Biography - Lieutenant JG Lanazir "Zira" Sevim

Name Lanazir "Zira" Sevim
Position Chief Security & Tactical Operations Officer
Rank Lieutenant JG
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Character Information

Gender Female
Species Rigelian-Vulcan/Human
Age 27
Date of Birth November, 5 2361
Place of Birth Malatya, Turkey, Earth
Location of Quarters

Physical Appearance

Height 5' 6"
Weight 132 lbs
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Zira is a solidly built yet slender woman. Her quickness of both mind and body is not easily appraised at first sight. She may also seem quite cunning and vicious at first glance, but a few seconds in her presence will quickly dispel such a (mostly) absurd idea. Her human lineage shows most in her smoothened face. Remnants of a Vulcan brow may be seen in her lowered one, but then again such a look has shown up in her human mother’s side of the family. She does not have the Vulcan pointed ears, but her skin can take on a light olive color in certain lights. Her dark eyes often twinkle in curiosity and mirth, but her gaze can intensify in an instant with the lowering of her brows and narrowing of her eyes. She has used such glowers to ward off bold Rigelians of her age during her stay on her grandmother’s planet, although the males found her “smolder” quite enticing. This has led to many misunderstandings, so she tries to refrain from casting such looks. She curves in the right areas but does nothing to draw attention to them. The curve of her lips, however, she delights in accentuating according to her mood. Dark when she is contained, bright when she is casual—her lip color can be a good indication of what thinking mode she is in. Her hair is usually a mane of messy soft waves, which she usually loosely ties back to keep the strands from her face.


Father Selmik
Mother Leyla Sevim
Sister(s) Éser Sevim
Other Family Sanek--Grandfather, Vulcan
Mura--Grandmother, Rigel V

Personality & Traits

General Overview Zira is a young woman always fascinated in the world around her, sometimes seemingly full of child-like wonder. She is easily amused and is very passionate about her interests. She thinks and muses on almost everything. A smirk or smile is always hiding behind her colored lips, and she loves a good laugh, knowing that it can ease tension when appropriate. She loves being with people, as she regards each person an embodiment of experiences she can listen to. However, most of her amusement is self-contained, as whatever energy she has is devoted to her mind. Thus, her movements can seem languid and slow, the remaining energy left for physical efforts scarce.

Her Vulcan grandfather’s attempts to teach her control over her emotions only seem successful when she is around strangers. Thus, the sudden peal of her laughter can quickly catch another off guard. Her presence is usually quite unassuming when she is not snickering, and purposefully so.

Her vast amount of knowledge, however, means nothing when not organized. In direct contrast with the messy state of her quarters, Zira’s mind is a treasure trove of information she constantly shuffles and refiles. Thanks to her grandfather, she has some skill in discipline, but when not motivated, will be as airy as a cloud on Vulcan escaping the desert’s heat. When something urgent enough does arise, she is a completely different person, seemingly aloof, cold, and cutting to accomplish her goal. To continue the analogy, her mind’s workings is as intense as sandfires on Vulcan, and sometimes just as chaotic. Suffice to say, such occasions are rare and sparing…for now.
Strengths & Weaknesses Zira’s greatest strength is multitasking with relevance. Upon stepping into a room, a dozen possibilities enter her mind with one sweep of the place. However, entertaining so many possibilities takes a toll on her mental capacity, and so in that state she can be seen as oblivious to the obvious as well as slow. The latter could not be further than the truth…most of the time. A weakness and a strength of hers is her degree of preparation for almost everything. This sometimes causes her to be unprepared for the present, being so busy with the future.

Zira is also a very genuine person, seeing no need to maintain fronts. She has continued the tradition in her family of expressing emotion and will not bottle them except for a great emergency. She loves a good conversation, and considers subjective but valid viewpoints a great gift from strangers. Unfortunately, her tendency to be the devil’s advocate to herself and others can cause great frustration, if not amusement. She is quite easygoing and does not force her morals on others, although she is very strong in hers. She is also very informal, and will not hesitate in looking like a fool—if only to further her other goals. Hence, getting people to do what she wants without them knowing it is what she aims for. After all, she wants the best for everyone. She herself hates authority flaunting itself.

After much practice disciplining her mind, Zira was able to gain the clarity of meditation most Vulcans aspire to. Her possession of such clarity, however, was brief and flighting but within reach. It has been determined that the dilution of her Vulcan genetics with that of a human’s and a Rigelian has, in a sense, disabled her body from going into Pon Farr at the appropriate time. (As a teenager she did use this term to exaggerate attractions when she admitted them, but has since refrained from such word usage. Indeed, she goes through intense meditation to quell the not-so-lethal fire.) Besides this, her physiology is that of a Vulcan. Her Rigelian genetics are not as strongly expressed, and so she is able to accept almost all medicine made for Vulcans.

