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Creating Pages

The Liberty's wiki is to be used only for information that is specific to the Liberty or IDF, not general information about Star Trek. If you want general information about Star Trek, and are great resources. For example, there should not be a page in the Liberty's wiki about Vulcans, because there are Vulcans in every Star Trek database. There should be a page in the Liberty's wiki about the H'shori, since that is a species created specifically for the Liberty's storyline.

To create a new page, simply click the "create new page" button on the right hand side of the wiki home. After typing in the information and filling out the title and summary, select a category for your page to be in. If you don't know what a category is, hold your mouse over the question mark near the category title. Then select "comments open" and submit.

When you are typing your wiki page, it will appear to recognize the "enter" button, but then when you submit, it will appear as if you did not press "enter" at all. To avoid this, highlight one of your paragraphs and click the paragraph button at the top of the text box. (It looks like a backwards P with two lines) Then do that for all your other paragraphs. This is the only way to tell the site that you are pressing "enter" in-between sections.

Reading and Editing Pages

The best way to find the information you're looking for is to go to the "categories" page. Click on the various categories and you will see the pages in each one. For a description of what's in each category, see the "manage categories" page. To edit a page, view the page and click [edit] just below the title. Then click "update" to submit your changes.

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Rynna Padell created How to Use the Wiki on Fri Jul 12th, 2013 @ 8:29am


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