Biography - Commander Wesley Chase

Name Wesley Chase
Position MOS
Rank Commander
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Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 35

Physical Appearance

Height 6' 2"
Weight 175 lbs
Hair Color blond
Eye Color blue
Physical Description Wesley originally spent several years swimming for competition but has taken off the past two years as he dealt with layer upon layer of family drama. Starting to get a bit weak in the body he recently returned to physical exercise before being transferred to Captain Rogers


Spouse Insufficient Options
Children Great Pets that require food and water
Father Deceased, former member of Starfleet
Mother .....
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) 1 he has never met
Other Family Godfather is Rear Admiral Landon Wakeland

Personality & Traits

General Overview A transfer to Liberty may be a punishment for lacking in his ability to file reports and keep records. A Captain with OCD may force Wesley to begin doing so, and is being loathed even before reporting to duty. Sarcastic to those who do not catch on easily, he has been working on being more diplomatic with Crew, though when dealing with Representatives he is usually so smooth he ends up making friends and contacts that will last his entire career.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths are something you can find Wesley willing to speak of all day long. Diplomatic Genius, Language Expert, Planetary Laws along with Star Fleet Regulations and Directives to be interpreted with a keen eye to both intent and purpose. Weakness you won't hear much about but as reported in a previous Performance Review, complete inability to explain himself to those around him and tendency to influence Command Decisions based on emotions or the needs of few; risks that have repeatedly threatened the success of multiple missions. (A RE: on this Performance Review by Wesley read: Point of fact, no mission in which I was reviewed on was ever compromised nor failed. Success should count for something) ***We should note here that this Reply was added without Wesley Chase having any official access to neither the file nor permission to adjust the Performance Review in any way. This reply has been removed several times and continues to find itself re-added.***
Ambitions Wesley will tell you himself that his greatest ambition is to sustain a network of political allies throughout every known Planet and Peoples, even those not in the Federation. He believes that a properly nourished network could be used to prevent war and secure aid when needed. Just don't call him a humanitarian, after all he fully expects his name to be studied and revered for centuries to come.
Hobbies & Interests Wesley loves reading the new laws and protocols for different civilizations. He studies more than he works or plays. You will often find him following around different Crew Members to learn their jobs and the basics of their vocabulary.
Languages Far too many to list as he has made communications his life

Personal History Wesley Chase was born on Earth to Human parents. His Father died in service, with his mother and sister going missing. He grew up primarily cared for by his Godfather. He was briefly married to a fellow Starfleet Officer whom he chooses to forget ever existed.
Service Record ~ Star Fleet Academy
~ Assistant for Ambassador to Betazed
~ Assigned to a total of 11 ships in 11 years within the Diplomatic Corps
~ Latest assignment: Transferred to the USS Liberty (Possibly as a Punishment)
~ Field Promotion to Commander and First Officer USS Liberty
~ Demoted to Lt. Commander by Fleet Admiral AJ Wheeler
~ Promoted to Commander by Captain Rogers