Timeline of Events

The timeline of events that have occurred in the 'universe' the Liberty Belle occupies, as well as the missions she and her crew have taken part in.

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The "Omega-verse" Timeline

  • KEY: Blue for events relating to our timeline and Red for character details.
  • 2306: 5th January: Quiv is born.

      2337: 4th February: T'Saman is born
      2338: 21st March: C'leb of V'g'l (later Caleb Virgil) is born.
      2343: Brul Unger is born.
      2345: 18th May: Zhevren th'Thelenvahl is born.
      2348: 16th November: Henry Arthur Tenricoun is born.
      2354: Jennica Gheron is born. 28th April: Tin Sel Granth is born.
      2358: 29th September: Ingrid Lunesco is born.
      2361: 5th November: Lanazir Sevim is born.
      2362: 26th March: T'Sara is born.
      2365: 17th June: Kit Olan is born; 15th August: Tarona Lem is born
      2367: First Borg Invasion; Battle of Wolf 359; Start of the Klingon Civil War; First Contact with Veros, homeworld of the Verosians.
      2368: End of the Klingon Civil War; Cyrus 121 is born.
      2369: Cardassian Union withdraws from Bajor and Terok Nor, which is then renamed Deep Space Nine. The Bajoran Wormhole is discovered in this year, leading to the faraway Gamma Quadrant.
      2370: First Contact with the Dominion
      2371: Destruction of the Enterprise-D; USS Voyager propelled to the Delta Quadrant; Chalasheva sh'Thelenvahl is born.
      2372: Hostilities arise between the Federation and the Klingon Empire; Min Zife becomes UFP President
      2373: Jennica Gheron is joined with the Brell symbiont. Second Borg Invasion; start of the Dominion War; hostilities end between the Klingons and the Federation; Cardassian Union joins the Dominion
      2374: Romulan Star Empire joins the Federation Alliance against the Dominion; USS Voyager discovers Hirogen communications relay in Delta Quadrant
      2375: Breen attack San Francisco; Second Battle of Chin'toka; General Martok becomes Chancellor of the Klingon Empire after Lieutenant Commander Worf slays Gowron; end of the Dominion War; Son'a Crisis
      2376: Bajor admitted to the Federation; Bajoran Militia absorbed into Starfleet over time
      2377: Praetor Neral of the Romulan Star Empire is assassinated; Voyager returns to the Alpha Quadrant after dealing a decisive blow against the Borg transwarp system. Captain Janeway is promoted to admiral, and new Captain Chakotay takes command of the ship.
      2378: Project Full Circle - the plan to send a fleet back to the Delta Quadrant with slipstream technology - begins in earnest.
      2379: President Zife is forced to resign, the true reason - the Tezwan scandal - is covered up, and Nanietta Bacco is elected; Shinzon's coup; death of Lieutenant Commander Data; William T Riker takes command of the USS Titan
      2380: Romulan Empire in disarray, as the Remans become a protectorate of the Klingon Empire, and Donatra declares herself empress of the Imperial Romulan State, taking control of half of the empire in opposition to Praetor Tal'Aura; Borg supercube crisis is the vanguard of a looming invasion, and Admiral Janeway is KIA.
      2381: Borg Invasion of 2381, which leads to millions across the Alpha and Beta Quadrants being slaughtered by the masses of vessels. All local powers rally to defeat the Collective, but it is the Caeliar gestalt that subsequently absorbs the Collective into itself, thus permanently ending the Borg threat to the galaxy; the Romulan Star Empire, Holy Order of the Kinshaya, the Tzenkethi Coalition, Gorn Hegemony, Breen Confederacy and Tholian Assembly form the Typhon Pact. President Bacco invites the Talarian Republic, Ferengi Alliance, Cardassian Union, Imperial Romulan State to join the UFP and Klingons in an expansion of the Khitomer Accords; the Full Circle Fleet enters the Delta Quadrant through the use of slipstream technology
      2382: Imperial Romulan State is reabsorbed into the Romulan Star Empire under Praetor Tal'Aura, although she is assassinated shortly after by Tzenkethi spies, and Kamemor becomes the new Praetor; the Reunification Movement is legalised and becomes popular on Romulus; Andor secedes from the Federation to approach the Tholians for assistance in their reproductive crisis.
    • Major advancements are made in the reproduction of holographic mobile emitters
    • The Third Khitomer Accords: representatives of each invited power (bar the defunct Imperial Romulan State) are permitted forces in the others' space, i.e. a Klingon fleet permanently stationed along the Federation's border with the Romulan Star Empire, and a Federation presence in Ferengi space. There is a lot of technology sharing to be taking place, particularly with the Talarians, and with the Ferengi supporting it, more free trade becomes commonplace in Accords space.
