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[ARMADA] The Third Fleet

Posted on 13 Mar 2012 @ 9:27am by Captain Caleb Virgil & Lieutenant Commander Brul Unger
Edited on on 31 May 2012 @ 4:16pm

Mission: Linearity
Location: Orbit of a Planet, ANS Lothiar
Timeline: 10 Days before crossing into Earth Conferation Borders


The Planet from so high up looked almost peaceful and had interesting colors, showing deserts, tropical plants and tundras. The people there were called Risans and they were so hedonistic and peaceful that one could live there forever. It could be called a paradise by some.

But not to Colonel Brul Unger, commanding officer of the ANS Lothiar, flagship of the Third Fleet. Those Risans would need to work under the Armada of the Triumvirate if the wanted to survive, because the Commander of the Third Fleet wasn't known for being merciful or for having a good reaction on hearing the word "no".

Years in Angosia, working with Danar, now their High Leader, and visionary, had taught Brul to not show weakness or mercy to those inferior to you. Danar had been instrumental for the Veterans retaking Angosia from those weaklings and also starting a genetic program that would improve Angosians forever. Brul understood the Alliance with the Thallonians and Xenexians, but he never said he would like them personally. Danar had put him in charge of the Lothiar because the Angosian leader trusted Unger too keep the Commander of the Third Fleet under control.

Danar didn't know what he was asking of me. It's like fighting a force of nature.

"Colonel?", called Lieutenant Frey, his yeoman. "His Majesty wants to talk to you. He wants to know how your meeting with the Risan Leadership went."

"Of course he does. Of course he wants to know. He's almost pressing the fire button without knowing their response", he muttered. "Tell His Highness that I'll be joining him soon."

"Yes, sir", Frey replied and left.

Brul turned around and faced his desk. He would say to King C'leb of Xenex, Commander of the Third Fleet, that the Risans didn't accept being a submitted people and the barbarian would order the planet to be destroyed from orbit.

He walked from his office towards the aft of the Lothiar, where the somewhat large but spartan Royal Chamber of King C'leb was located. Two Xenexian Honor Guards stood at the door and nodded at Brul.

The smell was the first thing to hit the Angosian as he stepped in. Scents of forests, fires and musk all wafted throughout the Royal Chamber, meeting all who entered quickly. It was the smell of Xenex, and the smell of its monarch and his people. The Chamber was larger than any other area of the ship, save for the engine room, but it was quieter, and carpeted with fine violet linens, red and gold tapestries draping down the walls with the sigil of the Royal Clan of Xenex: a misshapen golden-brown creature with fierce claws and a rippling mane of wild fur.

The Chamber served as the king's sleeping area, personal study, there was a space for combat between two warriors, and up a flight of stairs that overlooked it all was a suitably-sized metal throne, on which the King of Xenex did sit, one leg crossed arrogantly over the other as his piercing violet eyes casually observed the Angosian colonel step into his presence. Two more Honour Guards stood at the base of the steps, dressed in red and violet cloths, metals and leathers of Xenexian design, ornate greatswords of their homeworld clasped firmly in their hands, supported by muscled arms.

King C'leb himself was wearing a pale golden armour, marked by years of warfare, whilst a violet cloak, identical to the colour of his eyes, was draped over his shoulders, also tattered by war, yet his form was impressive all the same. Unlike his Honour Guards, the king wore a broadsword much shorter than theirs, and its design was clearly not Xenexian. Its name was 'Orator', and had been taken from the Danteri Speaker who attempted to find peace with the Xenexians before they destroyed their former overlords. The king was fond of reciting the tale of how it was with Orator the Xenexian Empire was forged.

"Colonel Unger," he greeted the Angosian officer with an unkind smile. "I assume from the lack of explosions that the Risans have submitted?"

To the king's left, a Vulcan woman - the well-known concubine of His Majesty - could be seen settled upon a chair near an impressively large bed, one far less impressive than C'leb's, but still of fine materials. Although dressed well in the finest Xenexian garb, she still appeared dishevelled and downtrodden as she read an unknown book. She paid only the briefest moment of interest to Brul before looking back to her reading. The Queen of Xenex was nowhere to be seen, however.

"I'm afraid, Your Highness, that the answer wasn't very positive. They do seem inclined to offer their planet willingly for our troops to... 'Seek pleasure where they see fit' as they put it, but they said no to submission to our Armada and as our obligatory conscripts." Brul Unger knew what would come next.

King C'leb frowned at his Angosian commander, the smile having disappeared without a trace. The monarch's mouth twitched with an obvious anger, but he remained sitting calmly. The Vulcan's eyes danced briefly up to C'leb, which was the closest thing her endangered species came to revealing as a look of fear. Suddenly, the king shouted. "Then why in Kaz'hera do they still breathe?" He jumped up quickly from his throne, flaming violet eyes screaming at the Angosian. "Danar promised me a man capable of executing simple tasks and simple people, but instead he sends me a damned sand mouse! Obliterate them at once! Leave nothing but dust and ash, Colonel, and do not return until it is done!"

