Biography - Lieutenant Colonel Flynn Charles Taggart

Name Flynn Charles Taggart
Position Marine Commanding Officer
Rank Lieutenant Colonel
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Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 34

Physical Appearance

Height 6'1"
Weight 215 lbs
Hair Color brown
Eye Color brown
Physical Description Well built and heavily scarred. Has several Marine Corps tattoos on his upper body. Wears a military cut, and when angry has an almost psychotic glint in his eye. This, however, also means he's under control; he's almost always calm under fire.


Spouse none
Children Kestra, age 13. Human Bajoran Hybrid
Father Sergeant Major Dale Taggart, SFMC Ret.
Mother Inna Volkova Taggart
Brother(s) Yuri, William
Sister(s) Anya, Marina, Svetlana
Other Family

Personality & Traits

General Overview Well motivated, highly professional. Remains calm even under the worst circumstances.
Strengths & Weaknesses HE tends to be protective of his Marines, but wouldn't hesitate to sacrifice his own life to protect them.

He also has a hot temper, though he usually can keep it in check.
Ambitions To make Colonel one day.
Hobbies & Interests Sailing, Boxing, Martial Arts.
Languages Federation Standard, Russian

Personal History Flynn is the oldest of six children. He was born on a small colony near the Romulan Neutral Zone, of which his father was the Sergeant Major of the Colonial Militia. His mother made sure her children were well disciplined and motivated. Flynn never had any aspirations of being in Starfleet, but after hearing stories of his father's exploits in the Marines, he enlisted at age 18.

After Boot Camp, he was selected for the elite Orbital Drop Incursion Marines, who jumped from dropships in low orbit. This unit had a high casualty rate, and only the best and brightest were selected. They're nicknamed "Hell Jumpers" by other Marines. He graduated Drop School third in his division, and was assigned to the 2nd ODI Brigade, located on New Terra, near the Bajoran Badlands.

He saw combat early, and made Corporal at the end of his second year in the Corps, a feat nearly unheard of. After his third combat drop as a Sergeant, he was selected for Officer's Candidate School. After OCS, he was reassigned to the 2nd as a Platoon Leader, though not in the same company as before. His platoon quickly went from being mediocre to earning a lot of respect, and when they first dropped into combat to quell an insurrection on New Lincoln, they acquitted themselves. He made First Lieutenant after a year, and was on the early promotion list for Captain, though he didn't make it first time up as his CO felt he needed more experience. After making Captain, he was given command of C.Co, 2nd Battalion, 2nd ODI Brigade. Then the company was sent on a militia training mission to Talara, which quickly became more than just a training mission. Local insurgents attacked them straight off the transports, more than a third of his company were killed or too wounded to continue. He rallied the survivors and beat back the attack, then commenced to tracking down and destroying the unit that had ambushed his people. He ended up capturing the insurgency leadership and turning them over to Starfleet Security. After this he decided he'd had enough of the normal Marine life for a while. He was promoted to Major, and this meant either a tour as a Battalion XO, or a Detachment Commander aboard a heavy cruiser class ship. So he requested Starship Duty, and is currently awaiting an assigned billet.


As a young Private, he met and courted a young Bajoran named Lara. Lara had a daughter, Kestra. He saw his daughter infrequently, as Lara had no interest in being a Marine wife, and she didn't want him to sacrifice his career. After his last combat drop, Captain Flynn Taggart found out that his daughter's mother had been killed in a transporter accident, and Kestra had no other living relatives. So he has been caring for the rebellious teenager since.
Service Record Age 18: Enlisted, SFMC. Remanded to Marine Corps Recruit Depot, Parris Island, S.C. Meritoriously awarded rank of PFC upon completion of BCT.

Age 20: Promoted Corporal.

Age 22: Promoted Sergeant

age 23: Recommded by CO for OCS. Transferred to OCS, New Halifax.

Age 24: Completed OCS. Standing in Class, 3rd. Rank of 2nd Lieutenant.

Age 26: Promoted to First Lieutenant.

Age 28: Promoted to Captain, assumed command of C.Co, 2nd Battalion, 2nd Orbital Drop Incursion Brigade.

Age 32: Promoted Major: Requested Starship Duty. Awaiting Assignment.

New Los Angeles Insurrection
Varros Prime Intersystem Conflict
New Carrington Intersectarian War
Na'ka'Lorn Civil War
New Lincoln Insurrection
Tannhaus Gate

Federation Medal of Valor
Palm Leaf of Axanar, Grade of Chevalier
Silver Star
Federation War Cross
Federation Wound Stripe
Federation Humanitarian Service Medal
Space Service Deployment Ribbon
Federation Service Defense Medal