      2384: A press released by the Tholians and Andorian government claim that great bounds of success have been made concerning their reproductive issues, and they demand the Federation allow small contingents of Tholian ships to enter their space to get to Andor, which is reluctantly accepted. However, the Klingons and Starfleet increase their presence along Andorian borders, as well as those of the Tholian Assembly.
    • Completion of the first batch of Century-class starships
    • Captain Jean-Luc Picard resigns from Starfleet to take the position of Ambassador to Vulcan
    • The Soong Foundation manages to unlock the "Data Matrix" within B-4, allowing Data to assert his personality. He is promoted to captain and given command of the Enterprise-E.
    • Alpha Jem'Hadar settle on Devos II, with the support of the Cardassian terrorist organisation, the "True Way", who wish to break away from the Accords and Federation assistance, and return to the ways of old.
    • Melani D'ian takes control of the Orion Syndicate and expels non-Orions from the organisation
    • Hobus supernova sees the destruction of Romulus and the loss of Ambassador Spock and the Romulan Nero; the Empire fractures and other powers, including those of the Typhon Pact, begin to take advantage: Klingon 'pirates' begin entering Romulan space, waging an unofficial war; the Ferengi begin selling arms to various sides (with quiet UFP support); the Breen begin 'securing' Romulan worlds to support their allies, when in reality they are enslaving them.
    • January - April: Romulan Empire divides into two clear factions, one headed by an Admiral Heral leading the Romulan Star Navy, and there is General Na'vul of the Tal Shiar. The two sides are not officially against one another and both remain loyal to the Pact, although Na'vul and the intelligence organisation do their best to undermine Heral's power base as well as that of the Pact, trying to position the Romulans into the position of leadership. The Pact primarily support Admiral Heral, but find it difficult to control the Tal Shiar.
    • May: Three more Century-class ships are launched: the Eagle, the Borough and the Liberty Belle.The command of the Liberty Belle is awarded to Captain Caleb Virgil. Commander Alistair Wood is appointed executive officer. Lieutenant Commander Zhevren is appointed second officer and chief security and tactical operations officer. Lieutenant Commander Jorryn Nightrider is appointed chief science officer. Lieutenant Commander Tin Sel Granth is appointed chief medical officer. Lieutenant Henry Tenricoun is appointed chief engineer. Lieutenant Junior Grade Cyrus 121 is appointed chief operations officer. Ensign Tarona Lem is appointed acting chief flight control officer. Senior Chief Petty Officer Kessa is appointed acting chief strategic operations officer. T'Sara is appointed temporary diplomatic officer.
    • June: Mission to Veltar III: The USS Liberty Belle and USS Tiberius are ordered to the Romulan border colony of Veltar III, a mining world, to aid in power sharing talks. T'Sara is discovered to be undercover intelligence operative for Vice Admiral Harry Keating, but she steps down. The two vessels fend off a Breen assault and uncover a Tal Shiar plot to unleash a thalaron device to take control; Commander Alistair Wood is recruited as an intelligence liaison and steps down as XO. Vice Admiral Harry Keating is promoted to Admiral.
    • The Belle docks at Deep Space Five for repairs; Henry Tenricoun is promoted to lieutenant commander and appointed executive officer; Lieutenant Commander Nightrider leaves to pursue her own projects; Lieutenant Commander Jennica Brell is appointed chief counsellor; Lieutenant T'Saman appointed acting chief science officer; Lieutenant Brul Unger appointed chief strategic operations officer; Lieutenant Brutus Brawn is appointed chief engineering officer, and is transferred along with a detachment from the 30th Battalion of the Starfleet Corps of Engineers; Lieutenant Junior Grade Cyrus 121 is demoted to ensign for misconduct; Ensign Kit Olan appointed chief flight control officer and flight leader; Senior Chief Petty Officer Kessa is appointed acting chief of the boat, in a dual role as mission operations officer. T'Sara is assigned the rank of lieutenant junior grade and permanently assigned to the ship as its diplomatic officer, now a double agent against Keating. Captain Farah is promoted to commodore and takes command of Deep Space Five; Doctor Granth is offered a full commission of lieutenant, and his android - Java - enlists in Starfleet aboard the Belle after a JAG hearing over who has ownership rights, Starfleet or Veros. Lieutenant Junior Grade Ptu Rem transfers to the Liberty Belle as the ship's biologist and the diplomat's aide. Hoshia Nakamura is appointed ship's civilian liaison officer.

