USS Liberty Belle    [ View Specifications » ]
Bridge   The nerve centre of the USS Liberty Belle.
Astrometrics   The astrometrics bay is used to chart the final frontier.
Observation Lounge   Where Senior Staff and dignitaries converge to meet and discuss matters.
Captain's Ready Room   The CO's personal office.
Department Head Offices   Each member of the Senior Staff has their own office from which to work and relax in.
Captain's Quarters   The CO's personal quarters.
Sickbay   The primary location for medical treatments of all varieties, equipped with a vast array of tools.
Science Laboratory   Where the Science Department conducts the majority of its work.
Senior Officer's Quarters   Each department head is warranted their own, larger variant of the crew quarters.
Crew Lounge - Elements of Harmony   Where the crew may go for meals, drinks and relaxation.
Main Engineering   The vessel's engine room. It is here where all power is generated.