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Burning Down the House

Posted on Sat Jan 21st, 2012 @ 6:59pm by Commander Jimmy Rogers (Jim) & Commander Wesley Chase
Edited on on Sat Jan 21st, 2012 @ 7:23pm

Mission: Fly Me To The Moon
Location: Gama Quadrant!?!
Timeline: NOW
Tags: Crash and Burn

"Where's the Captain?" asked Wesley as he walked onto the bridge

"Ready Room" replied someone whose name Wesley would probably never bother remembering. The Liberty tended to lose its CONN officers at an alarming rate, thus ensuring Wesley would not waste his time getting their names, though he did miss the Tamarian but rumor had it the poor thing had died after misunderstanding a maneuver order during a battle. Someone in Starfleet really needs to find a way for the Tamarian's to interact with the universal translator.

Wesley walked in without bothering with the door chime, which reminded him he need to report his to maintenance again. As Wesley took a seat opposite of the Captain he heard the voice of Admiral Wakeland through the comm system.

"Your orders are non negotiable Captain but if anything happens to Wesley I will personally see to it that the best parts of your body receive a permanent vacation on Risa, is that understood Ensign? I mean Captain..."

"Wesley just walked in Admiral, would you like to speak to him?" Jim asked in hopes of getting away from this conversation in enough time to say goodbye to everyone before they began their next mission.

As Wesley made his way into the Captains chair, and the Captain went to the bridge in order to begin the immediate departure that would lead us all to our deaths, the famous Liberty command was issued...

... Bridge ...

"Yellow Alert. Helm set course for Terok Nor Warp 9.86. All hands this is your Captain for the next few hours, prepare for the impossible. All hands to duty stations, this is not a drill"

... Captains Ready Room ...

"Yellow alert while docked? What have you set us to do now Sir?" Wesley asked his Godfather as he searched the Captains desk for the candy jar that he knew had to be here, the evidence was showing in the Captains waist line already.

"Your gonna love this one kiddo. Your going to the Gamma Quadrant" the Admiral replied calmly.

"Big deal" Wesley shrugged then smiled big as he found the candy jar hiding behind a stack of data-pads that had probably been sitting there since 2384 waiting for the Captain to authorize something; Most likely the repairs to Wesley's quarters...

Wesley closed the connection after sending his love to the family, which he wasn't sure he even meant anymore. Walking on the Bridge, Wesley made eye contact with the Captain as he felt the ship jump to Warp.

"Have a seat Commander, we need to start working out some difficulties with our travel plans" said a paling Captain

"No thanks, I will stand" Wesley had not forgotten how Jim had managed to rid himself of his last First Officer

The Turbolift doors opened as Teague made his way to the XO chair, which Wesley was fine with, though the Captain was not amused one bit.

Jim and Wesley spent the next hour or so working on the details of the mission and working out the variables to any degree that allowed them to all survive it. Their best numbers gave the crew a 2 percent chance of survival, which was much better than the initial numbers.

Before launch however the ship had to secure all of the systems and take all non important ones offline storing the bio-neural gel packs in a suspended transporter buffer stasis. Along with that they where given several thousand back ups and extra supplies all filling the cargo bays just in case with all high important items in containers either shielded with forcefields or put into transporter buffer stasis. The hope being that one of the two methods keeps most of the supplies safe.

... Dennis the Menace ...

"Mad Science to Bridge, Captain we are as set as we will ever be, though the Borg children would like for me to take this opportunity to remind you that we are all going to die" Simorina reported with complete calm

"Thank them for me. See you on the other side number 2" Jim said as he took his seat

"You will want to sit down for this one Commander" Jim said in hopes of getting the cat off the Bridge. The damn thing had to be a gift from a Admiral didn't it. Of course it did, this is the Liberty.

Wesley sat on the step to the command seats in the middle of the Bridge.

"Open a channel to Terok... Deep Space Nine..." Jim said

From the floor Wesley began the sequence of events

"Deep Space Nine this is the USS Liberty, requesting protocol 13, authorization Wakeland 1334-G" Wesley said with a hint of boredom

"Good luck Liberty and God Speed" replied someone whose face Wesley couldn't see from where he was seated

An artificial black hole began forming just outside the rim of the Worm Hole known to belong to the Prophets of Bajor.
"Computer begin play list 1" Wesley said as he braced for the final order

"I can be your hero baby..." music that Jim did not recognize but was nonetheless hurting his ears and head began to play throughout the ship. He really hated Wesley most days.

"Safety protocols off on Warp Drive. Set course for Sling Shot beta 1. Prepare to activate Slipstream concordance. Computer assume navigational command, authorization 1119-Theta" Captain Rogers yelled over the music

As the computer assumed full control of the ship, Jim and Wesley both closed their eyes. A man should not stare at his own death. As the ship began to shake itself apart, Jim yelled to the CONN officer to ensure they were prepared for a full stop using the deflector and weapons systems to create a negative pull on the ship. Should it not stop in time, the Liberty would crash into the walls of the receiving station and kill them all. It was a matter of less than 0.0238 milliseconds between life and death. Jim was silently grateful the Tamarian was not at the Helm anymore.

