Biography - Master Chief Petty Officer Liu Ming

Name Liu Ming
Position Chief of the Boat/Master-at-Arms
Rank Master Chief Petty Officer
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Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 51
Date of Birth May 1st 2338
Place of Birth Pike City, Cestus III
Location of Quarters Deck 4

Physical Appearance

Height 5'4
Weight 140 lbs
Hair Color Black (with slight greying)
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Liu generally keeps her hair tied in a ponytail when on duty. On duty she makes a point of being ‘spit-and-polish’ in appearance – as expected from someone bred from a family that has served numerous generations in the Starfleet Naval Service.

Very rarely is she seen out of some variation of Starfleet issued kit, even when off-duty Liu is seen sporting Starfleet issued “P-T” (Physical Training) gear, as she spends much of her off-time performing her exercise regime. As a result, Liu is in exceptional shape for a middle-aged woman and maintains an athletic build.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Robert Ming, Master Chief Petty Officer (Command Master Chief, Starbase 234) KIA during the 2381 Borg Invasion
Mother Ali Yoshida, Bench Coach, Retired Starting Pitcher – Pike City Pioneers
Brother(s) Xi Ming, Chief Petty Officer (Chief of the Boat, USS Tirpitz) KIA during the 2381 Borg Invasion
Hu Ming, Chief Petty Officer (Chief of the Boat, USS Athens) KIA during the 2381 Borg Invasion
Joe Ming, Petty Officer 1st Class (Engineer’s Mate, USS Ajax) KIA during the 2381 Borg Invasion
Sister(s) Michelle Ming, Petty Officer 2nd Class (Gunner’s Mate, USS Charles de Gaulle) KIA during the 2381 Borg Invasion
Li Ming, Ensign (Engineering Officer, USS Galaxy) KIA during the War with the Dominion Axis
Other Family Robert Yoshida, Uncle-in-law, Professor of Political Science, Cestus Prime University
Michael Alistair, Brother-in-law (Widow to Joe Ming), Engineer’s Mate, USS Courageous

Personality & Traits

General Overview Prior to the 2381 Borg Invasion, Liu had a mild-manner personality – known well amongst her friends for having a thirst for adventure, joy and life in general. As a young crewmember, she bought into the ethos of Starfleet’s primary mission – that of peaceful exploration and the expansion of knowledge. She was proud to be carrying on and doing her part in carrying the legacy of her family name in the Starfleet Naval Service – a family whose naval origins trace back to the People’s Liberation Army Navy of the former nation-state - the People’s Republic of China. Amongst her siblings, she was incredibly competitive – a motivation that had great benefit in her rise through the enlisted ranks.

Liu experienced a severe sea-change in personality after the Borg Invasions of 2381, a conflict that killed all of her siblings and father – all of whom were killed manning their posts against the Borg Blitzkrieg. The events of 2381 forever changed her outlook, warping her joyful optimism for a more hardened severe personality. She came to abandoned seeing Starfleet as a utopian society of explorers, as it redefined itself in wartime as the vanguard of the defense for the United Federation of Planets. As a result, Liu finds little joy in the ‘verse’ – her only solace being the task at hand in her service to the Federation Starfleet. Past close contacts suspect Liu’s narrative of “keeping on the task at hand and maintaining the unbroken thread in her family’s tradition” as the one thread that keeps her together emotionally.

On duty, she has a no-nonsense working relationship with the enlisted crewman under her watch. Liu is also more “class-conscious” than the average federation citizen, proud of her working class traditions of the naval enlisted sailor – with a roughshod attitude towards junior officers in her capacity as a guardian of the Starfleet “everyman”. Running opposed to the norms of the service, Liu respects the individual and not the rank. Often showing disregard to the formalities demanded by some officers. This would’ve hampered her career were it not for her proven-track record of “getting the job done” and acting as a reliable bridge between the “academy-bred” and the “lower decks”.
Strengths & Weaknesses
Ambitions Liu once had ambitious to rise to the rank of Fleet Command Master Chief in Starfleet Command. However after 2381, Liu has rejected every offer for promotion that would take her away from active starship duty. For the outside observer, it isn’t clear what Liu’s ambitious are, other than simply doing her job and going through the motions.
Hobbies & Interests Outside of work, Liu has been witnessed catching up with subspace vid-feeds from Cestus III, keeping up-to-date with the latest season highlights from the Cestus III Baseball League. Another avenue she uses to “switch off”.
Languages Federation Standard (English), Mandarin (Cestus III Dialect)