      Kolevishras th'Kelemor of the Andorian Empire passes the Mutual Friendship and Alliance Act as part of the Imperial-Assembly Concordat in the Parliament Andoria on the homeworld, officially aligning the empire with the Tholian Assembly and Typhon Pact, as well as reforming the state as the Imperial Andorian Concordium, and declaring the outspoken opposition illegal.

      The coalition of factions forming the opposition, headed by Thy'lek ch'Narva, settles on the Andorian world of Weytahn, where millions of beleaguered Andorians begin an exodus in support of the opposition against the IAC, thus beginning the Andorian Civil War. See: Andorian Schism Entry.

    • July: Scientific survey of the Typhon Expanse's southwestern edge - Shuttlecraft Ocypete lost; Naradu 212 Quasar survey (http://en.memory-alpha.org/wiki/Murasaki_312), and the Andorian Civil War grows in scale, with a task force led by the USS Mayflower (which included the Tiberius-A) often being forced to intervene for humanitarian purposes, and would be the first line of defence, should the Federation become involved.
    • August: Federation Council finally agrees to accept the Weytahn-Mokar Confederacy as a protectorate of the United Federation of Planets, thus halting the IAC/Pact advance, and necessitating a ceasefire. Ambassador-at-Large Sennek is sent to conduct the talks at the Andorian world of Aldus Prime, between both the Confederacy and the Concordium, where the Aldus Charter is signed and the Aldus Line established as a neutral zone between the two powers.
    • September: Away mission on planet 4X-2B - away team was attacked by native carnivorous primates, killed one security officer.
    • October: Dull First Contact with the Kruciens - a recently-warp capable species that have very peculiar views on how the galaxy exists and operates, but is interested in further contact with the Federation; away mission to planet Eranus III - every Terran or part-Terran was infected with a virus that Doctor Granth cured.
    • November: First contact made with the ancient species known as the Radians. See: Radian Database Entry.
    • The ship's crew becomes involved in an internal conflict that leads to Captain Virgil breaching the Prime Directive and intervening, resulting in the freeing of thousands of Saliar in servitude to the Radians, and drastically altering the outcome of that planet's cultural advancement. In lieu of Zhevren Thelenvahl being reassigned to a special classified project, Brul Unger is assigned as the ship's chief security and tactical operations officer. He is promoted to lieutenant commander and made second officer. Science Technician Second Class Aure becomes Captain Virgil's yeoman. Lieutenant Quiv is appointed chief science officer. Ensign Cyrus 121 is taken off-duty and assigned as a bartender following the birth of hish son (Makthorne Lem) by Ensign Tarona Lem, but soon assumes duties of chief flight control officer. "Linearity Event" occurs, where the Liberty Belle is trapped in a temporal anomaly of unknown origin, forcing each of the crew to experience a multitude of alternate timelines. See: Linearity Database Entry. The vessel is shortly freed and make their way back to Federation space, where Virgil awaits a hearing.
    • December: On Christmas Eve, the Liberty Belle returns to core Federation space, with the vessel going into drydock to be repaired following the New Radius affair. The crew is given a period of leave that lasts into late January, until the vessel is fully repaired.

    • January: The crew continues with their leave, returning to the Belle late in the month. During this time, Lieutenant Commander Henry Tenricoun requests to be transferred back to his previous role as chief engineer. Lieutenant Commander Brul Unger becomes executive officer in his place.
    • February/March: (Late): Only a few weeks into their release from dock, Captain Virgil is called to his hearing concerning the events at New Radius. The Liberty Belle is sent, under the temporary command of XO Brul Unger, to routinely patrol Cardassian space, as per agreements made in the Federation-Cardassian Treaty of 2386. Lieutenant JG Lanazir Sevim becomes chief security and tactical operations officer.
    • April: Patrols occur as expected, with little occurring.
    • May: Captain Callon Roth is temporarily assigned to take command of the Liberty Belle for a mission within Cardassian space. Master Chief Petty Officer Liu Ming becomes chief of the boat.


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