Biography - Commander Kateri Cougar Walking

Name Kateri Cougar Walking
Position Chief Counselor
Rank Commander
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Character Information

Gender Female
Species 1/2 Human (Pueblo Indian), 1/2 Betazoid
Age 35

Physical Appearance

Height 5' 7"
Weight 140
Hair Color brown (Longer than it appears in the picture)
Eye Color Indigo w/ cobalt streaks
Physical Description Kateri has long brown hair and indigo eyes with streaks of cobalt. She acquired the cobalt streaks on a mission in the past with the red and blue entities. Now her eyes carry the cobalt color of the blue entities.

Kateri has always been athletic since childhood and keeps up her physique by working out in the gym and in the holodecfks.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Robert Silver Hawk
Mother Mary Mykael (deceased)
Brother(s) David Walks Tall
Sister(s) None
Other Family None

Personality & Traits

General Overview Kateri is very compassionate and empathetic but can hold her own in a brawl if it is absolutely necessary. She is usually accompanied wherever she goes by her companion animal Serrin, a half lynx/half cougar cat. He is telepathic with Kateri and a select few of the crew.

Kateri and Serrin met when she was 19 years old hiking in the Pacific Northwest area of what was once the USA. Kateri slipped on a rock and fell down a cliff, breaking her leg badly. Serrin, as yet unknown to Kateri, was proling around the forest and he sensed and heard her cries for help. Pretty soon Kateri passed out and Serrin sped to the nearest facility that he knew of in this remote area, the Buddhist monk's ashram. He communicated telepathically to one of the monks and a group of them rushed out to assist. They carried her back to the ashram, with Serrin nervously circling, and set the compound fracture. When Kateri awoke she had complete amnesia and could remember nothing, not even her own name. She spent about six months with the monks and then the memories came flooding back until full memory was restored. She thanked the monks reverently for all they had done. She and Serrin set back on the trail to get back to civilization, her leg being completely healed. She made her way back, with many twists and turns along the way, to her parents home in the Southwestern desert of what used to be called New Mexico. (She did Not do this all on foot).

By the time she was in her late 21st year she knew she wanted to move to San Francisco and enter the Starfleet program. She made the move and entered Starfleet. She was glad Starfleet would accomodate Serrin alsos.

At the time that she passed her last test at StarFleet HQ, StarFleet was doing Classified research on telepaths and she was invited to join in the Project. When the Project was over, she was sent to serve on the maiden voyage of the Patriot. Serrin was younger then and played and active and agressive role as if he were in Security, taking down bad guys and rescuing captive Fleet personnel.
Strengths & Weaknesses Her greatest strength is her dedication tgo her job and her clients. Her weakness is that she is often haunted by the problems of people when at home, taking the job home with her which was not good.
Ambitions Kateri is very happy with the rank that she has acquired as CMDR. She has served her entire career as Chief Counselor and has worked hard to get where she is. She is content where she is and has no real desire to rise further in rank.
Hobbies & Interests Dance, Martial Arts (Chinese Wing Chun Gung Fu), bonzai tree growing, pottery, appreciation of Asian art.
Languages Federation Standard, Spanishs, Pueblo Indian dialect

Personal History She has been unlucky in love, with her former fiancee several years ago being murdered in their bed while she was away. This was a major setback for many reasons including the fact that she had followed him from ship to ship.

(The writer of Kateri has been playing her for more than 10 years and the memory grows fuzzy of where she has been assigned. Certainly some of the ships are not mentioned here due to not remembering).
Service Record Maiden voyage of the Patriot in Independance fleet
USS Excalibur
USS Avalon
??? mental block on the name
USS Wasp
USS Nimitz
SB 364
USS Liberty