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Posted on Wed Oct 31st, 2012 @ 2:00pm by Captain Mason Storm

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The Admiral's PADD

This past month marked many occasions in the real world:
1.Breast Cancer Awareness Month
2. the anniversary of the day Matthew Shepard was murdered
3. for Americans, a few political debates that are laying the groundwork for an election that could shape the future of a country on the brink of going in two polar directions.

I have watched as this election has destroyed friendships as the many deeply personal issues become publicly argued amongst friends and family. It seems that lifelong friendships are being put to the test over issues that everyone assumed were settled a generation ago, or issues that may not be resolved for another generation. As a country, we are about to enter into an election that will set the course of a nation like few elections will so I encourage each American to take the time to vote this November and to really consider yourself and your neighbor when you do.

That said, the fleet has been blessed with NO POLITICS lately! W00t! That's right folks we have finally found a set of Admirals who aren't more worried about power and control than they are about helping out the fleet. You see, in this fleet, an Admiral is not the root power of every ship, unlike some fleets that have too many chiefs; we believe a Captain should command their ship and we stay out of their way and allow them to do so. Don't get me wrong, we have a system of authority in place for extreme emergencies, but for the most part, all the Admirals do is paperwork and keep track of things so the rest of the fleet can play smoothly. Everything here is free, paid for by our Fleet Admiral, but in order for him to keep paying for everything, he needs certain records. That's where we the Admiralty come into play, we track the data he needs to know so he can project expenses and stay on top of things. There is no glory in being an Admiral around here and it's a thankless job for the most part. So I will take the time here to say thank you to each of the Task Force Commanding Officers who make the weekly meetings, handle the weekly reports, the monthly reports and maintain the spreadsheets for each of our over 20 SIMs. These are the true hard workers that are never seen much, because everything they do comes to me directly. Thanks for all of your hard work; I really do appreciate the help!

This is a serious month in the real world, we raise awareness of the battle against Breast Cancer, we take a stand against Bullying in all of its forms, and for American's, we are about to have a VERY important election. While the world is serious with serious issues, I encourage you all to have some fun with your characters and your game. Take it as a chance to relax and to blow off some steam. Recently I was speaking with someone who said that their character seems to be all over the place but they thought it was because lately they themselves are all over the place. I suggested they play it out with their character; our characters are a great window into ourselves when we need them to be, they can be for more than just being heroes, they can be windows of self-discovery.

Most importantly, remember that this is a game, and every person here is a volunteer. None of us are paid, and many of the senior admirals actually shell out their own money to keep this service available. Enjoy the game, and remember to be grateful as you do so - for all of those who sacrifice their time, talents and money to keep this organization going!

Admiral Landon Wakeland
Chief of Fleet Operations
Independence Fleet



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