Welcome to the USS Liberty Belle

One of the few sims to incorporate the Destiny and Typhon Pact timelines! See our own timeline here!

Current Date: 26th May 2389
Current Stardate: 66399.1
With the planet secured and their next course of action planned, the Liberty Belle awaits reinforcements to arrive at the colony to help restore the civilians to their homes and protect the system from further incursions. In the meantime, the crew continue to plan, cope and conduct their duties.


(The hours following "Colloquy".)

The USS Liberty Belle NCC-87921 is a Century-class Federation Starfleet vessel, commissioned in 2388 to fulfil Starfleet's founding creed: to seek out new life and new civilisations.

Several years have passed since the failed but catastrophic Borg invasion that decimated the Alpha and Beta Quadrants, and for seven years, the factions of those quadrants have been locked in deadly competition, with the powers of the Khitomer Accords pitted against the secretive and lethal Typhon Pact in a cold war for supremacy.

In this era of strained peace, Starfleet tries to focus once again on constructing vessels of exploration and discovery, to trek through the stars and be the vanguard of the Federation. The Liberty Belle is one such vessel. However, despite this attempt at optimism, darkness still lurks, with sinister forces still remaining to hinder their efforts, leaving it down to the brave men and women to face these threats, and maintain the uneasy ceasefire the galaxy is struggling to keep.



Having safely returned from the depths of the Beta Quadrant and the disastrous temporal anomaly and spent several months maintain routine patrols in Cardassian space, the Liberty Belle - restored to full working order - is directed to investigate rumours of a resurfacing threat within Union. What they uncover is a dastardly plot that reaches into Federation space and beyond, with an all-too-familiar foe. With a different captain temporarily at the helm, the crew must keep their wits about them as they delve ever deeper into the mystery.


(Please note: Any senior positions currently occupied by NPCs will be happily replaced by new players, for they are merely 'Acting Chiefs'!)
No major positions are currently open, but there could still very well be a position perfectly suited to you!

Elsewhere in the galaxy...


The Andorian Civil War, the Imperial-Confederate War, the Andorian Schism, the Tholian Plot... The events that led up, surrounded and were born out of the splitting of the former Andorian Empire go by many names, and stir many thoughts and feelings from countless millions across the quadrants, but all can agree on one simple point: it is not something that can be ignored...

Join the crew of the Tiberius in their adventures in and around Andorian space, as epic space battles, political intrigue, industrial espionage and backstabbing allies all rear their ugly heads in this grand story of a war between brothers, that could one day shatter the tentative peace both the Federation and the Typhon Pact have fought so hard to achieve.

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Latest News

» New Site Is Up

Posted on 25 Sep 2012 @ 3:32pm by Captain Caleb Virgil in General News

To the crew of the Liberty Belle:

The new Liberty Belle site is now up and running, so get yourselves over there, login (your details should still be the same), and have a mosey around.

I've done my best to transfer all of the character, mission, award and tour images over, as when the database was transferred, these were lost. Please check to see that they are all as they should be, as well as if any links lead back to the old site, to make sure I have made no mistakes.

Get in touch as soon as you've logged in, so I know you've got this message and everything is dandy, and delete this one from your bookmarks.

I look forward to continuing our voyages into the unknown with you all!


» Leaving Independence Fleet

Posted on 20 Sep 2012 @ 12:17pm by Commodore William Morgan in General News

Guys and gals of Task Force Omega,

As you all know, a decision was recently made over the two currently active sims of Task Force Omega, the USS Liberty Belle and Starbase Eridani, leaving Independence Fleet and pursuing their own future. Everyone has declared their intention to stay with us during this change, and I am pleased to inform you that we will be moving over onto our new sites shortly.

The webmaster handling the transfer of the database will inform me as soon as everything is completed and ready for us to start writing again. Of course, this does mean that some of the more recent posts and saved posts on the site will not be on the new site, as well as any changes any of you guys have made to your characters or wiki pages. Nevertheless, I'll be keeping a track of these posts, and will copy and paste them over when everything is set up.

Also, in time, unique skins will be designed for each sim, as currently things are a bit bare, but I assure you that it won't be too long before all is well and interesting at our new home. Star Trek Omega, as it will be named, will still be telling the story of the ships, stations and individuals related to the Omegaverse and their adventures in that continuity, and this change can only leave us with more opportunity to expand and develop in the future.

I will be in touch shortly to let you know of the new addresses. If there are any issues, feel free to contact either myself or Mau.

