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Taking the Plunge

Posted on Sat Jan 21st, 2012 @ 5:35pm by Lieutenant Colonel Flynn Taggart & Lieutenant Dr. Udian Yndraavi & Commander Jimmy Rogers (Jim)

Mission: Just A Day In The Neighborhood
Location: Sickbay
Timeline: Current

Flynn walked into sickbay, tired. It had been a long night on duty, but as his Sergeant Major pointed out, it was his turn to get a physical by the ship's doctor.

"Ah Colonel," a bald woman walked past and nodded to him, her rank indicating she was a petty officer but she carried herself like someone who'd seen field combat- that readiness one adopted as part of the survival mechanism. "You're here for your physical, yes?"

"Doctor. " he said, nodding. He felt slightly attracted; typical of a male human in close proximity with a Deltan female.

"Oh my NO," she chuckled. "I'm the Head Nurse, Shareen Tal, currently a petty officer in fleet. The doctor will be a long shortly. If you'd like though, I can get you started?" she cocked her head slightly.

"Sorry. Of course, by all means, Petty Officer. " he said.

She motioned him to a biobed and began entering examination protocols. "Are you still officially part of the Second Batt Oh-Dee-Eye-Bee Colonel Flynn?" she asked conversationally.

"Temporarily Detached for starship duty," he answered.

"Looking for a change of scene?" she asked conversationally.

"Wanted to show my daughter the galaxy; she was going a bit stir crazy at my last post. " he said.

She nodded, accepting that. She also knew he knew that a starship was a bit more dangerous than a planetary base or starbase. "She should come and have her physical too," Shareen offered as she worked, noting the old injuries and the traces that even Starfleet's modern healing methods couldn't erase entirely. "She's in that stage between girl and young woman when the universe starts to look different."

"You seem to know a lot about teenagers. " he said.

"I'm Deltan," she shrugged. "Big families and I have two of my own."

"You don't look old enough. " he said.

"Flatterer," she replied with a small smile and practiced ease. "But this sack of skin's collected it fair share of shrapnel and burns over the years."

"I've been around," he said.

"I can see that," she indicated the console. "Looking at your bioscans I can see practically every decent bang-on you've had since you left puberty. Broken bones, plasma burns, concussions, trauma- there's a bit more here than you've officially reported colonel." She didn't sound accusatory, rather as if she admired him.

"Marines don't regularly talk to medics unless they're really hurt. " he said.

"Perhaps the medics in your battalion," she replied with a touch of tart in her tone, "didn't know which end of a pulse rifle to hold." She shrugged, "Who knows? We never served together before, so I wouldn't know." The console beeped and she half turned, expectantly, as the sickbay doors parted and in walked the Baansii CMO, Tail high behind him as he gave a quick visual to the readings.

"Problem?" he asked.

"Perhaps," Udian replied, not looking at him but cocking his head at the console over Shareen's shoulder. He was well within anyone personal space with her but there was no sense of romance or intimacy between them. "But nothing that we can do anything about now," he said softly, less to him and more to her. The words wouldn't seem to make much sense to her but inexplicably, she turned to the Colonel and smiled.

"You're free to return to duty Colonel," she nodded, professionally distant once again. "I'll send this off to Marine HQ with the next upload," she indicated with one hand the console and the readings she had taken.

"What is it? " asked Taggart, not scared, more concerned.

"Old injuries fester and weaken you if left untreated colonel," Udian told him coolly. "You've been healed, your surgeries are complete but there are microfractures all over your skeleton and deep scar tissue from poor quality field surgery. You have neurological damage you've adapted to, things you probably attributed to age and learned to get around. And as the Federation doesn't really believe is wasting precious materials on individuals beyond a certain point so, officially, its highly unlikely that these old injuries will be treated and resolved before complications from them manage to cripple and kill you." Udian shrugged, "These scans are not appreciably different from the last ones after your last trauma was resolved to your Marine HQ is unlikely to take my report and make anything of it."

"So you're basically saying you can fix the problem, but won't? " asked Taggart, slowly becoming angry.

"I'm saying that Starfleet typically doesn't go for reconstructive surgery for minor wounds," Udian observed laconically. "I'll be happy to make an official inquiry for you or, if you'd like to have the Captain order me to do it, I believe that would handle things nicely. But that's if you want to garner official interest," he added.

"Well, Doctor, I'm still young enough to do the job; I won't be able to do it if I'm hobbling around with a cane. I can wrangle the authorization from Marine HQ. I have enough pull there. Give me a few hours," said Taggart.

"Well then as soon as we have it," Udian agreed with a small smile, "we can start."

"I'll need to know the procedures you'll be performing," said Taggart.

Shareen silently handed Flynn a padd with every moderate trauma he'd ever received in his career, which were many, that hadn't been treated in a full medical facility. There were nine major items, six lesser items and eleven tertiary items and all in medical code.

"I'll have clearance from Marine HQ in a few hours. How long will it take to get ready?" asked Taggart.

"Some procedures will take hours," Udian considered, "some no more than an hour. We should allow you to heal and work with the alterations before we make new ones or begin a new series." He tapped his bottom lip with his right index claw-tip thoughtfully, "I'd say over the next three months, Universe permitting, we can get all of this corrected."

"Will I be taken off duty?" asked Taggart.

"I shouldn't think so," Udian replied dubiously. "Unless you fall off something high and undo it all," he shrugged and made a face.

"Good. I'll bet right on it. " said Flynn. He stood up and grabbed the PADD that the nurse had given him, nodded to the both of them, and walked out of Sickbay.

Shareen sighed.

"I agree," Udian replied softly and then shut everything down as she went to the replicator to make them some tea and a snack.


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