Mission Groups

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Before Robert came aboard

Missions: 9

The missions and such that took place when the ship was commanded by only one officer and that happened before robert came aboard

The Kessik 4 delima

Missions: 11

the missions that involve or have evolved from the events that take place on Kessik 4

whatever comes next

Missions: 1

the missions and such that i haven't even considered but that will be categorized in this for next year..


Missions: 4

the year of nothing

Beta Problems

Missions: 1

Missions occuring in the Beta Quadrant.

Short Straw

Missions: 3

All those missions regarding Border Patrol, Diplomatic Escort, and other such missions that cause the crew to wonder if the admirals might really be against them.

The Great Unknown

Missions: 4

July 2013-Present