Personal History Starfleet Serial Number DA-510-712

Family Origins: Life on Cestus III

Liu comes from a family with a strong tradition of service in the Starfleet Naval Service – to which most members of the Ming clan have enrolled as non-commissioned “sailors”. This stems from a proud working class mentality the family has embraced - stemming from their family’s origins in Socialist Labour traditions dating back on Earth three centuries prior – with distant relatives participating in the political movement that established the “New World Economy” at the end of the Third World War. It was with this mentality that the Ming family embraced the frontier colonial tradition that resulted in their relocation to the fringes of Federation space on Cestus III one century prior – with Liu’s great-grandfather serving on the Starfleet Naval Outpost on Cestus III.

Unlike most families with ties to the Federation Starfleet, Liu was fairly privileged in that she was raised in a traditional family household owing to father’s posting on Cestus III – allowing for a tight nuclear household with strong bonds to both her parents and siblings. As a result, Liu was extremely close with her brothers and sisters, and were extremely active as participants in the Starbase’s fledging Baseball Little League – Baseball at this time was only emerging as the principal sport of Cestus III after having drifted from obscurity on Earth three centuries prior.

Rising through the ranks: Lower Decks

Once she became sixteen, Liu as the second youngest of the Ming siblings enlisted in the Federation Starfleet, continuing a family tradition that has carried on since the founding of the United Earth Starfleet. Owing to her family’s background in the Starship Tactical Division, Liu signed up to train in the tactical stream. Her first posting in 2357 was as a crewman operator on the USS Victory’s (Constellation Class) Fire Control Operating Station – working mostly in the “lower decks” maintaining the Victory’s phaser firing array. She would remain aboard the Victory for a four year tour. At the end of the tour, Ming was reassigned to the USS Galaxy – serving as the Galaxy’s Torpedo Tube Crew Chief as she embarked to deep space in the Beta Quadrant as part of the Galaxy Class “Seven Year Missions”. It was during this long assignment where Ming earned a reputation for being a reliable steady-hand – resulting to her eventual promotion as the Galaxy’s Gunner’s Mate – the leading enlisted sailor responsible for the ship’s tactical operations.

Upon the Galaxy’s return to Federation Space in 2368, Ming requested an extended leave of absence to return home to Cestus III and spend time with family. This extended leave eventually became an early retirement of sorts owing to her renewed interest in the sport of Baseball on Cestus III – which had only emerged into the “professional mainstream”. At age 31, Ming took a keen interest in amateur baseball doing her part to popularize the sport on Cestus III.

The Dominion War

At the outbreak of the Dominion War, Liu immediately returned to active regular service – assigned to the USS Venture (another Galaxy Class Starship) as her Gunner’s Mate. Throughout the war, she served herself without incident and with high distinction. This continued track-record lead to her reassignment to the Starbase 871 as an Admiral’s Yeoman – a career stream that would eventually lead to her promotion to the command division. During this assignment Ming accumulated much first-hand command experience and witnessed backroom wartime operations amongst flag officers. However seemingly depressed with her desk-jockeying position, Ming was granted reassignment back to Starship Duty.

In the last throws of the war, Ming was assigned as the USS Yamato’s (Sovereign Class) Chief of Boat as part of the final offensive into Cardassian space. She would serve in this role for the two years as the Yamato was designated the leading starship in the Federation’s occupation and reconstruction efforts on Cardassia Prime after the end of the war.

