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[AVD] Dangerous Dealings

Posted on 03 Apr 2012 @ 5:16am by Lieutenant Tin Sel Granth
Edited on on 03 Apr 2012 @ 5:16am

Mission: Linearity
Location: Docks, Hollow Mountains
Timeline: Day one, Night


"Load them all onto the hoist," Mar Mon instructed, standing beside the Peacemaker as a crew of verosians brought crates of supplies to load onto it, "Don't overload, mind you. Just a couple o' crates then we'll lift em' up."

An expressionless figure stood beside him, also observing the work. His arms behind his back, maintaining a smart posture next to the weathered captain.

"Are you sure you can do this Mar Mon?" he asked suddenly, "We certainly are desperate for volunteers but I don't want to put you in danger. My last dealing with Smit was far from pleasant."

Mar Mon put an arm out and grasped the other's shoulder, "Now, how can you say that? You've taken a huge risk running with this cargo. A respected politician like you cannot be seen running with such shady dealings."

Man Mon gave a large grin as the verosian began to form a reply, "Haha, don't worry!" he beamed, "I know why you did it. Some risks are worth taking. This is a good haul and is no doubt the result of your bargaining with the Ecula. So, in the same vein, you shouldn't need to question my certainty in doing this. I believe in this cause, even if Smit no longer does."

The tidy verosian straightened up, "Well I thank you my friend. To me and many others in Radnos, you are still one of us. You are a true defender of our people and I truly am grateful that you still follow our principles."

There were a few moments of silence as the work progressed before he spoke up again, "I've never set foot in these mountains before," he stated, "It is all very well organised. Smit runs a good enterprise regardless of his recent change in motives."

"Well you run a good tribe," Mar Mon replied with a mild laugh, "The best, if I do say so myself. We're lucky to have you in charge Ni Vel."

The politician let out a chuckle, "That's High Minister Gin to you, outcast."

The pair continued to chuckle as the men brought the remaining crates forward and began to load them onto the hoist. These crates were bound for the outlying Radnos settlement, hit badly by Soviun rule - receiving the least supplies and aid from their Soviun overlords.

One of the loaders shouted out to Mar Mon, "All's ready to go. I've loaded up the hoist!"

Mar Mon looked over to see at least five crates piled on the hoist, "Bloody sands of the Barren Struts! That's far too many to take up in one go!" the Captain fumed, "I'm sorry, Grand Minister. I'll have to sort these fools out or they'll break my hoist."

"That is no problem," Gin replied calmly, "I'd better take my transport back to Radnos City before anyone spots me here with the pirates. Thank you once again Mar Mon."

He turned to walk away before adding, "Free Radnos thanks you."



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