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Final Stage

Posted on Mon Sep 19th, 2011 @ 7:08am by Commander Wesley Chase

I will be posting the final stage of this mission. You have ten days to complete this mission, which needs to end in Doa being destroyed, but she can only be destroyed after merging with Doa 2. You see, we separated and we got weaker. Its searated and it got stronger.

Furthermore, the shuttle that is listed in my next post must escape *this will set us up for our halloween mission*

Finally, remember that i am just a lonely XO, the Captain has all the power and therefore should be blamed for everything written in my post.

Post Script, i am sorry to the doctor and science, its not hopeless, just cant be fixed til november * i will be on vacation from Nov 3rd to Nov 20th in Cancun, so thats a good time to regain what was lost to some degree :)

Much Love


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