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[ARMADA] Monument

Posted on 31 May 2012 @ 3:58pm by Lieutenant JG T'Sara & Lieutenant Commander Brul Unger
Edited on on 31 May 2012 @ 4:16pm

Mission: Linearity
Location: Spire, Alliance Senate Citadel, Vulcan (Capital of the Alliance of Free Worlds)
Timeline: Evening of "Martyr's Legacy"

Previously: Martyr's Legacy


"It is not much, I know," Arbiter S'a'ara said, standing beside Captain Boris Kerlin of the Earth Confederacy at the highest room of the Citadel. As with the rest of the Armada's former capitol building's rooms, this one was designed in an ornate Vulcan fashion, with murals depicting supposedly brave and great acts in the Armada's violent history. "But he was a reserved man, and did not think himself a god."

The Statue of Brul Unger was not big; it was actually exactly his size. The deceased colonel held himself with his arms crossed. He held an interesting expression on his face, a mix of defiance and thoughtfulness. He wore his military uniform but carried no weapon. It was not supposed to impress, but anyone that looked at the statue couldn't help but feel impressed by the imagery.

"That is true. He was very reserved. But, he did sacrifice himself for an ideal. Shouldn't this statue be in a more public place?" Kerlin asked, stil staring at Unger's statue.

"He would not want it in plain sight, for all to behold; that is what the Triumvirate stood for. That is how they ruled, how they presented themselves. This is not our way now." S'a'ara placed a tender hand upon the statue's, and her gaze softened notably as she looked upon Unger's visage, scowling and thoughtful altogether, but dignified with a presence. "This room, once empty - just a high room - now serves as a monument to the mistakes of the past, of what has made our present, and will continue to shape our futures. In here, all of the Armada's records are laid bare for all to see, a room for study, research and education." The half-Xenexian stepped away from the Angosian's likeness and towards one area of the undersized chamber.

She was stood by a tattered and fading red banner, Xenexian symbols and a fierce large feline creature emblazoned across it: the flag of her father's, King C'leb's, home region of V'g'l, and later his royal banner - now her banner, she considered. Kerlin had said it was not unlike a creature known as a 'lion' on his homeworld. Beneath it was a gleaming set of armour, clearly of Xenexian design with great violet robing and powerful weapons all about it, the armour one of Prince Cl'm'nt's Honour Guard had worn before being executed by Colonel Unger himself. When S'a'ara looked at the pieces, she considered all that she had done to pull the stitches from the great tapestry her father had woven over the years of conquest, rising from simple farmboy to crowned conqueror.

"In many ways, it is thanks to King C'leb and the others that the galaxy even knows this new freedom and friendship, this Alliance of Free Worlds," she mused out loud to her companion, "and he is still remembered as a hero of the Xenexian people, regardless of the atrocities." As is the way of the common man. "I have already been selected as Xenex's leader and representative to the Alliance Senate, due both to my birth and role in the Alliance's own birth." She felt her hand rest upon the concealed blade within her robes: the Danteri shortsword 'Orator', once used to slay Xenexians and then used by C'leb in all of his battles - including the one that ended Unger's life. "Have you not considered being Earth's representative?" She asked.

Since the mind meld earlier in the day, during which S'a'ara revealed the full extent of now-Speaker Tin Sel Granth's involvement in the forging of the Alliance, due to the meld she had forced upon him when she was first instructing herself in the forbidden Vulcan arts, only made more powerful by her Xenexian blood, she and Boris Kerlin had developed a quick connection. Perhaps not a friendship, but a bond nonetheless. Certainly, he would never acknowledge Granth as an equal in the Alliance's creation, but it had been his experiences, his wisdom and feelings and philosophies that enticed her, encouraged her and nurtured her towards this goal, breaking the yoke of oppression, breaking the chains of control and creating a just and free society. He was well-mannered, well-meaning and well thought of amongst so many. His role as a non-combatant, having caused no deaths and certainly by not being a member of one of the original Triumvirate races left him as an ideal candidate for leadership, and a man that could be trusted in this new role.

Boris Kerlin offered the Arbiter a smile. "You know I'm not a politician, S'a'ara. I would just frustrate myself and anyone around me with my blunt manners. Besides, I'm sure Ambassador Picard will make a great representative. He is, after all, one of Earth's greatest minds." The Russian captain didn't say, but he knew, after that amazing experience that S'a'ara had called 'mind meld', that she probably knew already that he loved the space way too much to stay behind a desk. "Besides, I don't think I should be in the Council. I don't think Speaker Granth would appreciate to have..." Boris sighed, "one of the 'liberators', as the people are now calling you, me and the others that participated in the end of the Armada, remembering how the Council came to existence. It's better to turn to page altogether." Kerlin shrugged. "What are your plans?"

"As I said, Xenex has chosen me to be their new leader. For the nobles in my father's old court, it is because I am his daughter, even if a 'half-breed', but for the peasantry and lesser clans, it is because of the values I now represent." S'a'ara thought of the great estate she had inherited, the vessels still at her command and the vast amount of respect and power she continued to command, only increased by her father's legacy that was now hers. "But I also seek to gather the remains of the Vulcan people, what very few remain. It was through their abilities that this revolution came to be, as well as the great knowledge I gathered scouring the relics of this planet and people's past. Whilst the king was careful to destroy so much that could stand against him, there was little he refused me."

The Arbiter, although that title should now be considered defunct, began to pace the circumference of the room with Kerlin, looking at the pieces as they did. "My mother, the favoured concubine of C'leb, is now free to lead the life she wishes. By Vulcan standards, she is still very young and will be invaluable to reteaching what has been nearly lost to the younger generations, as she directed me with mind melds," she continued as they passed a holoimage of the last leader of Angosia III prior to the uprising of Danar and his self-proclamation as High Leader of the Angosian Empire. It had been decided it would serve as a lesson about how fallible even the most well-intentioned and democratic of people could lead to the end of liberty and self-determination. "There is less than one percent of the original Vulcan populace left alive, and many of those are now scattered. It will be a difficult journey, but one I know many - including your Ambassador Picard - support strongly."

With a smile on her face as they reached the bust of M'k'n'zy of Calhoun, S'a'ara continued speaking. "A bright day is dawning on the horizon for the galaxy, Captain Boris Kerlin," she said, looking thoughtful, "and you and your people, as much as myself and the other 'liberators', have made that possible. I sense that this will be a grand time for the human race, perhaps more than the other Alliance races, and I am honoured we are all able to be in this together." She extended her hand of friendship to the human. In reflection, they had all come so far in such a short space of time. Three mighty empires had risen, brought unity through pain, and now those same empires were collapsing, receding but then growing into something so much more; a beacon of hope, using the forced unity of the Armada to create a galaxy of peace and protection, of exploration and discovery, of friendship and alliance.




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