An Andromeda Species

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Quadrant: Andromeda Galaxy

Planet: Sil

Technological Status: Pre-Warp Spaceflight

Government: Currently in chaos as they lose the war with the T'kairna

Appearance: Silikar are non-humanoid, aquatic creatures that look at the most basic level like a badmitton birdie. The large sphere at the top is a dragonfly-like eye and the trailing layers are used for swimming and burrowing their underground homes. The layers can be various colors, much like the variation in human hair. Shades range from blue to green to purple, losing their pigmentation with age and eventually turning completely white.

Diplomacy: Silikar are generally peaceful as long as no one threatens them. When any danger is perceived, they can be very hostile. However, diplomacy can be tricky because what humans perceive as a threat and what Silikar perceive as a threat are very different things. Any kind of hand gesture while talking to a Silikar would be seen as an attack posture. Also, pacing or even shifting weight could be seen as hostile.

Language: The Silikar language is much like Earth whale calls. To an outsider, it sounds like a long drone of varying pitches, starting and stopping periodically. The Silikar possess extremely sensitive receptors that detect subtle vibrations in the water, making it impossible to understand the language unless you are one of them. Universal translators can only pick it up if they are fine-tuned in a very specific way.

History: It took a long time for the Silikar to develop spaceflight. For thousands of years they never even left their ocean. Then they developed the ability to store breathable water for extended periods of time and ventured onto the land. While on the land, they discovered giant space creatures that dove down into the atmosphere to hunt and tamed them to use as rides. Now, with pods strapped to their backs, these space creatures carry the Silikar to other planets.

Culture: The Silikar have a very collectivistic culture where everything is centered on family and the general good. They believe that no individual is greater than another and that no one should be treated unfairly.

Religion: The Silikar do not worship gods. To do so would be against their everyone-is-equal nature because it sets a deity apart as greater and holier than all other things. Instead they follow a strict set of social principles consisting of everything from workers' rights to marriage rules. Some Silikar believe in a kind of supernatural force that is behind all events in the universe, but this view is not widely popular.

Calendar: Since they cannot observe the movements of the stars from underwater, their calendar is based on the general temperature of the water and the migration patterns of the various fish species. Their year is divided into five months, each named after the fish who inhabit their capital city at that time of year.

Fun Fact: Silikar do not raise their own young. They leave their babies in the hands of neighbors or family friends. To raise one's own child would be considered very selfish and would affect the community bond greatly.

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Rynna Padell created Silikar on Tue Jul 9th, 2013 @ 10:59am


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