"Site to site Transport of the USS Liberty to RS-110-C in Gamma Quadrant to occur in 8 seconds, it is recommended all crew brace for impact" came the computers voice as Wesley shot the finger at the black hole as he felt the ship slingshot off its rim and be thrown into the Worm Hole.

As the Slipstream concordance was activated, Wesley saw Captain Wong standing before him. The Captain was holding his mother in his arms then the next moment he was holding Wesley's scalped head in his right hand with his left hand holding onto the controls of the Liberty. As Wesley saw his own parents die before his eyes, he felt his arm break, not just his arm, but his ribs as well. His body was failing him, it couldn't survive such a long distance Transporter, then he felt the final break, his feet. Both at once he felt break and twist. He felt this all but not the pain, no that would happen as the realities began to separate leaving his broken body in just one existence.

"I saw him dancing by the record machine. I knew he must have been about 17...Playing my favorite song... I could tell it wouldn't be long until he was with me, ya me.. Singing I LOVE ROCK N ROLL so put another dime in the jukebox baby..." Reality began settling down as the computer continued on with its play list in a slow and slurred fashion depicting damage to the computer core and sub processing systems and Wesley screamed out

"SHIT! Medical Emergency Bridge" he yelled as he checked his body for the breaks he knew were there. His feet were fine, but his arm really was broken, so was his pelvis shattered. He looked towards the Captains chair..

"I will be fine Wesley, don't panic" Jim said as Wesley saw an extra hand sticking out of the Captains right leg.

Jim reached over into Chase's chair and recoiled his arm in pain. Teague had once again scratched the captain proving that not only was the damned cat perfectly alright but still held a grudge against Jim for some odd reason.

"NO!!!!" yelled Simorina over an open COMM

"Report" Jim said as the doctor arrived on the Bridge, apparently unphased by the jump. But it was expected he would be with the working theory being that such a long distance transport on such a large scale would degrade every biological molecule on the ship. The doctor was from a race that had been around for many Milena, thus allowing for a more complex DNA/RNA sequence that would better survive the cellular degradation. Though the doctor knew the moment they came out of warp, if they survived, he would need to report to the Bridge and secure the Captain before beginning a ship wide emergency effort.

"My FISH TANK! YOU KNEW THIS WOULD HAPPEN!" Simorina yelled as she was staring at a fish tank filled with nothing but goo. Yes, the Captain suspected that the fish would not survive the jump, but had he told her this, she would not have worked on the slipstream concordance factors that made this transport even possible.

"Are you alright Simorina?" Wesley asked as the doctor began repairing the Captain through surgical removal of the extra hand. Reports were already flooding in of people with the same types of conditions as seen on the Bridge

"MY FISH WESLEY!" she yelled as she finally realized that her balance had improved. Looking behind her, she found a tail identical to the Doctors had developed on her backside

"Doctor you better get down here" she said calmly as she looked around for the rest of her crew.

"Helm, Helm?" Jim asked as everyone looked towards CONN to see a puddle of goo where there used to be a man. How many more had not made it through? Wesley and Jim both looked out the view screen for the first time; a move they both instantly regretted.

"Red Alert, all manageable hands to battle stations" yelled Wesley before realizing the irony of the hands comment while looking at the extra hand laying beside the Captain

"Whats happening up there?" asked Simorina in an anxious tone

"Three Borg cubes dead ahead" Wesley said as he had the Doctor help him sit in the seat filled with goo. Now was no time to worry about what you sit in, you may end up sitting in your own piss if things get any worse anyways.

"Jim I am reading no life sign on board the cubes, but hell for all we know the scanners are down and we don't know it. Shields are down, weapons are spent, and now all weapons and life support are failing."

=^= Chase to Crownover. We need systems restored NOW=^=
=^=Not going to happen Commander, my feet are fused with the floor=^= replied a nearly crying Kevin

"Wesley has the Bridge" yelled Jim as he ran towards Engineering while the doctor continued to work on Wesley from the seat on the Bridge. Not a working environment the doctor was thrilled about, but one he did not have time to bitch about. Too many people needed him.

"Security and Marines to every deck. Be prepared for a boarding party" Wesley yelled over the COMM system before wishing he could have just died in the transporter.

Tag Simorina and Yndraavi


Mission Briefing:
We have been transported to the far reached of the GAMMA Quadrant using a receiving station launched in a similar manner in 2376 through the worm hole. The receiving station is now dead and happens to be sitting in a space junk yard along with Borg Cubes that are also dead.

Everyone should catch up with the doctor due to the nature of the most recent situation. also check in with the counselor because most likely you have been mental scared. Science find out where we are and security get tactical back online. Also Chris get the bar opened stat. After all of this we will all need a nice drink.



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