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[ARMADA] First Bloody Contact

Posted on 03 Apr 2012 @ 3:39pm by Captain Caleb Virgil & Lieutenant Commander Brul Unger & Crewman Second Class Aure
Edited on on 31 May 2012 @ 4:08pm

Mission: Linearity
Location: Earth Confederation Borders, ANS Sertiar
Timeline: Invasion Day 1, 0200 hours

Previously: The Strings of Authority

Colonel Brul Unger sat on his command chair aboard the Angosian Recon Squad ship ANS Sertiar, watching the rest of the squadron leave Warp speed. They have been travelling in maximum speed for the last sixteen hours, way ahead from the Third Fleet. The mission purpose was to test the Confederacy military strength and tactics.

From that experience, Brul Unger, along with his Command team would trace an attack plan to cover any surprise the humans would have for them. Although, Brul Unger felt himself tired of following that pattern, of killing without mercy. That weakness had been growing since the destruction of Risa. Was the Triumvirate a good thing for the Galaxy? At first he thought it was. Now... He didn't know.

"Colonel, the squad informs that is in formation and is ready to proceed", reported Frey.

Brul left his thoughts of indecision behind. "Understood. We'll cross the border and proceed to that comm buoy. From there, we should be able to find that Starbase and its defenses. If we contact them and order to submit we may even avoid the battle, don't you agree, Aure?" , he asked the Vulcan that he had taken to be his personal assistant.

Aure was a good kid, Brul thought and when Vulcan was destroyed and their people scattered, Aure was the only Brul was able to save from being killed by the Xenexian wardogs. The Vulcan bobbed his head slightly and turned to face his superior. "Their submission would be logical," he concurred in his usual bland tones.

While he was raised with Surak's teachings, Aure was still young, and as such a few emotions could still be seen lurking in his eyes. This time, was anticipation. Aure had grown up on a ravaged Vulcan, which had been raided eventually by the Armada, destroyed and stripped of resources. Fortunately, the colonel had taken an interest in him and Aure had seen the logic in complying. "However, I expect that they may not view the situation in a similar manner," the blonde haired man tacked on archly.

"Well, so they have no future", he said, putting a lot of bravado on his voice, when he felt only sadness.

"Sir? The Prince is approaching the Bridge", Frey informed him.

Brul Unger suppressed the urge to sigh. The Prince wasn't like his father. He was annoying and petty, never actually had to fight a battle for his life. "Understood. Everyone, attention. Aure, get the report nearby. We'll pass it to him as soon he enters."

"Yes, Colonel." Aure moved off out of sight, seemingly preparing what he was tasked. He returned back into the fray with everything in order just as the doors opened.

In their wake strode a figure shorter than Colonel Unger, but dressed in finery and gleaming gold armour that far surpassed anything any of the crewmen of the Sertiar were wearing or had available. Across the chest plate was the Xenexian creature King C'leb's family held as their sigil, and adorned nearly all Xenexian installations. As was appropriate for the vessel ferrying Prince Cl'm'nt of Xenex, his father's banners were littered around the bridge.

Although a man grown of three-and-thirty, the Prince was nowhere near as grand as his father. Whilst his armour was a greater beauty to behold, it led to anti-climax when one viewed its wearer. Despite having the trademark violet eyes of his father, and the usual part-golden complexion, facial hair struggled to grow on Cl'm'nt's cheeks and chin, and his shoulders were much more narrow. The black hair of his father also sprouted from atop his head, but it was thinner and wavier.

Were it not for the two Royal Honour Guards sworn to protect the lord behind him, the shadow of C'leb that was Prince Cl'm'nt would have nothing intimidating about his person.

"Welcome, milord" , greeted Brul Unger, inclining his head in a respectful bow. Aure followed suit silently. "Please take a seat here on the Command Chair". The Angosian knew that best way to keep Cl'm'nt from interfering was giving him the idea he was actually running things. With that Brul went to sit on his first officer seat.

"Here are the reports you have requested, milord." The diminutive felt hollow on Aure's tongue, but it was logical. Still, in the back of his mind, a stubborn pride flared. He quelled it and held out the PADD. This was his life, now. He could accept that. For the most part, he was even treated somewhat well.

The Prince did not even pause to look at the Vulcan as he took the offered seat and reports, which he gave the impression of reading over, but in reality had no trace of interest. It was often the case with Cl'm'nt that he would make many demands of those beneath his rank and status, ordering them to bring reports, do menial tasks and inform him of every movement made when, in reality, he was not entirely interested, and arguably did not fully understand.

"How long until we reach this creature's borders?" He asked finally, in what sounded like a weak attempt at copying his father's powerful voice. Even Cl'm'nt's tones were softer, and made him sound younger than he in fact was.

