Biography - Major Argus

Name Argus
Position Marine Commanding Officer
Rank Major
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Character Information

Gender Male
Species Anubis Model Robot
Age 5

Physical Appearance

Height 6'
Weight Unknown
Hair Color None
Eye Color Red
Physical Description Argus is a 6ft humanoid dog in appearance, he has a black sheen chasis covering his body. This plate that covers him is made up of a Montanium, Magnesite, and Duranium composite that protect him from energy fire, sensors, and direct physical blast's. He has a canine head and so he possesses a set of teeth that is used more for offensive capabilities than looks. He has a dog head with a human body. When he is traveling, he gets down on all four legs and runs 100mph which is considerably faster than most humanoids and most land based vehicles for that matter. He has numbers pressed against his composite plating to identify him between friend and foe alike so he isn't accidently shot by friendly fire. Which has happened on occassion. He also has 4 fingers and a thumb on either hand.


Other Family

Personality & Traits

General Overview Argus is usually very quiet, very observant of his surroundings, he knows he has technology to assist him but as humans would say he likes going 'old school'. His sometimes cold calculating behavior in combat and around others is sometimes seen as disrespectful. He doesn't know when he is being disrespectful for him he is acting the way he is supposed too, though it doesn't mean he can't learn. The people who created him had some humor when they created him due to the canine behavior that was programmed into him. Some humans would describe him as kind, protective and to some extent caring but to Argus that is his programming adapting as he grows and make mistakes as he does.

In most combat situations which is where he excels he is capable of processing many scenario's in seconds which helps out everyone regardless of the combat situation he is around. He can calculate where an attack will occur and how with some margin for error.

When situations come up where he must choose between life or orders he will usually put himself in harms way to protect a younger life compared to taking orders as priority of life usually governs what he will do and if priority of life is some how compromised he will do his best to limit the life lost in any given situation.

He also is loyal to a fault. He will put himself in harms way for his friends without hesitation even in pitch battle.

His creators put a lot of thought into his programming which is why he was programmed with ways to survive when technology fails and can make crude weaponry when required in order to survive which will permit others to survive as well.
Strengths & Weaknesses ((I created this character in mind when I thought of a Marine type character))

+Short range personal transporter (40,000 feet range) as well as having a remote homing beacon installed. Also is equipped with a transmitter.

+Sensors: He possesses highly sophisticated sensor array which has a passive function which allows him to see things that are around him and keep track of organic and synthetic alike. His nose is also used as a sensor area to allow him to smell what others cant smell.

+His eyes has a dual purpose in the since that he can see between the different spectrum's of light, from X-ray vision, to radiation detection, night vision, he is able to switch his eyes to a zoom function and track people by their body heat and lack their of. The dual purpose of his eyes which he can switch too if the need arises are twin phaser array's built into his eyes which allow him to have a nasty surprise if someone manages to capture him or try to restrain him or anyone he is with, he will be able to break out with little effort. This dual has a draw back; he can only have one function at a time activated. He can become blinded if exposed to bright light and is unable to see. He is able capable of recording events for later playback if he witnessed it himself.

+His ears are a unique thing, even though he uses them to hear and pick up on voices miles away and with some margin can pinpoint their exact spot, they also provide him with a communication ability which he uses to contact the ship or anyone within range. This communication is usually encrypted to ensure secrecy.

+Argus also has many storage compartments on his body which he carries a nanite repair kit which forms into a patch when exposed to air to ensure that he can repair himself in the field if he is injured, he is also known to carry a pocket medical kit for organic use, along with a few small survival equipment when the need calls for it.

+Micro replicator: This is used primarily to replicate micro grenades which appear in his hand when the need called for it. Also used to create food and water when the need arises for his organic counterparts.

+He possesses an AI ran brain which governs his functions, but is also protected by an Anti EMP field which also can be extended to protect his whole body to ensure his entire body isn't shut down due to high voltage he is bound to run into from time to time. He also possesses a field that protects his whole body but is only good for a few hours before it fails which is why he uses this in certain situations.

+Argus is able to possess borg inspired tubials but were man made which he uses to collection information and send information very quickly. He uses these tubials to recharge himself as well when he needs it.

+Photovoltic Array, this is allows him to recharge himself in the field as the array acts like solar panels but it allows him to recharge himself in the field.

+On the back of his right and left hand, he possesses a holographic emitter to he uses to display data he has recently retrieved or when someone requires data previously acquired by other means. If he has to he can use this same emitter to make a exact likeness of himself to gain a short term tactical advantage.

This is what is built inside his arms, shoulders, and legs:

Arms: In both of his arms, he carries twin grappling hooks with 2,000 feet of extra durable, break resistant cabling. He also carries a micro replicator in both arms as well, its sole purpose to provide throwing daggers and only 6 grenades which are replicated into his hands and are either thrown or used to cut something. Throwing the daggers he can throw up to 30 feet away from himself in any direction due to the rapid replication that he sometimes does, the grenades can be thrown up to 30 feet away as well. The faster the replication is used the more power it uses up faster so he uses quick replication sparingly if not at all.

Shoulders: On each of his shoulders, he carries 5 micro rockets, 10 total, one he is out he cant rearm until later.

Legs: His feet act as magnetic boots in zero gravity situations, also provides a repulsor effect which allows him to ascend and descend while allowing some maneuverability. When he is on all four's the majority of his speed boost comes from his hind legs.