It should be obvious by now that Zira’s main weakness is her inability to focus her mind on a single task for long durations. She is easily distracted, and can sometimes be seen as reckless when she ignores the obvious that should not be ignored. Burning questions that must be answered are the first thing those that work with her notice. She feels that these questions must be answered or she can not continue to work. However, when she does focus herself, the change in her demeanor is almost the opposite of her usual one. Subjectivity is buried. When she focuses hard on a goal, she mostly resembles a Vulcan before Surak’s time, commented a fellow classmate during exams. She can become quite aloof yet savage during such periods. When upset, a rare event indeed, physical exertion and meditation help her feel better, the activities being a combination of her father’s cultures’ coping methods.

She has no heightened senses from her Vulcan genetics save for her olfactory system. Strong scents and flavors can easily overwhelm her if she is caught unguarded, but she finds the information she can glean from them fascinating. Her personal philosophy on intimacy was shaped by her exposure to her grandmother’s Rigelian culture and her roommate’s Deltan culture. As such, Zira is perfectly willing to forego physical intimacy in the hopes that minds can connect before the body intrudes, and has neglected that side of socializing. Because of this, Zira is unknowingly vulnerable to bias towards people of all genders with characteristics she finds amusing or attractive—fondness being a mere step away from affection.
Ambitions Zira wants to someday help coordinate a successful fleet operation to see if she can do it. However, she is in no hurry to work up to the required higher position, and is perfectly willing to excel in other ways at work. Every duty, large or small, should be ultimately important, and if it isn’t, she was not going to do it. One of her greatest pleasures is the pride she feels in stepping back and viewing the canvas of her work, with everything in order. She does not care if no one else sees or knows.

She has a list of life goals that she keeps with her, including things like “Climb Mount Seleya” or “Taste Romulan Wine—Legally.”

Reaching a balance between focused and scattered is her main goal in life, as well as possessing the discipline her grandfather had to solve the greatest puzzle there is: the meaning of life.

Hobbies & Interests Zira loves to look at cloud formations of different planets. She also loves to do puzzles. Music helps her concentrate, and she almost always listens to it. The music transmits from small beads in her ears she frequently forgets to remove, which can be troubling during meditation. She also has great love for her pet ferret Milou. Her favorite fruit is apricots, as she ate a lot of those when at home on Earth.

She is open to new ideas and will try her hand at almost anything, even if she looks stupid doing it.

From time to time she practices Ponn-ifla, a Vulcan martial art her father insisted her to learn after he learned she got lost in the big cities on Earth on purpose (she called it exploring, but he begged to differ). Similar to Earth’s Chinese martial art of wing chun, this art relies on economy of movement with defense combined with offense.

Since Zira only grew up on Vulcan for small bouts of consecutive time as a child, she does not possess as much of the strength Vulcans do from living on the high gravity planet. As such, she is only about 1.5 times stronger than the average human, enough to make up for her small frame.

Languages Rigelian, Vulcan, English, Federation Standard

Personal History Lanazira Sevim was born to a human mother and a half RIgelian, half Vulcan father. A brief history on her parents will better explain the multi-cultural environment she was raised in.

Selik was the consequence of a Vulcan named Sanek staying on Rigel V to study his distant cousins and their advanced medicine—one of the few advancements of that planet besides the much-needed child prostitution reforms. There he met a remarkable woman named Mura. She was spirited, free, and emotional—totally opposite of his Vulcan upbringing. (The most extreme example of how lax the culture was lay in the form of sexual intercourse, an activity regarded as healthy exercise for everyone.) He became fascinated with her fiery spirit, and she with his controlled intensity, and they soon married. She was able to respect his upbringing and kept their relationship monogamous, something looked down upon on Rigel V since she had the opportunity to have many other husbands. They moved to Vulcan soon after that.

Zira’s father Selik was brought up in a strict environment, as attempted by his father. However, time passed and his mother’s influence on his father led him to be lenient on his emotional son. Emotional discipline was limited in Selik, especially after he refused to telepathically bond with another at age 7. He did not experience pon farr, as his Rigelian genetics and his expressions of emotion disabled such a process. Rigelians do not experience Pon Farr due to slight mutations and their lack of emotional discipline.

He grew with want to see more of the world. He did so when he became acquainted with a Terran woman named Leyla. She was there on Vulcan to test a device’s capability to capture energy from the sand fires that occurred in the desert. Upon knowing his fascination with other worlds, she invited him to her home on Earth, and a romance blossomed. Her sureness and pride in her culture encouraged him to grow in confidence with his dual heritage. She was also quite headstrong, something that Selik’s Rigelian mother approved of. They married and settled down on Earth for her to continue her research. They visit Rigel V and Vulcan yearly.