"It will be only in a matter of hours, Your Highness. Our sensors found what looks like a Starbase of some kind. In there, as your father wishes, you'll present the Earthlings our demands."

As the two spoke, Aure quietly returned to the background and tapped his hand over another report indicating several battle simulations in which the Earth Confederacy generally lost. He had spoken the truth when he said it would be logical to acquiesce. He sincerely doubted that the human population had the technology or the manpower to resist the invasion force of the Armada.

"Colonel!", called his yeoman Frey, "We have a contact! It's Earth Confederacy Military ship. Configuration indicate to be a destroyer."

Brul turned to the screen. "Seems they actually patrol their borders better than expected", he muttered. "Standard contact procedure", he offered the prince a glance. "As soon they are in communication range, open a channel and we'll start the first contact."

"No!" Cl'm'nt interjected quickly, raising a gauntleted hand towards Frey. "His Highness the King would wish us to make an example of this... destroyer," the prince spat the word, as though the humans had made a pathetic miscalculation in considering that vessel such a class. "Blow them to Kaz'hera!" The Xenexian heir looked almost too excited to not burst from his excessive armour as he fidgeted and writhed in the command chair, grinding his teeth in anticipation as he glared at the Earth Confederacy vessel dotted ahead.

Unger's expression closed. The prince was clearly trying to show off. Clearly wanting to show he was as merciless as his father. But he wasn't and the orders from C'leb were clear: Submit or die. Not die and then ask them to submit. "Milord, the King was clear. As commander of the Third Fleet, he gave me express orders to contact and demand submission of any human forces that we contacted." He paused as his anger grew. The little boy wanted to see blood and enjoy himself. He was tired of it. "And since no communication was made from or to the Third Fleet, I can only assume you are violating the King's orders, which means, you have no authority in this particular matter." The colonel's fists clenched.

"I am your prince!" Cl'm'nt exclaimed back at them, his dull violet eyes wide and wrought with a unfounded fury. "Disobey me and you disobey my father!" He looked back to Frey. "Prepare all batteries for fire!"

Aure for his part made no move to obey Cl'm'nt, and held out an arm when Frey stepped forward, blinking quietly and shaking his head knowingly.

Something inside Unger's snapped, like a rope carrying a thousand kilograms had finally found it end. He slapped Cl'm'nt twice.

"You are aboard an Angosian ship and aboard this ship you are no prince! You are barely civilized by any standard, you spoiled brat. You have no operational command. You came just for appearances. The reason your father sent you with me because he was tired of seeing your worthless body around the Lothiar, yelling at the servants about your drink and your bath! You should pick up this sword toy you carry around and use it to finish your humiliation. I'm sure it would the only thing your father would feel proud of you for doing."

His hand slipped to the disruptor. And Angosian Marines stood near the honor guard, keeping them covered.

The Prince shook slightly, either from fear or from anger, it was hard to say, but his hands and shoulders could be seen trembling beneath his armour and fine garments. "Y-you would threaten me?" He asked, half as a demand, and half as a concerned question. Cl'm'nt's hand twitched towards his sheathed sword, a far larger and more impressive looking weapon than even King C'leb wielded, which would also make it more cumbersome to wield, and likely less of a useful tool for combat.

The Xenexian looked nervously from the Angosians to his own Honour Guard, who had their own weapons at the ready, and as skilled as they were, they were still vastly outnumbered. "If you k-kill me, Colonel," he said, struggling to bring his voice above a low mutter, "Danar will leave y-you to m-my fat-- the King." That seemed to give him more confidence. "You would die a traitor's death!"

Aure sincerely doubted it, considering Cl'm'nt's reputation and the fact of his disobedience. He knew of Unger's continued service to the Angosian Guard, but he had to wonder if maybe C'leb wouldn't be so lenient after all. He stepped in briefly. "Perhaps we should initiate contact with the Earth vessel. It is unlikely they will submit. You will have your battle sooner or later, Milord." Aure bowed and stepped back.

"Who asked yo-" Cl'm'nt finally noticed Aure... and the two pointed ears poking from his brown hair. Having a Vulcan half-sister he hated with a passion meant he knew full well the difference between them and their still-existent Romulan brethren. "Vulcan scum!" He cursed, raising a hand to smack Aure across the face, being sure to use the more jagged area of his gauntlet as the point of contact.

Fortunately, Aure was well trained and didn't flinch at the outburst. He merely ducked out of the way, and further so as Unger moved forward.

In that instant, Brul Unger's hand held Cl'm'nt's and twisted it until the breaking point. "You, my prince, don't get to touch him. Ever. You give yourself more importance than you think." He paused and looked at his marines. "Kill them".

Angosian Marines fired their weapons in unison and Cl'm'nt's Honor Guard fell on the ground, only able to take a couple of Angosians with them before grunting their last.

