe and 1st lieutenant climaco bernales are new to the ship for this month and lieutenant wedge and major tanja meder had personal issues to take care of IRL.
also some people where omited due to leaving the ship and there post counts are not shown.
Fleet Award Nominations:

Best Post -- Resistance is Futile – Sanjaro's Swan Song
by Lieutenant Sanjaro
The final post from one of our best writers. He is too busy to sim any more and is declared retired from simming however his last post truly shows just how great of a writer he was as sanjaro rides off into the unknown and Section 31....

Funniest Post -- towing to starbase 12 – Hectic
by Lieutenant Commander Dr. Hilary Rowland
Our Doctor wishes to speak as a Tamarian after being stalked by a nurse, while he is repairing the ear drums of our ships Tamarian; which is sort of pointless since our Tamarian is in a state of confusion to the point that now not even other Tamarian’s can understand him.

Most Posts -- Lieutenant JG James Peart 39

MVP -- Kessik IV – Kessik IV
by Commander Wesley Chase & Lieutenant Commander Jessica Knox & Lieutenant Commander Dr. Hilary Rowland
The end of a mission where we blow up a colony with our own kids on it to destroy the omega molecule.
Commander chase deserves MVP for not only inspiring such amazing and sad endings but for also being such a driving part of the crew and significantly increasing moral and our ranks with recruitment and inspiration.

Rookie of the Month -- Resistance is Futile – The Unknown is less daunting than memories of the past!!
by Private Tanja Meder
The first post of this recruit by our Marine Commanding Officer, shows she has what it takes to impress anyone. With flashbacks leading to a Borg Cube Boarding, she keeps you entertained even on a short trip from one ship to another. A MUST READ!!!

Most Improved -- Kessik IV – Saying Goodbye
by Ensign Jarvinia Dethery
Our Teacher, who has never played any RPG before, proves she can stay true to her character as she says goodbye to most of her students after they contracted Orkett’s Disease outside of Kessik IV. Another emotional post, and written completely on her own with no assistance, she set the standard by which all of her subsequent posts have been written. A major step up from the girl who asked every 5 seconds what she should do. We would like to thank Counselor Knox (Susan) for taking the time to write a JP or two with her early on, and training her so that I and the XO could continue with recruiting. Susan trained my XO ten years ago, so we knew we would get quality from her. This also gives us the chance to point out the benefit of pairing completely new players with an experienced one via Facebook or Yahoo Messenger. Our Teacher, now also an assistant in Science, has done excellent for her second month onboard.

Recruitment -- Commander Wesley Chase, Lieutenant JG James Peart, Lieutenant Jadis Ackron.
These three did allot of recruting. peart and ackron both invited at least two friends to play this month and some of these recruits did very well. then there’s chase who pushed the limits of recrutiment and gathered three people with several others still on the fence. he setup an IRC conection that is helping boost recruitment efforts. all three deserve this award but chase simply did much more than could have been expected.

Genesis Award -- Resistance is Futile – Dead in the water
by Captain Jimmy Rogers (Jim)
After having to nearly completely decimate the colony on Kessik IV to protect the Omega Directive, the Liberty is disabled by a shockwave of the implosion of the containment field surrounding the beginning stages of an Omega. Left dead in space after attempting to rescue other ships who had come to hold off the Romulans and the Borg who both detected the molecule when Starfleet did. The fleet was dispatched to hold the Neutral Zone while we attempted to contain the situation but after the Borg broke through our last lines of defense, we did the unthinkable and will not only pay for it in the future but we will all be haunted by this for many months to come.

Ship Awards:

STORY TELLER -- (This is one of the most important awards you can get and it has a direct impact on your possibilities of a promotion. Given to the person who promotes the story line to the best interest of the ship and crew.)
Kessik IV – Copy Paste
by Lieutenant Commander Dr. Hilary Rowland
The doc finds out that mendel is a clone.

CREATIVE GENIOUS -- (This award is for the player that finds the most creative way to resolve any given issue. This award may also be awarded to a player who creates new missions with exceptional details.)
Kessik IV – A tongue-tied Captain
by Lieutenant JG Zinda
zinda's first post where he transfers to the liberty

MOST INVESTED -- (This award goes to the player who posts the most often to their personal log or gives the most to their in story character development.)
Lieutenant Jadis Ackron
most personal logs and character development

Current mission: Wonderland
An Ice Berg found in space contains bodies, ships and wild animals, but it also contains something more. Something that will put the Prime Directive to the test, and could push an already vulnerable crew over the edge.

--End Report--

Captain Jimmy Rogers (Jim)
Commanding Officer, USS Liberty
Bravo, Independence Fleet


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