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Recruiting Drive

Posted on Wed Sep 14th, 2011 @ 2:34am by Commander Wesley Chase

Exellent work last month people, we had 5 new recruits. This month I have began working with Captain Rogers to incorporate another IRC Chatroom into the game that should yield at least ten new players in the next month or so. We are also looking at trying to launch a Spanish Speaking Ship and a Romanian Speaking ship. Anyone who may have players for either ship should contact me directly. I am now issuing a challenge to each player as we add a new Award to the ship. For every person recruited, you will recieve the Recruitment Award. The person with the most recruitment awards by Christmas Day will recieve a real life Christmas Present courtesy of me. I have found several good items from a Star Trek website that are under 50 bucks, and decided that someone should get something. If your recruit quits the FLEET before Christmas, they will not be counted. They can transfer off the Liberty to another IDF Ship, but quitting the Fleet would disqualify them from counting towards your Year End total. Recruitment Awards will be issued from the start date of 8/1/11 and should be reflected in your BIO under AWARDS at some point today. If you feel I missed giving you credit for one, please let me know. If you are brining over a group of people from EMAIL or YAHOOGROUPS playing, you will be given credit for each individual player.

Another note, the Halloween mission will launch October 13th in honor of my Mothers Birthday. The first weeek or so of October will involve a setup for the Halloween mission. We will be battling a species from Star Trek Voyager that puts people to sleep. Starting on October 13th, we will all fall asleep and post our nightmares for the rest of the month. The Scarier the better, and a special Award will given for the most haunting, scary or grosse post. Please remember to keep them PG 13, but even Stephen King's IT could be PG 13 and still be scary as hell.

If someone wants a posistion on the ship that is filled, they should contact me, because we do have the possibility of assistants etc, and always expect that we can train people on the Liberty then they can transfer to another ship. We are the bussiest ship in the fleet at the moment, but if people were willing to train on the Liberty, then move to another ship where they can spread the love, we could really create a legacy here. Remember, Starfleet is about helping others, and we will all do our best to help the other ships in the fleet. This isnt a competition within the fleet anymore, this is a challenge to build a fleet one ship at a time that will stand as a testament to our greatness on the USS Liberty. Let us be the names and stories that are talked about long after we have all retired.



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