Programming he possesses:

Argus has many forms of programming which lends to his tactical edge, he is also programmed to hack enemy systems, store the date he retrieves as well, he has advanced weapons and tactic's programming, He is programmed to use all known weaponry that is in existence with excellent skill but he only prefers to use a select number at any time despite part of his body are weaponized. Most of his programming is adaptive so he learns as he grows and makes mistakes which are rare, the more he learns the more deadlier he becomes in his task. So in effect he is well trained and learned his chosen fighting style threw adaption and learning from others to create his own unique way of existence. From weaponry training to fighting without them, he is never without a solution to a tough problem that needs to be solved. He is also programmed to make improvised weaponry out of almost nothing and seemingly harmless by other peoples standards.

Weaknesses: Due to the fact Argus is a machine he is susceptible to EMP weapons being fired at him or slowed by EMP fields. He can be killed by high intense heat or his body can be shattered if exposed to cold but because of the composite he is made out of, being killed in these manners are extremely difficult but not impossible. His real main weaknesses at the moment will be destroyed by crushing or his battery cell which powers most of his body will run out of power which is possibly his greatest 'fear' in a sense of the word to be alive one second but non existent the next.
Hobbies & Interests He is constantly trying to understand his own place in the world, constantly trying to adapt to learn and grow as it were. He was never good at being around humans, the social order of things was never really his strongest suit. Though he does read books even if he does complete them in less then five minutes, but reading books and trying to socialize with everyone and using what he learned from his books, he never understood. So he tries to blend in and converse with his organic counterparts but sometimes he cant do it as he finds it next to impossible as he knows that anything he may say may set off a organic to be offended. When he isn't out trying to understand his place in the world, he is enjoying some time in his quarters, privately tearing up pillows and laying on the most cushiest pillow he can find. He does this in private due to the fact no organic could understand why he does it. In his off time, he tries to take things slowly and heads to the holodeck where he finds himself riding around on bikes from pedal bikes all the way up to anti gravity bikes. He goes fast and slow depending on his mood at the time. When he isn't enjoying himself he is replaying past fights and situations from combat to socializing in his head. Reliving past events to try and understand them so he doesn't make the mistakes again.

Personal History Argus was created by Dr Jordan and Athena, both were serving with SCE, veterans of past battle themselves and two of the few survivors of the battle of Wolf 359. Both are well respected for their field of Robotics. Jordan was a Scientist of great renown and Athena was an Engineer. Both were well known threw out the Science and Engineering community for their breakthrough's into Cybernetics and Robotics. One day they were both eating and an idea formed in their heads. They knew people were dieing, marines were dieing out on the front lines so civilians like them could be safe from harm and they wanted to help out in some way. So they came up with a base concept that would later become Argus. They both casually fiddled with the idea of what this figment of Argus was going to be, would he be a defender, an attacker, or support. At this time Argus had no name to call his own. Until they settled on him being a Adaptive defender. Someone to protect people instead of out right killing them as their were so many killer's around as it was. They wanted to save lives, not destroy them. So after awhile they came up with a basic design of Argus and what he would look like. Both Jordan and Athena was huge into ancient earth history so they decided after some friendly bickering that they would design Argus after the Ancient Egyptian's Anubis warrior who served the underworld as a guardian of the gates of the Egyptian hell. But Athena being named after a Greek goddess, wanted to name Argus after the Argos which was an ancient Greek vessel to carry her soldiers to war and bring them home again safely and thus Argus was born.

Years and years past, late nights working over Argus' main personality building his brain from nothing to have it later be breathed into existence was a satisfactory thing for the married couple. Both parents agreed to take a page or two from the Borg and made their own version of an adaptive learning program which was readily installed. They worked night and day hardly leaving the labs as they built Argus from the bottom up. Every detail was pain-stakingly checked and rechecked making sure everything wasn't left for chance. By the time the framework was done, Argus was able to stand up and mindlessly follow people around, doing tests and more tests which lasted months. He was nothing but a skeleton at this point of his creation, when he looked into a mirror he saw what others would describe as metalic subflesh, where muscles should be their were wires, where their should be skin their was nothing. All he saw his naked insides and framework. He saw he looked like a decomposed dog but he had the body of a man. As he went to lay down again, he was shut off temporarily as his parents continued to work on his body, placing pieces of composite over his exposed body. When all was said and done, he was completely built. The next thing to do was to install the programs and the adaptive learning software among other things. This took only a few hours.

When all was done, he was turned back on, his red eyes glowing slightly as he was powered up. Then he sat up, he turned his head from side to side looking around at his parents, then he saw several high ranking marine officials in the room, he tried to speak but couldn't as his vocal processor's were forgotten to
be turned on which was a momentary fix.

Argus still had several tests to do, which he performed remarkably well. Providing demonstrations when asked, the tests went on and on, making sure the bugs were out of the system's. When it was time for a field test, things weren't going well between the Dominion and the Federation, so the field test was essentially his first battle hardened experience. To see if everything actually worked, so he was geared up, given what he needed and was sent to the front lines immediately. As the Dominion war ended, Argus returned home and he performed well enough despite the few tweaks that were able to be fixed at the base he was serving at to protect. He received several commendations from his commanders, this didn't mean much to him, he was doing his duty but he received them non the less and to this day never understood why he was awarded when others deserved it more. All he did was save lives when asked to do a mission that others failed to accomplish, but he merely sighed as he visited his parents, which was quite an odd experience for him, he felt nothing as his parents hugged him but still he felt nothing.

The time had come he was ordered else where. This time to a ship that was just sent out and he needed to be transferred to it, the part he would play their was still unwritten.
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