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[AVD] A Quick Getaway

Posted on 31 May 2012 @ 3:25pm by Captain Caleb Virgil & Lieutenant Tin Sel Granth

Mission: Linearity
Location: Docks, Hollow Mountains
Timeline: Day Six, Midnight


It was dark and silent in the Hollow Mountain docks. Every ship was safely nestled in their respective station and the main entrance was sealed by the large metal gate installed into the walls of the mountain. Amongst the sleeping ships sat The Peacemaker - one of the fastest ships to ever fly over the Barren Struts and, until recently, property of Mar Mon Granth, the great Pirate Captain.

In the darkness, a band of shady figures spread out across the room - several ducked between the bases of the towering vessels while the others split off and headed towards the control office.

Tin Sel caught the rope thrown up to him by Gro Zat, "You got it?" he called.

"Shhh!" Granth shot back in a hushed tone, "We're trying to stay undetected here...but yes. Just let me attach it to something."

Tin Sel looked around the familiar deck - it was usually so much brighter with the heat of Felk beating down upon the boards - he could hardly see a thing in the dim light, poor eyesight was a genetic trait of all Verosians. He found one of the turrets mounted to the deck and wrapped the rope around it, securing it in place. He gave it a quick tug before motioning to those below to climb up.

Gro Zat climbed the rope first, a manoeuvre he performed with great difficulty owing to his size. Tin Sel held his forehead as he watched the clumsy Verosian hoist himself upwards. How did he get assigned to this team? "Did you release the clamps to the base?" Tin Sel asked him as he held out his hand to help Gro Zat up the rest of the way.

"Sure...did..." he panted, wide-eyed and holding his chest, "Stage one is complete."

"Stage one?" Tin Sel questioned, "I never gave the plan stages."

"Oh..." replied Gro Zat, "Well Peru Ner said..."

"Never mind, Grozit, just get down below and wait for my signal. We can't start anything up until the guards are taken care of. You know how noisy the old girl gets after a few days in port."

The pudgy Verosian hopped off as instructed. Tin Sel squinted across the docks towards the light of the control office. He saw the second team slinking up against the wall.

The next part's up to you, C'leb... he thought, before heading off to ready the balloon system.

The Peacemaker's first mate and one of her would-be thieves slinked carefully towards the dockmaster's office, his group of pirates moving along behind him. The darkness made it nigh on impossible for any Verosians to make out the forms, who all had a clear sight of their target. With the office's small, yellow-hued and ageing light leaking through the stained and dirty windows, C'leb of Granth and the others would have no trouble seeing their targets.

C'leb threw his clenched fist up to halt the group, which inwardly bothered Paru Ner, who had to muffle his grumbles. It was some sign that Captain Mar Mon Granth's adopted son had picked up in the war he had fought on that alien world he came from, apparently fighting even more aliens who conquered it. In a way, it was the exact same thing that the Soviuns had been trying to stop for so many years. It was kind of fitting that C'leb then landed on Veros, in a kind of ironic way. Even Paru Ner had no great love for foreigners from distant worlds; it was not for Free Radnos he joined this little ploy of Tin Sel and C'leb's - it was for the loyalty he felt to Mar Mon.

And the fact he did not care much for that beautiful airship being in Overseer Smit's perfumed hands.

A shape moved across on the other side of the murky glass, within the office, clearly why C'leb had shoved that hand of his almost right into Gan Dosh' face, not that it would have made much of a difference, with his nose already crumpled from years of brawling. "Them there's that 'Pprentice Docky," Paru Ner whispered, louder than hoped. A single violet eye locked onto him over C'leb's shoulder, but Paru Ner paid it no mind; the apprentice dockmaster - running the nightshift - was a stupid as they came. Too eager to please, and too quick to make mistakes. It was probably because the dockmaster had him up all night, as well as smacking him about during the day, when he did not do as well as the master wished. "Shouldun' be no trouble gettin' pas' that one," he added, cocking the mechanical sidearm he had pilfered from an old historian in Fel Dole. The old bastard had put up quite a struggle, for a man with only one leg.

"Gan Dosh, Tel Tel," C'leb said, pointing towards the corner of the hut-like office, built into the walls of the giant cavernous space within the Hollow Mountains they used for docks, "get 'round there and distract them." The Xenexian looked to Paru Ner, which made him grip his revolver more tightly. "We'll do the rest." The duo did not waste any time pulling themselves round, whilst C'leb and Paru Ner brought themselves to either side of the rusty metal door someone had shoved into the doorway once.

From within, a pair of hushed voices could be heard talking. One was young but full of misplaced confidence: the apprentice dockmaster. Obviously, without his master to smack him around the ear frequently, the young Verosian felt himself very big and important, on these quiet and boring nights. His companion, a typical lackey of Rem May Smit's - unfortunately here this night, was muttering a few uninterested replied, but through the door's crack could be seen clearly trying to examine pictures of scantily-clad women sprawled over wreckage in the desert. By the colour of the pages, Paru Ner could tell they were an old edition - possibly even worth something.

There was knocking on the glass - Gan Dosh and Tel Tel. The apprentice dockmaster's tone immediately changed at the realisation of having to do something, and he kept pushing his companion to go and investigate, even claiming he was a 'superior officer': not usually a good tactic with pirates, no matter how pathetic their job. It was only after a louder tap that he relented, throwing his pornography to one side, grasped a makeshift lantern and shoved the apprentice to one side.

The moment he stepped out, Paru Ner jumped up, shoved the barrel of his weapon in the lackey's face, and kicked him square between his legs. "That'll do yer!" He commented to the crying men, before kicking him hard to stop the annoying noise. C'leb used that time to run in and grab the apprentice dockmaster before he could sound the alarm system Smit had installed within the Mountains: although only simple, using basic metal wiring to carry single tones between the points of interest and the overseer's office, they were hard to impair, given how advanced Soviun technology was getting.

"'Ere ya go," Paru Ner said, chucking some tape that had been on a shelf over to C'leb, who promptly tied the apprentice up, who was oddly silent (and smelt a bit peculiar nearer his breeches). Whilst the first mate dealt with the boy, Paru Ner holstered his weapon, sad he had not squeezed any slugs into the dockworkers, but was still happy with the kick he had administered earlier. He looked over the equipment built into and scattered across the desk next to the window, overlooking the entrance to the docks from the sands beyond as well as the many freelance airships docked up. Not really knowing all of the machinery, he began to use a hammer to break it instead. "Remmy'll come after us," he remarked to C'leb, "but this'll slow the bastard down a bit!" He smiled at his handiwork as C'leb left with the others and began to make his way towards the Peacemaker.

With the systems damaged, it would be harder for a properly coordinated move from this dock for their soon-to-be pursuers, he knew, but before he could leave he looked around for one last thing, and grinned a toothy grin when he sighted - and grabbed - the exotic pictures the lackey had been viewing earlier. "Stage two complete," he said happily. After giving the first image a thorough look - and receiving a sharp curse from one of his comrades - Paru Ner jumped out the door towards Mar Mon's pride and joy.



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