They had two children, both girls. Zira is the oldest of the two, and as a child did not seem that different from her human counterparts. This thought was quickly changed that fateful family trip to Vulcan. Selik, in jest, let a five-year-old Zira play with an unsolved kal-toh. As the adults conversed, the mess of silver sticks soon resolved into a half sphere, half complete. Zira’s grandfather Sanek expressed as much amazement as a Vulcan could. However, Zira quickly abandoned the sphere and began playing with the pet cat, unaware of what had happened. They failed to replicate the same action despite filling the house with kal-tohs, fus, any puzzle and every puzzle.

This set back aside, her grandparents urged Selik and Leyla to let Zira stay on Vulcan to learn to discipline her mind. They relented to having her spend her summers on Vulcan with her sister for company, to foster bonds with their grandparents at the least. It soon became apparent that Zira needed much improvement in the disciplining of her mind. Her room perpetually a mess, and with so much of the planet to explore, Sanek pushed the young girl to practice exploring her mind. She found it more interesting to observe the dynamic between Sanek and her grandmother Mura. Fascinated by how such opposites could coexist, Zira’s constant questions prompted her grandmother to suggest other fields of discipline.

After a few probing questions, it became apparent that Zira could not focus on one thing because she focused on too many. She wondered how things came about, and what things could happen if certain things had changed. Her room was of no consequence—things like how the house was built or how a planet ran fascinated her more. Her father’s wanderlust also had crept into her blood, and by age eighteen she made the trip across Earth’s globe to apply for Starfleet Academy.

There was no question that she would be accepted. That she would stay, however, was another entire issue. With the Borg invasion beginning in her second year, Zira became possessed with an urge to return to Vulcan to help her grandparents in the midst of the attacks by the Borg, especially after the deaths of several relatives on the planet. She pressed commanders hard, and for her premature assignment was sent to Vulcan to aid in defense of the planet in case more Borg arrived.

As she was specializing in strategic operations, she thought she knew everything there was to organizing and coordinating defense strategies. However, each news flash of the battles and wars fought in distant fronts soon made the young woman realize that it was not such an easy task as simulations made one think, and that she had much to learn. She herself knew of her sheltered upbringing. Conversations with wizened Vulcan philosophers and the easy-going, simplistic country Rigelians did not widen her horizons as much as she wanted. Here at the academy were the tools for her to learn about the galaxy as much as she could before entering it herself.

Studying the aftermath of the invasion yielded many insights. Seeing the damage first hand stirred a new focus in the cadet. Her return to the Academy to finish her education had her almost possessed with a never before seen vigor.

She would have isolated herself in her living quarters and simulation decks for the rest of her time at the Academy, surrounded by PADDs and consoles, if it weren’t for her male Deltan roommate. Although immune to his pheromones due to her Vulcan genetics, he distracted her mind enough to draw her out, and intrigued her with details of the Deltan culture. Ideas like platonic love and joining of the minds exposed her to concepts foreign to her. (She had deemed male and female minds in her teenage years not mature enough to handle hers). Such an enlightened version of her grandmother’s Rigelian culture fascinated Zira, and her interest in other cultures began, as well as an acceptance of befriending others.

Zira graduated at a decent rank, but her parents were not disappointed as the war had drawn most of her attention during the last leg of her education. She was assigned to Starbase 56, one that was attacked but not obliterated during the invasion. Her skill at coordinating supplies and manpower to repair and protect the starbase was put to the test. Her ability to juggle the numerous tasks allowed greater efficiency and saved resources, something scarce at the time. Building coherence out of the incoherent disorganization gave her great joy, as it helped rebuild people’s lives as well. It did not go unnoticed that Zira had gotten hold of information her rank shouldn’t have, and when asked to explain herself, she remarked that conversations were not against regulations. Much to her surprise, 2385 she was reassigned where such “conversations” were welcomed.

Reassignment to the harder hit Starbase 172, however, led her to remember to rely on the help of others around her and not just herself. Supplies were being transferred to a reluctant ally of the Federation. Large numbers of civilians were also being taken to the starbase for a temporary stay as the nearby planet had become infested with an agricultural plague. The major setback in rebuilding the economy heightened tensions, and the presence of potential hostiles on both sides made things very stressful. But with great discipline Zira helped keep the starbase safe with careful positioning of whatever defense was available—and with the right information on hand, of course.

Soon after, she requested a reassignment to Vulcan, as she had received whispers of the chaos taking place near Vulcan on the colony planet Weytahn/Paan-Mokar. She was transferred to Starbase 273, a space station located in between the two planets. From there she was to work with Strategic Operations to facilitate the Vulcan effort for the Andorian Civil War. Her workings with Intelligence, however, is something that cannot be confirmed at the time of this biography’s writing.
Service Record 2361-Born on Earth
2379- Joined Starfleet
2381- Assigned to Vulcan during the Borg Invasion
2382- Graduated Starfleet Academy, Strategic Operations
2382-Ensign: Assigned to Starbase 56
2385- Ensign: Assigned to Starbase 172
2387-2389- Ensign: Assigned to Starbase 273
2389-Lieutenat JG: Assigned to USS Liberty Belle, Chief Security and Tactical Operations Officer