Biography - Lieutenant Commander Verelan t'Radaik

Name Verelan t'Radaik
Position Chief Flight Control Officer
Second Position Second Officer
Rank Lieutenant Commander
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Character Information

Gender Female
Species Romulan
Age 35

Physical Appearance

Height 6'9"
Weight 205lbs
Hair Color Jet black, typical Romulan haircut.
Eye Color Dark green
Physical Description Verelan's somewhat extreme height can seem imposing to people she has just met or has not gotten to know well, but instead of standing in a way that would emphasize that she towers above most others she has the habit of stooping ever so slightly downward as if it would make a difference.

Verelan's build is extremely tall and she has sharp features, including prominent ridges that many of her kind bear. Her shoulders are slim and she has clearly upswept eyebrows that tend to furrow or raise depending on her level of concentration and pointed-tipped ears. Her lips are thin and give the vague impression that she's always slightly annoyed, though this isn't the case.

In regards to her body, she is very much made of lean muscle, with many hours in the holodecks devoted to ensuring that she remains in peak physical condition. Though some may consider her defined muscles to be unfeminine (particularly around her abdominal region), this has never been on concern to her.


Spouse None
Children N/A
Father Dhiemn Tr’Radaik, Romulan erie’Riov [subcommander] (active)
Mother LIunih t’Radaik, Romulan Riov [Commander] (active)
Brother(s) N/A
Sister(s) N/A
Other Family Verelan has a cousin still on Romulus that she was rather fond of. The feeling was not mutual.

Her father's father and another cousin were killed by starfleet operatives.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Verelan is a kind and serene sort of Romulan. Doesn't hold the same sort of xenophobia so many of her kind do; in fact she despises the thought of discrimination, having dealt with enough of it in her life.

Verelan is duty-obsessed to a fault, due the way she was raised in her parent's home and then her military training on Romulus. She speaks with the air of a seasoned military professional. Attempting to blend in at the Academy made her modify her speech to be much more stoic and reserved.

Since her first language was Romulan, she thinks in that language and so if you ask her a question when she appears to be deep in thought she might answer in Romulan before realizing that it's not a Romulan talking to her.

She can be quite shy, despite her imposing height.

Relationship with her parents: Verelan's parents consider her a traitor for defecting to the Federation. She resents that this must be so, although she 'understands'.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths: Verelan has a high IQ, and is a decent leader.

Weaknesses: She tends to be opinionated and strong-willed. She also has a minor genetic defect makes her bleed easily and clot slowly.
Ambitions To become a starfleet captain.
Hobbies & Interests Enjoys singing and playing a Vulcan lute.
Languages Speaks Romulan fluently, Also speaks Federation Standard, although her grammar may occasionally slip.

Personal History Verelan was born on Romulus in the city of Rateg. Her parents raised her like a normal Romulan child with rigorous discipline and order in hopes of instilling a strong sense of duty in her. In the beginning it was quite successful. Verelan grew up believing that what the Empire stood for and did was the end all be all of everything and that there could be none else.

She completed all of the mandatory tests of worth and strength and entered the Romulan military for her mandatory first tour of duty when she was 18 years old. From there a growing sense of displeasure at the action she saw carried out or learned about in support of the Empire began to form.

At first, she was still to young, naive and blinded by loyalty to know what to do and so she served with a vigor that was well marked by her superior officers. Her discontentment grew and manifested itself into a strong urge to leave, however.

When she reached approximately 20 years of age, she couldn't take living on Romulus and serving in their military any longer and escaped from the her home planet to begin a new life elsewhere.

After meandering around the quadrant for a while, she found herself drawn to the values and philosophy upheld by starfleet. Once she had determined that it was in fact what she wanted to do with the rest of her life, she made the personal official decision to defect to the United Federation of Planets and enlist in starfleet, which she did in due course.

Applying to the academy was difficult; even the idea of her taking the test was almost shot down immediately. However, one admiral saw promise and felt she deserved a chance. Verelan was overjoyed to be allowed the opportunity and pounced on it with a vibrant ferocity. She proceeded to do well at the academy, though she was an outcast being the only Romulan. She put up with her share of discrimination at the Academy, deciding eventually to focus on studies rather than social interaction. She graduated Starfleet Academy at the top 5% of her class.
Service Record Has served on several different vessels as helm officer.
Brief assignment as a security officer on another ship.