"Yes, I can see in your eyes that you think I've lost my mind. Maybe I did. Or maybe I'm just following your father's wishes, disposing of you in a battle so your mother thinks you died a warrior and not a piece of trash that you are." Nothing of that was true, but at that point, Unger had no choice but to kill the prince too. "Do you have any last words?"

Now all that was in the Prince's eyes was sheer panic, nothing more, and nothing less. So much so that the silks and linen around his legs could be seen to dampen in his fright. Cl'm'nt could not help but tremble ever more as his pale violet eyes darted hopelessly from the hideous scar running along Colonel Unger's face to the other Angosians and alien labourers they implemented across their vessel.

Already, two Angosians had torn away some of the royal Xenexian banners that adorned the Sertiar's command centre, and King C'leb's son did nothing to prevent it, bar finding himself almost lost for words as he faced his death. "P-p-please," he whimpered, another faint crack heard from within his wrist. "S-p-pare me. R-r-ew-wards for you..."

"Not hearing your voice will be a reward in itself", Unger replied, "Barbarian". He grabbed Cl'mn't by the shoulders and threw on the ground, just on the front of the command chair. He leveled his disruptor at the prince and pulled the trigger.

Cl'm'nt's scream quickly gave way to the shrill caw of the Angosian disruptor tearing away at the molecules of his abdomen, his body writhing and shaking as the deadly weapon tore away at his life force. A few seconds later, his violet eyes rolled upwards, his fantastic armour melted away at his stomach, his innards and organs twisted and torn within. Steam rose from the body that had once been Crown Prince Cl'm'nt of Xenex.

He looked at Aure. "Send word to S'a'ara that is done". He sat down in the Command Chair. "Now, let's talk to the Earth Confederacy and someone clean this up".

The Vulcan on the bridge nodded, arching an upswept eyebrow with something like passing interest as he moved to pick up the fallen body of the prince. As the grisly corpse of Cl'mn't was taken, the Image of what Unger could deduce to be a human appeared. He wasn't even impressing looking, Unger decided. "Human Vessel, I'm Colonel Brul Unger, Commander of the Recon Squad of the Third Fleet from the Triumvirate Armada. Identify yourself."

The human also didn't look impressed by Unger, which made the angosian somewhat amused. "I'm Captain Boris Kerlin from the ECS Victory, Second Fleet from the Earth Confederacy Starfleet". The man paused, measuring Brul. "Colonel, I must advise you that you're entering Earth Confederacy territory and any hostile act will not be a good way for us start this first contact."

Unger's face became solemn. "Agreed, Captain. We have no intention to be hostile. But, as representative of my Fleet and Goverment, I came here to talk to your leaders about the Armada and it's purpose."

Boris Kerlin's face didn't change expression. "We know all about the Armada, Colonel. We may not be the strongest or most advanced race, but, we do have an intelligence branch quite efficient." Kerlin's face was older than Unger's and he seemed crabby. "You know, as rule of thumb we don't like people that arrive at our home and say they want us submissive or they will kill us. That just... Damned rude."

Reappearing on the bridge after disposing of the body, attention turned to Aure as the blonde Vulcan folded his hands behind his back. "Greetings. It is done, Commander," Aure told Unger simply. "Captain Kerlin." He could register the surprise on the background crew's face at finding a Vulcan alive and well on an Armada ship. "I suggest that you yield. The consequences for not doing so would be dire to your people." He inclined his head and stepped back.

The human captain scratched his chin. "Vulcans are known for the logical and analytical minds", he said after a moment. "And I know what happened with Vulcan. And yet, we don't like to be ordered around by someone else."

Unger tried to be serious but he just let a laugh escape him. "Yes, I know. It's offensive and you are outraged, Captain. To be honest, I don't like doing this more than you do like hearing this from me." He paused. "In truth, Captain... I have a proposal that your leaders might like more than the Armada policy. I offer myself to go aboard, unarmed."

Whilst obedience was pummelled into each and every member of the bridge crew - particularly in the deceased Xenexian Honour Guards, it seemed - looks of confusion were thrown towards their commanding officer. Frey and the others each struggled not to murmur amongst themselves, but did nothing to question the colonel.

Boris Kerlin measured Unger for a moment, considering the Angosian words. "It seems that anything is better than a submission order or total destruction, but I warn you that any trick will be dealt...."

"...Swiftly. I know", interrupted Unger. "If you allow me to transport to your ship...?"

"Go ahead", Kerlin said. "We'll lower our shields for ten seconds, but our weapons will be hot. Nothing personal."

"No offence taken. I'll be there momentarily", Unger got up as the screen blackened. "Yes, Aure, my acts are illogical. But you don't have all the data. Follow me and I'll give it you."

"Affirmative," Aure replied as he ducked his head respectfully and fell into step beside Unger.

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