The Borg Invasion of 2381
Liu Ming lost her father and her remaining siblings during the Borg Invasions of 2381. During the Invasion, Ming was serving as the Acting Master Chief of Operations aboard Earth Spacedock – leaving her out of most of the fighting. As a result, Liu life runs with an undercurrent of regret, knowing that her family died serving on posts in active engagement with the Borg, while Liu worked behind a desk far away from any fighting. It was during this time that Ming suffered a near nervous breakdown - including an attempted suicide – having to temporarily step down from active service to seek counselling from such a devastating personal lost.

After a year out of regular duty, Ming was granted reassignment aboard a starship, once again serving as the Yamato’s Chief of Boat. During this tour the Yamato was one of the handful of Federation Starships tasked by President Bacco deal with strategic emergencies across the federation – along with ships such as the Enterprise, with the remaining elements of the fleet tasked with border redeployment and humanitarian aid. It was in this capacity that Ming took to task to helping coordinate the ‘grunt’ work of humanitarian operations and reconstruction efforts of many of the Federation’s devastated worlds. This last assignment cited Ming’s potential leadership capabilities – with her name being nominated to serve as Fourth Fleet’s Command Master Chief, a posting she declined in favour of starship duty.

Upon the end of the Yamato’s initial runabout tour across the federation, Ming was reassigned to the USS Thomas Vanderbilt – a starship tasked by Starfleet Security to deal with civil unrest. It was in this capacity that Ming was doubled-tasked as the starship’s Master at Arms. During this assignment it was Ming’s responsibility to coordinate with the Thomas Vanderbilt’s Starfleet Marine Corp Detachment and the Naval Security Detachment (re-tasked as Fleet Shore Patrol) over security efforts at the Coridan, a world that was devastated by the Borg Invasion and still recovering from the 2381 Blitzkrieg years later – due to painstakingly slow recovery efforts across the Federation.

During this tour, Ming was infamously cited as the woman ultimately responsible for restoring order during the 2386 Coridan Food Riots. During the unrest, Ming was in command of the Thomas Vanderbilt Shore Patrol Detachment tasked with defending the Coridian Parliament District. At the height of the unrest the Coridan was under a planet-wide “General Strike”. On May 1st, 2386 (Earth Time) Ming controversially ordered the Shore Patrol to move against a mass demonstration that she testified was growing violent and out of control. The aftermath resulted in the death of seven Starfleet security personnel and twenty civilian deaths. Ming was immediately removed from command of the detachment and was cited by the Thomas Vanderbilt’s skipper for charges under the Starfleet Code of Service Act. However at the JAG hearing, Ming was removed from any wrongdoing –citing the circumstances of the action. Nonetheless, Ming was reassigned from Thomas Vanderbilt – with Captain Honshu Ramirez (otherwise famous as a leading Starfleet diplomat) citing an irreconcilable difference in opinion over post-war operational posture. With her long service in wartime during both the Dominion War and Borg Invasion of 2381 – it is clear that Ming no longer shares the exploratory spirit that was common a class before hers, rather these experiences shaped Ming to that of a navy sailor and solider – with the skills and outlook best utilized for combat and the war that approaches – in lieu of the Typhon Pact Cold War.
Service Record 2356-2357: Starfleet Training Depot – Starbase 76
2357-2361: USS Victory, FCS Crewman Operator
2361-2364: USS Galaxy, TT Crew Chief
2364-2368: USS Galaxy, Gunner’s Mate
2368-2373: Stood down from Active Service – Starfleet Naval Reserves, Cestus IIIB
2373-2374: USS Venture, Gunner’s Mate
2374-2375: Admiral’s Yeoman, Starbase 761
2375-2379: USS Yamato, Chief of the Boat
2379-2381: Earth Spacedock, Acting Master Chief of Operations
2381-2381: Medical Leave of Absence
2382-2385: USS Yamato, Chief of Boat
2385-2386: USS Thomas Vanderbilt, Chief of Boat/Shore Patrol Master Chief (Coridan III)
2386-2388: Shore Patrol Command Master Chief, (Tellar Prime Detachment)
2389-Present: USS Liberty Belle, Chief of Boat/Master at Arms