Unger had seen the King's fury before and didn't feel intimidated at all. Barbarian. You're so predictable. With heavy heart, He pressed his personal comm link. "Unger to Bridge. Order the Fleet to start Action Omega in minus five minutes. Out".

He raised his eyes towards the King. "Your Highness, after we are done here, The Third Fleet will have a new direction to take as the flight plan established by the Third Triumvirate Meeting", he recalled C'leb.

The Xenexian monarch had calmed down considerably since the Lothiar had opened fire alongside the rest of the fleet. The surge of the ship's disruptors, phasers and torpedoes were a familiar and comforting sound and feeling, but the sly grin slipping across C'leb's mouth was anything but relaxed. "Ah yes, the Earth Confederation." The King followed the steps down from his throne, his left hand resting carefully upon the pommel of Orator as he stepped towards Colonel Unger.

"What have you learnt of these humans, Colonel?" The Vulcan slave and Honour Guards watched King C'leb as he led Unger away from the throne and towards the area littered with texts, desks and hidden computer terminals. As with the rest of the Royal Chamber, tapestries and fine linens decorated the area, and another Honour Guard looked on. "Most races that have drowned beneath the Armada know little of them. They once interested the Vulcans, we know, as well as the Andorians." He gave a bark of a laugh. "They've been lucky to last this long."

Unger gave the Vulcan slave just a quick look before returning his attention ahead. King C'leb's jealousy was infamous and he had killed men just for looking his mistress. But, right now, C'leb was distracted. "The Humans expanded their territory since the beginning of the 23rd century and they have now seven planets in their confederacy. From what our scouts could gather, they don't have an advanced technology and their ships are now starting to surpass the warp 6 speed." He paused. "As a culture, they are agressive, expansionist and determined. Their homeworld have been through three world wars and after that got united by a Confederations of Nations, led by a... 'President'." The word seemed so alien to Brul. "I don't think they can resist to the Armada and if they are wise enough to submit, they will be good laborers and soldiers." But they'll resist, because anyone would resist instead of... I must not think this way.

"You're wrong, Colonel," the king replied curtly as they came to the largest of the tables in the Xenexian's solar, one that appeared of a uniquely ancient Romulan design, but had been outfitted with an Armada holographic system, most likely of Angosian design. Most of the advanced technology heralded from High Leader Danar's nation's scientific pursuits, which far surpassed either the Xenexians' or Thallonians'. Whilst the red-skinned hordes of Emperor Si Cwan's mighty empire fielded the greatest number of starships, and the Xenexians the fiercest and greatest warriors, it was the Angosians that served the scientific needs of the Armada.

An image of the humans' homeworld appeared, the other six minor worlds around it at a reduced scale. "These humans, if as determined as you say, must never be allowed to have the opportunity to rise up, even if just with picks and hammers. No!" C'leb slammed a fist onto the table, the hologram shuddering as he did so and his armour clinking. "Their women and girls will be taken for the soldiers and the men and boys executed. Xenex made the mistake of Angosian mercy with the Romulans on the border, we won't do it again!" The purple fire of the king's eyes was aflame again as he recalled the incidents where Romulan slaves took up arms, with whatever they could find, against their Armada overlords. Whilst most were butchered when their worlds were taken, the Angosians had urged the Armada's armies to spare the lives of the common men to serve as labourers. The children of Romulus were too incorrigible for that. Many Xenexians and Thallonians had lost their lives, and the blame had rested heavily on the Angosians, who were at the time a recent addition to the Armada's hierarchy.

"You will take my son, Prince Cl'm'nt, with a vanguard force to the outermost world of this Earth Confederacy, and you will test the mettle of these humans. No more questions." King C'leb waved a hand towards the exit by way of telling Colonel Unger to leave with no more dialogue.

"As you command, Your Highness", said Brul, expressionless. Why Danar joined with them I will never understand. What happened with us, proud Angosians?. He exited the room, walking in military precision, already considering what kind of bloodshed he would have to endure yet again.

After the Angosian had left, and C'leb's Honour Guards remained the only other armed men in the Royal Chamber, a quiet form moved up behind the king, and soft arms slid across the right side of his breastplate as the rest of C'leb's mistress' body pressed up against his. The Xenexian monarch's face did not change as he viewed the display of Earth, still hovering before him.

"Another world for the Armada?" T'Saman asked, her voice still very much the calm and collected tones of a Vulcan born of Surak's teachings. One of the few, in fact, left in existence. Nearly ninety-five percent of her species had been exterminated following the fall of their own confederacy, the remainder either slaves or refugees in other nations. T'Saman had been claimed by C'leb early in the conflict; she made him feel something his queen never had, and all three knew it.

The Conquest of Vulcan had been before the Armada was unified, and it had been the brainchild of a much younger King C'leb, his cape brighter and less weathered. It was a long way from Xenex, but he had triumphed, and secured a place in the stars for the Xenexian Empire, and cemented his claim to the throne he had forged. Vulcan remained one of the major worlds of the Armada, and where the Triumvirate now met.

"No, my love," he finally replied, extending a gauntleted hand around Earth, before finally clenching a fist around it. "The great jewel for my crown."

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