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One's Enemy

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Mission: Linearity
Location: Spatial Coordinates 14 Theta Omega 129 Epsilon, Dragon's Web
Timeline: Stardate 220306.049 (26th Century)


"We're here, Commander. I have what looks like a docking port twenty klicks off the starboard bow. Proton count density is...almost normal here." Isaac mentioned, turning to his controls and slowing down the motion of the Chronos.

"That is because you have arrived." A calm and controlled but entirely unknown voice spoke to them all at once, and its origin was in the chair beside Commander Wells. Its occupant was clearly Tzenkethi, with cyan luminescent skin, his body slender and well-defined in his casual posture. His thin lips were curved in a gentle smile as he regarded the bridge crew. "And we have been long expecting you."


April 22, 2543

Daavros Tor Fel-B did not invite the Chronos' senior staff to the Tzenkethi station. Instead, as an act of fairness, he had exchanged his position with that of Commander Wells', with the commanding officers on each other's commands, both hostages against the other, and both equipped with numerous temporal technologies, to prevent either side from going back and changing the course of events to suit their own party better.

As the next highest-ranking officer, Lieutenant Verne had been left in command and responsible for dealing with Daavros, of ascertaining the exact origins of the temporal device used against the USS Liberty Belle. So far, they had been incredibly cordial, despite the surroundings about their station, as well as their reputation.

"Now that we are all settled," Daavros said, crossing his legs upon Wells' command chair, "I shall let you ask the first questions."

V gestured and the holographic model of the multi-temporal mine's transdimensional curve appeared. "Are you familiar with this technology sir?" she asked, politely since there would be little gained by being rude and a great deal to be lost.

"Where have you taken the Commander?" The German wasn't happy that this Tzenkethi was now sitting in the command seat, something that would likely cause Temporal Affairs back home pleased as borscht that it happened.

"Isaac," V turned to him, having spoken softly but firmly, "please don't interrupt. If you have something to contribute, please feel free to take me aside. I suspect we have limited time before our commanders switch back and I wish to make the most of it."

The Tzenkethi gave Isaac an amused grin. "You should do as your better commands," he said, not unkindly, before turning back to Verne. "I can tell from first glance that you are not as your people's god intended you to be, but that is no bad thing. Now, to answer your question: yes, I am very familiar with this technology." He waved the image away nonchalantly. "After all, I led the team that designed it. I presume it has now been used in some timeframe or another? Tell me, as all of us in the Dragon's Web are most keen to see an end to this (as we are sure you are, too), when did the incident take place?"

"The late twenty-fourth century," V replied.

"How insightful," Daavros replied with forced dreariness. "I apologise if I was not specific enough in the execution of my question. Please, more details, if you would?"

Do your job, Isaac--the more information we can get on these storenfriede, the better to help figure out precisely what they've done to the Liberty Belle. Isaac let Verne and the Tzenkethi talk as he started a very blatantly open scan of the station's temporal signature, as well as why they were leaving such a strong signal of chronometric particles.

V picked up a padd, closed it off and broke it's feed to the ship's systems and then handed it to him with the pertinent data on the situation at the Belle.

It only took Daavros a few seconds to read over the quick-fire information and apparently assess it. "An interesting choice," he decided, nodding slowly. If there was a hint of genuine interest in his voice, it quickly subsided and gave way to a more malicious tone. "Naturally, he must be stopped - not least of all for tampering with the timeline. After all, that was why we designed the weapon. What is the saying your ancestors have? An enemy of my enemy is my friend?"

"That can be the case," V responded calmly taking all of him in with all of her senses amped up as much as she could. "What course of action would you suggest sir?"

The Tzenkethi's fist clenched, and his voice remained menacing. "We stop him, before any of this even happened." The natural electro-kinetic charge that Daavros' species had could be seen to dance about his skin. "For if you, like so many of your kind, know little of Tzenkethi naming rites, the 'Tor' within my designation names me as an agent to the Autarch himself; this is an embarrassment, and one I could do without. You will receive all details of the exact time and place of the meeting my organisation had with this... sponsor." Bright eyes flicked between Verne and Klefmann. "On only one condition."

"I'm listening," V agreed.

"This vessel and you are temporal natives of the 29th century," he said, looking around the bridge. He then leant towards the acting commander. "Which means you have reintegration technology; the ability to merge several temporal duplicates of someone into one individual, with the memories of each separate person. I will accompany you on your mission, and then you will return me to the time before this whole incident occurred, but I have no intention of losing my memory of this; to forget my sweet revenge would be too much of an insult." Daavros returned to his relaxed posture in the captain's chair. "I will integrate with my earlier incarnation once our business is concluded. Agreed?"

"Agreed," V didn't hesitate.

"Wonderful!" Daavros declared after a few moments of surprise; the Temporal Integrity Commission of Starfleet's future time-travelling agency was not well known for its acceptance of such demands; they reserved the meddling of the timeline to themselves, usually, and many resented them for it - past, future and present. It took the Tzenkethi just a moment to press a button upon his sleeve, and only an extra few seconds more for Commander William Wells to re-materialise on the Chronos' bridge.

Wells looked remarkably calm for someone who had just been suddenly transported from locale to another with no notice, but he instantly turned to Verne. "Report, Lieutenant."

V gave him a look that asked him to remain calm and trust her as she explained. "I've made arrangements with this gentleman to provide us with the necessary guidance to solve the temporal mine challenges for a small favor in which we will use our temporal integration technology to allow him to remember and savor the feelings of defeating our mutual foe."

"'Our mutual foe'?" Wells asked with suspicion, and a look that said he would certainly be speaking with Verne about this again in private. "And where exactly is this mutual foe, and why are you so interested in now pursuing him? It's been made quite clear to me that he was the one who gave you the opportunity to make this whole incident occur."

"Your twenty-second century," the Tzenkethi answered, rising from the CO's chair and stretching his fluid-like limbs. "2158, in the human calendar. Third of March, in the asteroid field of the Icor system. I would, however, advise that we move quickly. Your other questions can be answered later."

The commander gave his Tzenkethi counterpart a glance. He clearly did not approve of his presence, or the agreement that had been made. Certainly, as dictated by TIC rules, he would discover a way to 'rectify' Daavros' own meddling. "Why the rush? We have all of the time in the universe."

Daavros gave a nod to the viewscreen, where the station's shields could be seen to be activating. "The agreement was that I returned when you returned. I have seen fit not to inform them of my plans, but I would advise we very quickly depart."

When the Chronos shuddered from the impact of some weapon fire - more so than one would expect from weapons three centuries older in design and capability - it made their objective clear, and Wells reclaimed his central chair. "Mister Klefmann! Bring us out and take us to 2158. Third of March, Icor star system." He called over the din of the assault, giving Daavros a hard stare as he gave the order, angered by the fact the Tzenkethi had clearly backed them into a corner. "It's time to set things straight."



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