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Filling In

Posted on 22 Apr 2012 @ 8:46am by Captain Caleb Virgil & Ensign Sarah Anderson & Crewman Second Class Aure

Mission: Linearity
Location: Captain's Ready Room, USS Liberty Belle
Timeline: Backpost: Prior to temporal anomaly


It had only been a few days since Aure was appointed as Captain Virgil's yeoman, but so far he found that he had a plethora of work available to him as a result. When he wasn't on duty in the biolabs, he spent most of his time handling reports and organizing the captain's personal information. It was a daunting task that often left him feeling afraid that he would mess up and do something wrong. Fortunately though, that time had not come yet. The young Vulcan had a PADD in his hand that he referenced periodically as he walked down the hall and pressed a hand to the chime of the ensign's quarters that he was assigned to escort to the captain's ready room.

An Ensign Sarah Anderson, or so the PADD instructed him. When the door opened, he bowed his head and turned forward a PDA that he held in his other unoccupied hand. Across it was a brief scrawling of information. Hello, Ensign-Anderson. I am Crewman-Aure, Captain-Virgil would like [to] speak [with] you. He gave her a slight reassuring smile and ducked his head toward the hallway, indicating for her to follow him.

Sarah's first reaction was one of surprise. Who was this strange Vulcan? Sarah had not had many encounters with Vulcans or any other alien race, but she could clearly remember Vulcans as logical, emotionless, and sometimes cold. And she certainly remembered them speaking. But remembering her manners, she pushed the thoughts away from her mind and put a smile on her face. She nodded, showing that she understood, and began to follow this Aure. "I'm meeting with the captain... Yikes, I hope I remember all those customs and courtesies!" Sarah thought worriedly.

Lead down the hall, Aure kept a running commentary via his PDA as they walked, culminating finally with, Here [is] Captain-Virgil's office. He pressed the chime again and waited for the captain to answer. The door slid open soon after and Aure walked in first, gesturing to Ensign Anderson as he stepped toward the side. He leaned forward and pushed the PADD containing her transfer information and assignment specifications as they had been organized prior to her arrival.

"Thank you, Mister Aure," came the decisive voice of the Liberty Belle's commanding officer, who was reclining in his chair as he reviewed the recent communique from Starfleet Command, as he so often found himself doing since the ship's departure from New Radius. Even with the repairs under way that were being headed by Lieutenant Quiv and the engineering teams, Captain Virgil could not shake the foreboding feeling that hung about much of the ship for him.

The Xenexian's tired violet eyes wandered up from his padd and focused upon the ensign standing before him. "Take a seat," he said, bringing himself into a forward sitting position as he examined the newcomer. Her platinum blonde hair and bright blue eyes were striking features upon the young woman's face, and were characteristics many humans seemed to hold in high regard, although they did little to turn Virgil's head. Bar the fact he was married, his mind was simply elsewhere.

He quickly examined the preliminary information on the padd Yeoman Aure had given him before speaking again. "Fighter Pilot Ensign Sarah Anderson, class of eighty-four." The CO's expression was unchanged as he compared the image of Anderson from the padd to the real thing. "Why did you take four years leave of absence?" He asked, clearly wanting to hear the information straight from her mouth.

Meanwhile Aure simply bowed his head and stood near the back, waiting either to be called forth or dismissed.

Trying not to get lost in those deep, violet eyes, Sarah began to speak. "Well, Sir, during my time spent at the Academy, my family's condition became worse and worse. My Mother came down with Neurocorine, my father lost his job, and my younger sister had a drug problem - She managed to get her hands on some Cordrazine. I went around helping my family, raising credits. I taught self defense, worked at the local mall, worked at a hover car factory, and other jobs to raise more for my family. Eventually, my work paid off: my father managed to open a food store at the mall, my sister was rehabilitated, and my mother started getting treatment. With my family on the right track, I returned to Starfleet and was assigned to the USS Liberty Belle." Sarah said in a clear, professional voice she saved for this kind of situation.

"A very moving story," Virgil nodded, his tone honest. "And one almost unheard of in humanity's new and enlightened state." The Xenexian captain's comment on the ensign's race was not as kind sounding, but it was true that families falling upon hard times were far more of an irregularity on not only Earth, but in the entire Federation. Even following the Borg Invasion of 2381, the Federation Council and Starfleet had gone to extreme lengths to ensure the appropriate treatment and care of its citizens were met to the utmost of their ability.

Sarah Anderson's story was something more akin to what Xenex had gone through for so many years, and what so many other worlds were still struggling with. "It's good that you decided to rejoin Starfleet, Ensign. Nearly all of your instructors from the Academy gave you blindingly good reports." Virgil began to read off from the padd. "'Enthusiastic,' claims Commander Misraeli; 'a shining light,' says Professor Thomas, and 'great leadership potential,' comes from Doctor Tukal. Tukal even wanted you to transfer to the command division, to earn your pips early and move from starfighters to starships, but your career choices are that: your career choices, and you're clearly a bright and capable young woman. As such, I'm putting you on alpha shift flight control for the foreseeable future." The captain passed the padd back to Aure. "Our current conn officer, Ensign Lem, is on maternity leave, and we need an able officer at the helm."

"Thank you, Sir. I would be honored to take up the position." Sarah said, hoping her utter surprise and excitement was not showing on her face. Whatever the Captain had called her for, she had not expected this. Of course, she would love to take the job - it meant new, shining opportunities. But to be described as 'a shining light,' and with 'great leadership potential,' by all her old instructors, and be given this position, was was not in her opinion common for brand-new ensigns. She had not thought of herself as these things - and which modest person would? Sarah had expected to start as a lowly crew member, and work her way up before she was noticed by the Captain. But this... this was wonderful!

Captain Virgil did not smile, but nodded. "There has not been much call for starfighters yet during the Liberty Belle's assignments, but that does not mean I expect anything less than a fully-trained and well-prepared flying force when the need does arise, as no doubt it will. As well as keeping the flight control department fully prepared, along with reports and rosters, you will undergo frequent drills with the fighters and their pilots. If there is now nothing else, you have a lot of work to be getting to. Dismissed, Ensign."

"Yes, Sir" Sarah said. She then made an about-face, and exited the room. I guess this is good for my first day she thought, a small smile on her lips. Well, it certainly seemed that she would be quite occupied with all her new duties. However, she was looking forward to it. Duties were good. They meant many good things, but most of all, they meant she now officially was counted among the many crew members of the USS Liberty Belle.



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