Warm regards,

Commodore William Morgan

» IDF Newsletter July

Posted on 25 Aug 2012 @ 10:30am by Commodore William Morgan in General News

Writers of Task Force Omega,

The leading members of the IDF Admiralty have put together and completed yet another new issue of the Independence Fleet Newsletter for July 2012, full of the usual bits and pieces.

Unlike last month, however, Omega was less successful in the awards department than it was last month (in which we did do splendidly), but we have nevertheless had an interesting time. For starters, we've had a good few newcomers.

Two awards were received by Omega players, including Captain Caleb Virgil (Chris) and Lieutenant Commander Brul Unger (Mau), who have been awarded the "Genesis Post" for the Liberty Belle's latest mission's introduction, "A Completed Sentence", and Lieutenant JG Lanazir Sevim (Hanh) for her continued commitment and contributions to the Omegaverse's timeline - namely the Andorian Schism.

If any of you have any questions or issues concerning Task Force Omega or Independence Fleet, feel free to contact me at (wmorgan@independencefleet.com) or Fleet Admiral Wheeler, at (admiralwheeler@independencefleet.com).

Warmest regards,

Commodore William Morgan
Task Force Omega Commanding Officer

» Departing Deep Space Nine

Posted on 04 Aug 2012 @ 1:03pm by Captain Caleb Virgil in General News

Ladies and Gentlemen,

This is a message to let you all know that the Liberty Belle will be departing from Deep Space Nine late Sunday/early Monday, and a post will then be starting with Captain Roth informing the crew of their objectives. From there, the mission will properly go ahead, and everyone will have their objectives at different respective times.

Nevertheless, I would still like to see some independent posts coming out from each of you, such as the "Terminal Velocity" posts we are having from Sarah and Hoshia, as well as the upcoming "Divine Possibilities" posts from Joseph and a good few others about Java's potential future as captain of the Liberty Belle.

Feel free to have these as backposts, and I will be updating the "Mission Notes" section (found just above the input field when writing posts) that details the time frame of the mission, i.e. Days 1 - 3: Docked at DS9-II, Day 4-5: Journey to Planet X, so you all know what is going on.

I'm looking forward to seeing how this develops, and how the crew will work together in this mission.


Captain Caleb Virgil

» Important: New Posting Policy

Posted on 20 Jul 2012 @ 4:47pm by Captain Caleb Virgil in General News

My friends,

With Mau's recent news item, it seemed fitting for me to finally and formally post the new posting policy I referred to in "Captain Roth". This is not only to reveal the new policy for everyone, but is largely for the benefit of those who missed my comment in that post.

Through certain parts of "Civility" and throughout "Linearity", I drew several conclusions about certain writers on board the sim, and more and more I found myself thinking that a good writer is not necessarily a good player, which is why I am keen to root out those who - sure, they can write well - do not actively contribute as individuals in their own right. I do not want 'casual' players on board the Liberty Belle, but this is not to say that the sim isn't anything more than just a game, but I want players who will go above and beyond the call of duty, work with us, and always be regularly active, alongside contributing their own ideas to the game, as opposed to only taking part when prompted. I want them to care about the story, as many of us seem to.

As such, everyone on the Liberty Belle will have to have at least one post that I haven't given them an idea for, and also does not involve me or any of my NPCs. I.e. I want each person to start a post, either just by themselves or with one character I do not play, and complete it before the end of "Dominion", with regular involvement in the posts I do start. If each player does not do this by the end of the mission (as some already have), they will be asked to depart the sim, as they are taking up the positions others could be using and putting to good use. An interested and good writer can turn an awkward role, like flight control, into something so much more and interesting. Otherwise, we may as well just have NPCs, played by the involved writers, in those positions.

I hope this does come across as being particularly nasty or picky, but it's a decision I have come to and it has the support of both the first and second officers on board. For some of you, this will be easy to accomplish - particularly given some of you have already - whilst others may struggle. No offence to you, as I like everyone on the sim, but that is obviously the problem, regardless of how well you write. Of course, there are always opportunities for leniency, but everyone will be reviewed by the end of "Dominion", and that is when the decision(s) will be made.

Given how involving and in-depth the storylines on this sim are, there is little room for casually-involved players. Certainly, no one's expected to read every single post that goes out, but we expect you to be able to keep up with the overreaching storyline, to be interested in its development; to make references to it, understand the impacts, and perhaps even contribute.

With any luck, no one will be lost by the end of "Dominion", but I hope this reaches you all well, and we see what we can all achieve together.

Warmest regards,

Captain Caleb Virgil